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Vaalade tants

vaalade tants coverPremise: One needs to prepare before the journey for the journey to be a success.
Language: Estonian
Genres: high fantasy
teenrid, majapidamine, suhted ülemuse ja teenrite vahel.
Description: Ühel kaugel maal, kus tiirleb rohkem kui üks kuu, praade tehakse naabrile koha ette näitamiseks ja luuramine on tippkunst, valmistub üks väike seltskond teekonnaks. Kui käsuandjale on see aga lihtne, siis tema teenijatele tekitab see lisatööd ja nii pole ka probleemid kaugel.

Gargoyle series book 1 : Safehouse

gargoyle amazon finishedPremise: Easy money comes with higher price
urban fantasy, action, romance
Tags: gargoyle, murder, witness protection, hacker, catching the bad guy, protecting th bad guy, security, social revenge, FM,  
Description: Selene Ferguson is falling off the wagon. Her life has taken step for the worst and now she shares her living space with rats, cockroaches and a singing neighbor, who wakes up at three. Not to mention the odd pair two doors left, whose colorful arguments rock the small community every passing hour for the past two days.

Enter – a goblin! With simple enough task for the lady – open a box and get paid for it. Selene is no simpleton to forget the mistakes of Pandora, but with money running out faster than sand through the fingers, she decides to close her eyes and just do it. She doesn’t know what this little box is for and little does she care.

Until the distraction that box was suppose to create in the hall is suddenly hunted down by a gargoyle…

Gargoyle series book 1.5 : Yeren’s hearth

yerens-hearthPremise: Good deed never goes unpunished
Genres: urban fantasy,
gargoyles, short story, yeti, yeren, werewolves, MM
Description:  A short story of Woren, a werewolf, who gets hurt while on a mission set by Yasri. His kind hates yetis, or like the rest of their realm knows them – yerens. Yet one of them takes him in together with his ward and offers them a place to heal.


Gargoyle series book 2 : Rare Pearl

rare pearl coverPremise: Repentance doesn’t work without forgiveness.
urban fantasy, LGBT, romance
gargoyle,  dragon, social stigmas, social justice, MM
Description: Gale Wenalan , a gargoyle, has a rare pearl he knows dragons would want – his baby brother. And thus, he hates dragons with a vengeance. It doesn’t help that Accark, a dragon, has moved across him in his apartment building and seems desperate to become his friend. Accark’s logic seems clear – he wants the pearl.

But learning more about the dragon across the corridor makes him doubt everything he knows about himself or the fuzzy peachy fluff he likes to think he hates. The dragon, however, has one big flaw – he should be called chatterbox instead.

Gargoyle series book 3 : Kinswoman

kinswoman cover for wp icons.pngPremise: Some family trees grow out of cracks in asphalt.
urban fantasy, romance
gargoyle, regaining personal position, survival, get back home, older woman – younger man, age difference, FM, Rating MA
Description: Veronica Brent has been searching for one person that mattered her the most for over a month.  She’s not giving up, because she knows she wouldn’t give up on her either should this happen to her.  So when she suddenly receives a huge sum of cash with a note thanking her for their friendship, it pisses her off. But not as much as Bascun Bishop, when he declares Selene is now his sister-in-law.

Bascun Bishop is her only hope to see Selene again and get some answers, so she grits her teeth and puts up with his youthful bashings.  As cocky as Bascun seems at first, it doesn’t pass Veronica’s notice, the gargoyle isn’t all about fun and games and something has only recently rocked his world enough to rip his laughing mask off. She decides to stick around and see where it all leads and get acquainted with her surprising new branch of family tree.

Gargoyle series book 4 : He Never Left

he never left for wp iconPremise: Can’t find a path without losing it first.
Gendres: urban fantasy, LGBT, romance
Tags: gargoyles, MM, older man – younger man, age difference, Rating MA, joining clans, returning home, second chances
Description: Emgar Rasner, who was brought up in Bishop clan, knew from early age he wasn’t like the others. It wasn’t his looks, he knew he’d got that from his true clan. It was the way he found himself drawn to a man, who couldn’t care less if he existed. When he was forced to leave, his clan leader thought it best to send him back to his true clan, as appeasement for being stolen from them in the first place. Now he returns to his home, no longer a child, and tries once more to pursue the man he once loved. It’s no longer down to luck or desperation, he has to make him see they belong together or be forced to live with a man, who hates his guts, for the rest of their miserable lives.

Rayford Keron has no interest to be some teenager’s wet dream. He sees only one solution – get the boy out or he would leave himself. At that time, it doesn’t seem that big of a deal as the only true connection to Bishops was his late wife and if the boy would stay he would simply leave himself. Little did he know how much his decision had influenced the determination of the gargoyle, who returns a decade later, convinced he is now old enough to know better and to try again. It’s scary to face a young gargoyle, who has spent that decade changing himself for better while he has remained the same, grumpy and stuck in his past.

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