Montfort County

Montfort County
Montfort County

Unofficial moto: “Welcome to the nuclear county! Have a nice sunburn!”

Montfort County is a large county in the middle of nowhere, as they like to describe themselves, and it most parts, that’s true. It has more forest areas than anything, and if there weren’t the four larger cities,  with population of 3 million to share among themselves, most people wouldn’t even know it existed.


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1 Etymology

The name, Montfort, was first used around medieval time, but the exact datum is subject that causes a lot of debate. There are four different sources that have different datums for when the county first appeared, but the most accepted version states that it was first named after people living around the fortress that is situated in the beginning of the mountains in south region of the county. However, the fortress it was named after is no longer on the county’s own territory.

Origin of the name Montfort.

2 Geography
The county is divided into three major sections, out of which the southern has gone through larger changes over the forming of platonic plates than the northern section. Because there are many earthquakes in the mountain areas, the larger part of the population has moved towards middle and northern sections of the county, changing that part of the county tremendously towards more urban. The most noticeable change to the geography are the agricultural use of the land, which has cleared most parts of it from any kind of forests.

Yet the eastern part is still covered in forests, which are fed by large lakes that provide enough water that the area has never been subject to drought.

There are large lakes all around Montfort county – two large ones that work as natural borders for human population, providing all the major cities with enough water to help nourishing the population. The southern section also cuts the county off from it’s southern neighbors with large lakes which are all connected into one large inner sea, or river system. All the southern lakes are fed by the waters coming from the mountains right next to them.

2.1 Climate
Montfort county lays in temperate climate zone. They have all four seasons, though the winters tend to be rather mild duo the closeness of the mountains. The temperatures have no extremes, yet they tend to have more rainfall annually around spring and autumn than other counties in that region. The biggest role for the weather’s changing is on mountains, and despite that region having less rain than the rest of the county, they help by regulating the climate enough that they have no major problems. Except floods which tend to take over the middle section of the county around spring time.

2.2 Environment
Due the constant rise of urbanization in the regions, Montfort’s fauna has changed over the course of the years. There have been talks of half-humans roaming around in the southern regions in the late years, but most of them have never been proven to be more than rumors.

As of animal population, most of them still live in their natural habitats, and to keep it so, the commune administration has started several projects to increase the number of natural parks in their habitats to preserve them.

Due the large number of lakes in the county’s territories, it is a favorite place for migrating birds, who use the lakes to regain their strength on their way to south. The sea birds that can be observed to stay in the area, are actually from north. The southern lakes have two natural parks that are dedicated to protect Slender-billed Curlews, which have been in the Red List since 1990s.

2.3 Administrative divisions
The ceremonial county of Montfort consists of four unitary authority areas, Montfort City district, Sandlewoods district, Moonmace district and Glenarm district. The community centers, Sandlewoods and Moonmace, are governed respectfully by their city councils, but the capital center of the Montfort county is still the city with the same name.

The Glenarm district differs from the other three by not having a major city on their territory and thus having only one council. Because it is the least populated area of the county, the forest area in east, which provides mostly for people, who work in the forestry section, it has less members in the council as well.

Sandlewoods district has two major cities on it’s lands, second being Reminster, but it falls under Sandlewood’s council.

3 Politics
Montfort county falls under presidential system determined by fourteen other counties of the republic. The political system of Montfort county consists of an executive branch, a legislative branch and a judicial branch which all belong under country’s respective sections.

There are four major political parties, out of which, the conservative party known as Social Movement has taken the leading role in the entire country.

3.1 Government
Despite seeming fine outside, the political system of Montfort is corrupted to the core. All in the name for the better future. It is strictly under rule of small minority, which has taken over and is now ploying to get bigger influence in the political system. What started off as a small social group, has managed to get larger support in the political systems by using populism as their main tool among population and used fear as a way to cover up whatever opinion differences from their own.

The government has two houses – the house of parliament with it’s 101 members and the council of the president. Two thirds of the parliament is infiltrated by Social Movement.

The problem with their parliament is that it has lost its power in the local governing systems. They are too busy trying to fight against the intolerance and genealogical cleaning going on amongst themselves to do much of the actual governing.

3.2 Law
The law system in the Montfort county has gone through a major change since 1960s, when it became obvious the Social Movement has gained an upper hand in the political games in the parliament. Because of the turmoils around illegally continued human experiments going on in different parts of the land, including the county, it gave Social Movement upper hand on gaining support to take up changing the laws other countries consider norm. The jurisdictional system still works on the surface, but underneath it there has been rise of the veiled ferocity that has managed to create law systems that keeps it out of touch for court systems.

It didn’t come in public before 1966 Internal Protection Act, which gave Social Movement legal right to process those the society deemed dangerous. Their first executive was wiping out everybody related to the human experiments. What was first thought by society as one time act to clean the air and give them a new beginning, turned out to be systematic wipe out of anybody deemed too different to threaten the social solidity. After cleaning operations on human experiments they moved on to dealing with what they considered dangerous gene combinations of criminals. They began quietly removing people, who were incurable by their understanding and soon it became known that they used a simple law which later became knows as Strike of Three.

Strike of Three was a simple – If you had 2 criminals among your close relatives in 2 generations before you and you committed a similar act of crime, you would get automatic death penalty. Together with every generation that followed you, thus your kids and their grandchildren as well.

General public has developed an opinion that they can’t act against it any more, that it has become too powerful. So now instead they are concentrating being out of their way, law abiding. Surviving is their priority and they no longer seek to fight for general issues which could lead them in odds with Social Movement.

