Ink Blood

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Premise: Blood – thicker than water?
Genres: romance, urban fantasy, 
class system, English, FM, Ink Blood, journey to sea, Merfolk, mermaids, ocean, Rating M
Description: Man in a fish-skin raincoat in an airplane is hardly more than curiosity. However, if you are a member of the Prichard family, a man in a fish coat can turn your whole life upside down.

That’s exactly what happens to Isabel Prichard, but only because she chooses so. There is part of her that has been missing since her parents left the sea and meeting Duncan Weller gives her a chance to glimpse on the world she only has childish dreams of. It doesn’t come without price, but if the price is nothing more than translating a map, why not take the plunge?

*The chapters are written from different character’s point of views.

ch01  ch02

Chapter 1 – Duncan
Chapter 2 – Duncan, Isabel

Info about the characters (opens in separate tab).
Info about the Merfolk (opens in separate tab)
Info about the Hatangy (opens in separate tab).

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