ESNN-10 Guarding the Hell

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Premise: Even if they hate you, you still protect them.
romance, science fiction, LGBT, erotica
Esnn-10, aliens, guards, growing up, social positions, +18, adult, security team, political games, peace treaty, Rating MA, MM, FM

The space station ESNN-10 is expanding and in need for new workers.

Eren Grier, a welder in the company hired for the work, arrives on the station in rocky times. He wants to prove to himself and others that he can be more than chief’s son, but somehow that all follows him on the ship and suddenly he finds himself juggling both his partner for life, who is not interested in him and his duties both with his clansmen and his work.

After the big uproar involving the bar, the life on ESNN-10 has moved on. Humans, driven by the outcome, have taken the initiative and confessed to the aliens they’ve liked and unknown to the newcomers, that has gone a little out of hand. There are aliens, who take it in stride and those, who find it irritating and worth scorning.

Asot Ryker happens to belong in the latter group. He has no interest in humans, but they keep pestering him and wanting what he can’t give. And then he finds himself face to face with a welder, who just happens to be in the middle of every conflict he has to deal through his work.

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Chapter 1 – Eren
Chapter 2 – Sinclair
Chapter 3 – Eren
Chapter 4 – Asot
Chapter 5 – Hinid Woruk
Chapter 6 – Eren
Chapter 7 – Asot
Chapter 8 – Eren
Chapter 9 – Sinclair
Chapter 10 – Eren
Chapter 11 – Sinclair
Chapter 12- Asot
Chapter 13 – Eren
Chapter 14 – Asot
Chapter 15 – Hinid Woruk
Chapter 16 – Eren

Info about the characters (opens in separate tab).
Info about the ESNN-10 space station (opens in separate tab).


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