The Pianist – part 2


„It’s what I hate about him!“ Yuuku said in loud voice.

Rai stopped, hearing those words and pulled back behind the door, leaving it slightly opened, so he could still listen, what Yuuku was telling.

„Him being such a happy jerk all the time! He is like a little kid and sees things threw the pink glasses! He like misses half of his brains!“

„So? “ a man voice answered. Continue reading “The Pianist – part 2”


The Pianist – part 1


Rai slammed the door of the corridor opened and almost fell on the box of the flowers on his way. He never got used to this in the way to the little auditorium, that Yuuku used for his piano practice.

He took a little pause to get his grip and bend over a small fountain to drink some water from it, when he heard the door on the other end of the corridor open. He jumped up and carelessly whipped off the drops on his jaw. He took a good look at the man in front of him, who didn’t seem to notice him at all.

He had always admired Yuuku for his ability to shut himself out of the world. Well, right now he wasn’t doing it with any purpose, but just wasn’t waiting for him and didn’t care much about what went on around him. That gave Rai some time. Continue reading “The Pianist – part 1”

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