Gargoyle: Kinswoman

Premise: Some family trees grow out of cracks in asphalt.
urban fantasy, romance
gargoyle, regaining personal position, survival, get back home, older woman – younger man, age difference, FM, Rating MA
Description: Veronica Brent has been searching for one person that mattered her the most for over a month.  She’s not giving up, because she knows she wouldn’t give up on her either should this happen to her.  So when she suddenly receives a huge sum of cash with a note thanking her for their friendship, it pisses her off. But not as much as Bascun Bishop, when he declares Selene is now his sister-in-law.

Bascun Bishop is her only hope to see Selene again and get some answers, so she grits her teeth and puts up with his youthful bashings.  As cocky as Bascun seems at first, it doesn’t pass Veronica’s notice, the gargoyle isn’t all about fun and games and something has only recently rocked his world enough to rip his laughing mask off. She decides to stick around and see where it all leads and get acquainted with her surprising new branch of family tree.

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