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Map of Hatangy

 is a large peninsula, a continent in the world that it unnamed. With population of 30 million habitants it is fourth in size despite being second to smallest continents on the planet with its 5,689,200 square miles. The continent lies between two largest continents, becoming one of the most sought rout from one side of the planet to another. Despite the traffic, it is not rich, for it often suffers in war conflicts when one or another continent tries to get upper hand on the pathway.

The northern part of the continent is more populated than south, because it remains too far away from the area that interests the other two.

1 Etymology
The name, Hatangy was first applied on an empire that controlled the entire continent four centuries earlier. Since then the empire has fallen, but the name was adopted two centuries earlier to mark the entire continent.

2 Geography
Duo its location on on the edge of two large tectonic plates, it is area that was pushed up when two large continents pushed upwards under the sea. The highest breaking line is clearly visible in the northern side of the peninsula, where lies its highest points in its large mountains. Despite its closeness to planet’s equator the tips of the mountains have snowy peaks that don’t melt throughout the year.

There are 5 large cities that stand apart and have major role in changing the geographical landmarks to provide better access for transport through the continent.

The sun of their planet is slightly different from human world. It has far less ultraviolet light coming from it, which is the reason, why gargoyles can walk around without the fear of being petrified while human world’s sun does just that.

2.1 Climate
Hatangy lays close to planet’s equator, thus its humid Mediterranean climate. It is notably warmer throughout the year with rain brought over the southern sections of the peninsula from the mountains. The raining season arrives during autumn and last throughout winter season, ending in late spring. The summers tend to be dry, but never ending in drought. They are more in danger from floods than drying out. They have hot summers and mild winters.

The mountain region climate is drier than the souther region and more stable. The weather can change fast duo its high peaks that catch low depressions, but they don’t cause more than thunderstorms or snowing, most rain clouds are transported into lower regions of the land. Mountains have mild summers and cold winters.

2.2 Flora
Forests account for 52% of Hatangy’s land area and are some of the most diverse, comprising more than 150 species of trees. They are mostly surrounding small habitats of species that have chosen more secluded areas for living. Hatangy has no environmental plans that reach farther than local communities. Because the usefulness of plants varies between species, thus lack of interest.

Despite the large forest area, the countryside has fallen under agriculture and is used to cultivate food for the 5 largest cities situated on the continent. Close to 1/3 of the continent’s plantation is poisonous to humanoids. Despite their use for medicals, it wasn’t until start of agriculture in the area that the population has grown exponentially.

2.3. Fauna
There are currently 18 different humanoid species living in the continent together with natural fauna of 456 species of animals and birds. Insects… not counting.

The humanoids are allocated by how they move around and what they developed from. They are differentiated from animals by their intellect, culture and communal living. They include griffins, gargoyles, yetis, treespirits, elf-like humanoids, etc. There are no naturally born humans on the planet.

2.3 Administrative divisions
Hatangy is divided into 18 regions that share the continent. The 5 major cities act as separate municipals from the rest of cantons for they need their own legislative system.

They are territorial collectivities, meaning they possess local assemblies as well as an executive. The local administrative power is called Lord Council.

3 Politics
Although Hatangy has presidential system determined from the Northern City, most decisions are made in local Lord Councils. The Northern City was chosen to be center of government, because the mountains provided good protections while the two neighboring continents were fighting over ownership, often on the continent’s own territory.

The political system of Hatangy consists of an executive branch, a legislative branch and a judicial branch. Executive power is exercised by the local Lord Council on the power given to them by President. Duo the large area and vast differences between the areas, the President’s Council forms the power that deals with problems involving all the cantons.

3.1 Government
The law is declared valid when 6 out of 8 members of Lord Council agrees with it, or 2/3rd of the President’s Council agrees with the law. They are the ultimate power both in executive power and protecting the law.

Taxes are collected locally.

3.2 Law
Each canton has Lower Court that deals with everyday problems between residents of the canton. If the incident involves more than two families or has larger impact, the cases are directed to Lord Council.

