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cover for 2017 nano nano page.jpgPremise: Give and take, but leave the ashes be.
Genres: romance, urban fantasy, LGBT, paranormal
Tags: small town, English, FF, Rating M, undead, vampires, strangers, isolation, blood,
Description: Hedgefort is a nice, adorable little town that is as quiet as a mouse. With one exception – the town belongs to a vampire. Officially. Unofficially, she doesn’t involve herself in the meddling of their daily life and spends most of her time minding the sheep she grows for her food. That’s what territorial vamps do.

Until one day her peaceful existence comes under a threat when a gang of newly made vampires arrive and try to take it over. Something that does not sit well with peace loving local policewoman and out of spite her first decision is to let the vampire handle it on her own. But the more time she is forced to spend with their most reclusive citizen of their small town, it becomes clear that unless she gets involved, their peaceful vampire neighbor won’t see the next moon rise.

Ink Blood

Ink blood cover finishedPremise: Blood – thicker than water?
Genres: romance, urban fantasy, 
class system, English, FM, journey to sea, Merfolk, mermaids, ocean, Rating M
Description: Man in a fish-skin raincoat in an airplane is hardly more than curiosity. However, if you are a member of the Prichard family, a man in a fish coat can turn your whole life upside down.

That’s exactly what happens to Isabel Prichard, but only because she chooses so. There is part of her that has been missing since her parents left the sea and meeting Duncan Weller gives her a chance to glimpse on the world she only has childish dreams of. It doesn’t come without price, but if the price is nothing more than translating a map, why not take the plunge?

Snowflake Circus

snowflake-circus-cover-wpYear: 2017
Premise: Pipe dreams aren’t fairy tales.
Genres: romance
preteens, family, summer camp, youth problems
Description: Laura’s life gets shattered to pieces, when the small orphanage she grew up in is disbanded and her seven young brothers sent across the country to other orphanages. They might not share the blood, but she can’t accept that twist of life and decides she will not let law break up the only family they all had.

So when she ends up on Maksim’s doorstep with plans of summer camp for boys, Maksim can’t resist helping her, going as far as to offer his own summer house for the camp.

Devil’s Butterfly

devil s butterflyYear: 2016 
It’s not always the bride one needs to be cautious about.
 LGBT, romance, paranormal, urban fantasy
witches, survival, stepbrother, relationships,  MM, family
Efren Wooldrige, a food service manager at a 3 star restaurant Le Petit Chef, is up for a nasty surprise, when he discovers that his mother, whom he hasn’t had any contact for 7 years,  has no problem selling him to his new stepbrother Steven Custer for acceptance for her marriage to his father. Served on a plate, hot. But hot food burns your tongue if one isn’t careful.

Steven Custer, a CEO of a large corporation, has no doubt his father loves his new bride. However, the past has taught him that it’s not always the bride one ought to be cautious about. There are always “new” family members, who see no problem swindling their way up using the new family connections. So with the new bride he decides to take the matters in his own hands and prevent the ugly past from repeating again.


rustlesPremise: Rats have grown a bit big
Thriller, alternative history
human experimenting, accident, death of a character, used against will
Description: A waitress, Margaret Jakobs is picked up by small group of scientists when they discover that she can hear little rustles under the pavement. This takes her between the worlds, where on one side you have people trying to prevent a disaster and others, who are capable of it, yet somehow they are not in the wrong…

 Third Law

third law cover  for newsPremise: The children bare the sins of their fathers.
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, alternative history
human experimenting, betrayal, living on the edge of society, social nonacceptance, social experiments
Description: Evelyn Helder has a mission – stop her father. Easier said than done, when her plans are neatly crushed by Saul-Erik Reigner, a man, whose only mission is to protect his people and doing so, he sees no place for a chemist, who has invaded his territory with a secret that puts them all in danger.


roosisormusPremise: Uus välimus ei varja hingepiinu
romantika, noorteromaan,
Language: Estonian
 uue elu algus, bänd, 
Description: Sylvia elu Moonmace’s ei ole õnnelik, kuid sellegipoolest ei puudu tema igapäevaelust naer ja sõbrad. Ega ka mitte armastus. Mõnikord läheb aga kõik piisavalt viltu, et uuesti alustada. Kuid ega see minevikku veel sinu küljest ära ei lõika.


no image bannerPremise: Mitu palet – sama elu
noorteromaan, romantika, 
teisikud, lein, uus algus, 
Description: Jean ei suuda uskuda oma silmi kui pärast aastaid eemalolekut kohtab ta kodulinnas naist, kes on äravahetamiseni sarnane tema surnud naisega.



 Man worth the whole bouquet

no image bannerPremise: Stone walls have feelings too.
 younger woman- older man, misunderstanding, gossiping, 
Descriptions: Alan is not the kind, who commits himself easily. The only commitments he has so far are with his studies and with his work. Something that even his Madonna shaped girlfriend has no idea of. That changes, when he walks in one very unexpected conversation…

* Side story for Third Law. Will be added later in time.

Midas Ears

Midas ears

Premise: Grown up men know, how to deal with their urges.
LGBT, mature context, rape scene, limited characters living in limited space, adult, +18
Description: Roshan, Furqan and Anthon are match made in hell forced to live in the same apartment because of their job. Soon, things get out of hand, when one of them tries to teach the youngest lesson of controlling his anger.

WARNING! This story deals with mature topics, has explicit rape scene and thus is suitable ONLY FOR ADULT READER!

Coffee Shop

coffee shopPremise: Blues of eternal life.
mystery, paranormal, romance
  human experiments, betrayal, small community, social experiment, methylene blue
Description: Prologue for Third Law. Evelyn loses her job, when she stands up for whom she believes to be a good friend of hers against their unreasonable boss. When her busybody of a mother then sends her to notify a coffee shop owner about her great-uncle’s death, her life takes a whole different turn. Add in the punch the death of her neighbor and she knows she is in too deep to turn back to her normal life.

*Will be added on the homepage after translating and editing. The story is in Estonian right now, but in the future it will be in English.



Premise: How far would you go to manipulate someone in your family?
 family, vacation, island, closed community, youth
Description:  In early summer, two gigantic size brothers appear on a remote island community, stirring up gossip and making the stories Old Jasper tells hard to dismiss as make-belief. But even giants have hearts and Valerie finds it harder and harder to just stand aside and let them be chewed to pieces, even if the giants are there for a single summer.

The Proof

glenarms shifters cover v5Premise: The interpretation depends on ideology not the quality of evidence.
Genres: urban fantasy, supernatural, short story
Tags: betrayal, erotica, friendship, Glenarm District, MM, Rating MA, shifters, spying, werewolf
Description: A film school student learns that werewolves are real and one of them is living in the same city. He decides to study him and use him to make a documentary about them. So he rents a flat and the equipment and sets himself up in the flat across his, where he can easily observe without being seen.


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