My very first story

You are allowed to laugh. You are allowed to read, just don’t laugh out too loud.

story for l6mmeleht.png

Today is my birthday and unfortunately I don’t have time to take for painting. But I hope this makes up to it.

I have probably already told you how it became to life. Which is pretty much the story, why I began with this crazy thing called writing in the first place. But so that the picture and the story are in the same place -> Continue reading “My very first story”


Triibud paberil

Väljavõte pikemast loost. Naine, kes on kolinud elama privaatsaarele, et olla omanikule sekretäriks, üritab lahti saada mehe ekssõbrannast, keda ta oma üllatuseks päris hästi tunneb. Continue reading “Triibud paberil”

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