The law is exercised by lawmen, who are divided in two groups – those, who are doing career and those, who are hired for short period of time. Half of the police force is hired for certain purpose. During that time they conform only to Lord Council, even if hired through agencies.

Contracts are considered binding acts that leave no arguments after they have been signed. Thus everybody are taught since childhood how to understand them and how to argue through misunderstandings before they are signed. However, the people have the right to refuse the order if it goes against law.

3.3 Foreign relations
Foreign relations separate in two – local, which is between the continents, and foreign, which is between human world and Hatangy. Because the contact to humans is considered ill-faithed, it is common sense the contact is avoided.

Since it became clear that after the gates were opened, the human world’s environment was not all suitable for creatures from Hatangy, there was never any normal contact with humans. There are exceptions and they keep close eye on development of technology and use it to hide every now and then, thus having system to transport back and forth, but the contact with humans remain few.

There are species that look close enough to humans to fit in normally and they are often used as mediators while creatures with different looks avoid any contact with humans duo some bad contacts during European Medieval times, resulting in creation of monsters in mythology and folklore.

Hatangy does not like its neighboring continents. Period. Although at the time being the situation is calm and peace treaties are holding, the relationship with the other two are cool and restrained.

3.4 Military
Hatangy has its own paid army duo constant threats from the other two continents.

Because of the lack of space and resources, it has become more common to have conflicts between species rather than against common enemy. This has created tense situation, where the species that were on the losing side of the war, have been mercilessly killed or forced out of their natural habitat, forcing them to turn to cities for survival.

4 Economy
The bases of economy in Hatangy is platinum, not gold. They have far smaller amount of gold in their planet, but platinum is more common, thus resulting it being the base metal for their monetary system. It is compulsory to anyone, who is moving between the worlds to have platinum items with them in case of emergencies. It shares its currency with the the other two continents, because they are highly invested in earning from transportation between the two, being middle station in transport of goods.

The government retains considerable influence over key segments of infrastructure sectors, with majority ownerships in transports. Also, the main investment area is modernization of transportation section and security of the continent.

4.1 Agriculture
Extensive tracts of fertile land duo its climate and volcanic past together with application of modern technology has made it leading producer among its neighbors. However, most of it is not exported, but consumed locally or the large cities near by. Transporting food is problematic in warm climate in their world.

Hatangy imports dried goods like wheat, dried fruits and nuts and fish products, which are otherwise available only on the seaside.

4.2 Tourism
Does not exist. The only tourism they have is naturally occurring when someone visits a place they don’t know or travels through Hatangy. Although the continent is oriented on passerby people, besides bed-and-breakfast type of hotels they have no real attractions for sightseeing or anything other of the sort.

4.3 Energy
With modernization of Hatangy together with Earth, whom they keep close eye on, they have taken in use steam based technologies. Their energy sources are a bit different from our electricity, thus the looks of their towns which is a mix of modern and Victorian era steam engines.

4.4 Transport
Hatangy has different types of transportation, mostly duo the variety the population has. However, most parts of that transportation does not pass personal transportations and the only public way of moving around are small bus-like carriers that move between the cities. But most often, the transportation is personal – those, who can, fly and those, who can’t have bicycles and other simpler transportations. The air transport also includes hot balloons and zeppelin-like inventions.

4.5 Sciences
Science in Hatangy is highly evolved. Although on first site it looks rather rundown, or one could even say, it has past its high time, it is still respected. Science involves mostly around physics, inventions that are useful for daily life and astronomy. Most people do not get involved with it and it is exclusively higher class hobby. It does include knowing plants far deeper level than humans think, and that’s the part that often involves the chemistry part of the science. Chemistry is highly useful for them, thus a lot of the work is put into making it more available for everybody.

There is a whole section of sciences dedicated to micro technology. It is heavily influenced by human technology and in some parts, like communication, even advanced human possibilities. That’s because Hatangy offers materials and knowledges developed apart from human technology.

