Gargoyle: Rare Pearl

Premise: Repentance doesn’t work without forgiveness.
urban fantasy, LGBT, romance
gargoyle,  dragon, social stigmas, social justice, MM, Rating MA, running from life.
Description: Gale Wenalan , a gargoyle, has a rare pearl he knows dragons would want – his baby brother. And thus, he hates dragons with a vengeance. It doesn’t help that Accark, a dragon, has moved across him in his apartment building and seems desperate to become his friend. Accark’s logic seems clear – he wants the pearl.

But learning more about the dragon across the corridor makes him doubt everything he knows about himself or the fuzzy peachy fluff he likes to think he hates. The dragon, however, has one big flaw – he should be called chatterbox instead.

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Info about the characters (opens in separate tab).
Info about the Hatangy (opens in separate tab).


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