Montfort County Species

Although Montfort stories deal with urban fantasy and are mostly based on humans and what happens to them when they get experimented on, there are still several species, who share this modern urban fantasy setting with humans. They do not advertise themselves outside their own communities, but it is well known among their own kind.

Most of those species live in Glenarm District in Montfort County, but they are not limited only to this region.

List of species:


Demons are not local species. They are immigrants from another realm, which has no other species except them. Since the gateway between their world and human world appeared, they have used Earth to expel those, who they deem not suitable for demon world. Very few actually wish to leave their world and if they do end up on Earth, it is often result of direct forced exodus or self-imposed solitude.

Demons are often unnoticeable to humans as they tend to use glamor to hide themselves from them. All demons have horns and are, in human sense, oddly skinned with their skin tones running all rainbow, including black and white. Their eyes are often red or pinkish together with other tones and most can excuse the odd tone to having some kind of eye disease.

Most demons can shapeshift into humans, but their magic can be tracked by other demons. They can use magic from other magical creatures, but they always prefer their own magic. Their body magic, as in shifting shape, only works if their entire body is intact. Those, who are missing part of their body immediately fall in the lowest level and are treated as danger to others as they can not hide themselves among humans. Little cuts and bruises don’t count, but their body can not be missing a major ligament.
Most of them have some kind of ability to control natural force, like electricity, wind, fire, water.

Demons are ranked based on medieval hiearchy of state – they have a King, followed by Lords, who lead houses of ministers, who rule over lower born demons. They have very strong juristic force and nobody willingly risks being tossed in jail as often you don’t come out of it any more.


Elves were trying to come over from their realm first around 14th century. For awhile they were treated as one would treat a being, who isn’t quite OK looking for the eye – with mistrust and prejudice. After centuries they have managed to keep themselves from breeding with humans as they fear this might cost them their abilities of dealing with life energies. They can manipulate the energies only thanks to the pendant, the gate key in Bristle’s possession. If such offspring is born, an half-elf, they are either changed or left in human care, they become changeling. They have scattered around the world after learning to adapt themselves around humans. They don’t look much different from regular humans, aside their pointed ears and slimmer body build. They can sense each other and they are born with knowledge, who their direct parentage is.

Halfbreeds are brought up since birth with knowledge that they were created to server the full-blooded elves. As their duty, they would be sucked dry each time they had enough to sustain themselves.

They make glamor dust to hide from human eyes as they get older, and they use it to make money by selling it to demons who have lost the ability to change their appearance, shifters or to more knowing humans. Their elemental magic is connected to their home world. It includes both manipulating all elements and also healing abilities. Although, the latter is under question on humans and some say it only works on elves.

By 21st century, they are locked into human world. After a conflict with Seth “Shark” Bristle, a human warlock, who stole their source of magic, their gate opening device, they are locked into human world. They are in battle to get it back before they die in human world with no way back.


Also known as warlocks, are humans, who have been taught magic and can actually manipulate natural forces. Different humans have different levels of abilities, but most of them have to stick with basic magic traits. Different from elves, witches can mix their skills because their powers are related to Earth world, not with pendant relating them to the elven world. As science is nothing but magic explained, they have no problem mixing the science in their craft. In return, they tend to live longer than usual human.

Witches are born with their abilities, with most of them having something mild, like ability to read others, read objects, interpret things easier or good connection with flora and fauna. Differently from elves and demons, the witches manipulate the viewer’s own mind to trick them to either hide in plain site, change their appearance or to make the viewer believe they have been harmed.

Witches can see through other’s glamor to understand who they really are, which does not make them popular among others.

Witches are not stand-alone species. They can be others aside humans too, demons and shifters alike, but those are rare cases.


Shifters in Montfort are all skin walkers. They do not need specific moon phase to change nor are controlled by it. They are simply creatures, who can change between their human and animal form, which does not include feral form. It is like half-human-half-creature. The shifters are untouched by Moon cycles, but they follow their animal’s form annual cycle. They have heightened senses and strength than usual humans, but that’s about all their abilities in magic go. Except if they are born with witch abilities.

In general they are divided in two – those, who need to hide their form from humans, and those, who live openly with their form. The ladder have concentrated into Glenarm District, where humans are used to them.

Shifters usually follow human laws, but they are bound to their own instinctual roles, like tigers want their partners to eat first while foxes prefer searching through long list of shops to find what they like most, moose shifters often form male bachelor groups and bears like to take their vacations out in winter, when it is the coldest and they are the most tired.

Small cities in Glenarm are often governed by alphas of the species, who show strong pack traits. Everybody, no matter the species, have agreed to follow that alpha for easier dealings with humans.


Merfolk are basically mammals, apes, who have decided to return to the sea and developed separate from humans. They are born from their mothers and protected strongly in hatcheries deep beneath the oceans. Over time they have developed into three large groups, who have created their own hierarchy by how they have developed – Naiads, Semewe and Hasufre. They live by class system and are under clan rule. All classes bear tattoos since birth which mark their class, their clan and their social status in the family hierarchy.

From Merefolk, only some of them can breath above water and only some are willing to interact with humans. Since the pollution increase in early 1880s, they have grown less and less indulgent on humans and have retreated from almost any contact with them as many die in direct cause of human activity.

Their skillset includes to be able to manipulate their close surroundings and creatures in it. Most of their skills are personal, like talents of writing or painting. They can develope them over time, but most of them have natural level they are born with which they can not cross. Their abilities include mental manipulations, like calming pain by touch, giving electric shocks to their surroundings or other creature, or the siren’s song, which can put others to sleep.

Further information


Vampires at Montfort tend to be public secrets. They live in areas that don’t have many people and most of them have some kind of agreement with the locals which allows them to live on their lands for generations. They have set the rules on themselves, like not feeding on humans or pets, not creating new vampires. Which does not rule out someone, who gets angry, stupid, power hungry, delusional and does just that. The local vampires tend to protect their “flock”, or humans against them.

They do protect themselves from the sunlight and prefer sleeping during the day, but as far as everything else goes in the myths, they are untouched by them. They do, however, partner for life, which sets them to want their own partner. If they are single, they go into heat every six month until they find a partner.

The vampires are territorial with family states that include large parts of land and few towns, give or take. The territory means the part of the land which belongs under that specific vampire’s hunting grounds, or like protection area. It’s up to vampires themselves how they deal with it. Most have chosen to hide from humans with few exceptions of co-in habitation. Those co-in habitations are not sacred or fixed, but based on agreement between the individuals. Most of them live alone.

The newly turned vampires are referred to as herd as many of them tend to gang up together to take over the old one’s territories. They are pretty much uncontrollable until someone can overpower them, either by taking them out for good or by subjugating them to their household. Old ones, who have lived through several centuries, already have fixed territories. New ones are let to live only if they abide the rules while living in cities or if one of the old ones gifts them some of their territory.



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