3.3 Foreign relations

Montfort city is twin city to New York in USA and Sandlewoods is twin city to Cesterfield in Great Brittan.

4 Economy
The base of economy in Montfort is it’s agricultural produce and forests. Their main export article is rye and wheat, which provide up to 13 percent of income of the county’s money. The second largest income for the county is alcohol and tobacco excise, which gives 7 percent of the total output.

The local taxes are collected annually and are used to keep the social systems working.

4.1 Agriculture
One third of the entire county’s territory is under some kind of agricultural produce. The rye and wheat being the major export, they also hold the major part of the fields. Most of those fields are in the Montfort city, which is also the biggest consumer on the other goods.

4.2 Tourism
Because the county holds rights over several national parks, the area is popular for tourists, together with natural areas around the mountain ranges. Other than that, the cities have not managed to create enough excitement to be attractive as tourist destinations. Despite it’s historical sites, it is not much different from the other counties in the area.

4.3 Energy
Montfort’s main source of energy is hydroelectricity. The many lakes provide sufficient source to exploit and to change that it would create perfect conditions for its use. Even in the forest areas it is the main source of electrical force.

4.4 Transport
The Montfort county puts a lot of effort into joining the four districts by supporting public transport. Despite the efforts, the main way of transport is still to use personal cars. The air transport is used mostly between Glenarm and Montfort to make the access for the jobs in Glenarm easier. There isn’t any major airports, but there are several smaller airports that are constantly in use.

4.5 Sciences
Science is divided in Montfort. On one side it is encouraged to research more, especially in the lines that are seen as useful for humanity. On the other side, it is dangerous to get involved in anything that can be seen as even slightly dangerous, for it can bring you the attention from the Social Movement.

Science is a bit of a black sheep among other things to study in the local universities. It has gone from being the most popular choice to third in the last half a century. Mostly due the human experimenting, which turned out to be done in larger scale than first thought.

5 Demographics
There are currently exactly 3,456,211 citizens living in the territory of Montfort county. The population is heading towards having too many young people and not enough people to provide for them. Only 458 229 of the citizens are part of other species, who live in the same realm with them.

It is estimated that instead of about 3560 deaths in year, the number is far higher, being the result of two third of the people declared missing might have fallen in the hands of Social Movement. It is estimated the numbers might be higher, but about half of the families, who have lost their close one, have not reported them to police. At the same time, the missing person’s number might be right as it is considered criminalizing not to report them.

The most densely populated region is Montfort city district.

Main article on Species

5.1 Major cities
There are four larger cities on the territory of Montfort county. Montfort, which is the largest settled in north, acts as county’s capital. It has most residents with its 1,556,689 people while the other three, Reminster with population of 150 268, Sandlewoods  with its 722,311 residents and Moonmace with 398,336 citizens sharing other urbanized community. The rest of the 628,607 county residents are divided in the countryside, the mountain area and on Glenarm district, which has population of 189,998 respectfully.

5.2 Religion
Religion is considered personal and is not advertised. There are two major religions in Montfort county – Catholic and Lutheran. Other religions are also practiced, but since the Social Movement started their campaigns, it has been clear that advertising them publicly can put you in their list of people to be cautious about. There are 68 churches and 29 pray houses.

Although the two major forms of Christianity are popular, there have been increasing number of atheists, who don’t visit religious houses nor hold any particular religious doctrines. It has become clear that to be non-religious is even preferred in modern times, for then you do not have any particular home schooling for potential threats to society.

5.3 Health
There are one major and 2 smaller, district hospitals. The County Hospital is situated in Montfort city, with its branches being in Sandlewoods and in Moonmace.

Montfort county is famous for its human experiments. It is well known fact that there were at least four larger centrals across the county that dealt with different sides of experiments. Although the centers have been dismantled over the years as they have come to public attention, the smaller groups survived and every now and then they still come to light as remnants of the earlier experiments or something that began after the main centers got destroyed, often started by the subjects of the experiments in order to find a way to continue their lives in normal way. For many found they were hunted by the Social Movement or left on their own, together with no social backup from their families and/or no help to get back to normal.

6. Education
There are altogether one third of population, who are currently attending prekindergarten, public schools or universities at the given time.  Children between the ages of 5 and 11 attend primary school, and secondary school is attended by those aged between 11 and 16. After finishing compulsory education, students take Middle Exam.  Students may then opt to continue into further education for two years. Further education colleges (particularly sixth form colleges) often form part of a secondary school site. Around 10.2% of Montfort schoolchildren attend private schools, which are funded by private sources.

The largest, sixteenth place in the country, university is Sandlewoods College, which is also the main employer since Sandlewoods first began as university town. The first degree offered to undergraduates is the Bachelor’s degree, which usually takes three years to complete. Students are then able to work towards a postgraduate degree, which usually takes one year, or towards a doctorate, which takes three or more years.

7. Culture
Because Sandlewoods is the university city, it has developed into cultural center for literature and modern music. At the same time, performance arts and cinematic center is in Montfort, while Moonmace indulges in summer festivals and other activities that are perfect for health resort.

Montfort has several museums that are dedicated to local arts and cinematic achievements. The history is conserved in each town in the local museums that work as centers for folklore and history centers for districts. Montfort county doesn’t have county museum.

Literature and performing arts go together, having their start in 18th century  Romantic movement. The first literary achievements were plays performed by intellectuals, who used it as a way to teach illiterates about old legends and stories.

8. Sports
Montfort county has 6 official football teams that are supported every year. Only one, Chocks Of Montfort, which is selection from the six smaller leagues, gets to represent the county on the country’s main league.

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