5 Demographics
The 30 million habitants of Hatangy is about number, because the exact census have never been done. The counting of the people is done through general counting of deaths and births by local administrative cells, who then send the numbers in for more general statistics. Because Hatangy is central area for traveling, the population of the country tends to be varied towards younger age, which means approximately 42.5 percent of the population’s age is between 1o and 35. The most densely populated region of the continent is north.

5.1 Ethnic groups
Hatangy has very little left of its ethnic groups. Most genetic makeup has blended into intruding traveling population that has for one reason or the other stayed in the cities. The ethnicity is counted more by the place they are from than on genetic codes or looks. Most genetic ethnicity is counted only inside the species groups themselves and have no effect outside the boundaries of species.

5.2 Major cities
There are five major cities in Hatangy – Azmar, the largest city of Hatangy in north, Bluetorn, which is the gate city down south west, the twin cities of Scinse on island and it’s mainland company Waveneigh and last, but not least, the second gate city at the east Krodes.

Azmar is the northern capital, where most of the population is. It is the oldest, with Bluetorn close behind. The two had major conflicts in the past, serving as stations for the armies. The history has left some unsolved issues between the cities. Scinse and Waveneigh are like their opposites – they have always worked together and served as middle station on the major routs. They are closely knit and can’t survive without the other. Krodes has somehow remained on background of the two pairs. It has allowed it to grow exponentially for quite some time. During the wars, it was often bombed down by the enemy, but after the war times, it is doing everything on its own and being independent like that has greatly helped with its own businesses and life.

5.3 Language
Hatangy has two big language groups. The written language uses Latin base and despite having different looking alphabet, it is basically Latin that has about 1000 years to evolve in different direction from Earth. Those, who have connections to humans also know English, but each species also has their own languages that can be similar if the species are similar.

5.4 Religion
Hatangy has no general organized religion. They have temples for ancestors, and in a way that can be counted as major belief system, but that’s about it. Many have their own family based religious systems, which often show in traditions that family holds, but when it comes to bigger events, they are species specific.

5.5 Health
Health care in Hatangy is bad. They have hospitals, but with close to 60 percent of treatments failing, it is a big risk.  Those, who have access to human world, bring first aid items with them, but other than that, they don’t have more than wise men can help with. Most healing is done by memories given on from mouth to mouth bases and done at home.

5.6 Education
As of education, it is compulsory up to 6th grade. It will give you basics of reading, understanding major problems in sciences and math enough to get past in daily life. It is possible to study further if you pass the level exams every four years of your study periods, but most people don’t do it, sticking with the six grades. That does not mean they aren’t educated. Most residents have some kind of occupation they study after the compulsory school part, from home or through their own interests or through apprenticeship. They include besides the traditional trades also modern technologies.

6 Culture
Hatangy is rich Babel of cultures. As most things, it is not helped by the government, who gives money for major seasonal plays on the city squares, but otherwise has no support system for the cultural events.

6.1 Art
Art is temporary. They do have photography, but it is not as common as it would seem. Because art is hard to keep intact duo bad quality of paper, it is not common to see portraits or other artistic expression paintings. That has not stopped commercial art forms from developing into a different direction. Because the paper quality is bad despite the advancement of the sciences, the most effort goes into temporary arts. Also, painting houses, or street art, is very much loved and serves as marker of territories and shop signs all over the country. They love to paint their houses and show their creativity through that.

6.2 Architecture
The architecture in Hatangy takes after its residents. Despite it’s seemingly low education, the cities and even the smaller  towns have about 6 to 8 storages high skyscrapers.

Because Hatangy has many species that fly, the houses are building accordingly – lower levels almost never have balconies, but higher houses always carry balconies that are open to the Eastern side or to South. That does not mean they are stuck to higher levels – they can all live as they please, but it has somehow worked out this way. Because the species live next to each other and have no separations, the houses are often built according to the needs of the individuals.

Most of the architecture is temporary, leaving only government buildings, which survive more than twenty years. This is duo tradition that saw most of the buildings being destroyed in the face of war, and duo the fact that species needed their houses built according to their needs. There are very few common houses that have survived more than a decade or have been in constant use. Most of them get used and pulled down or rebuilt with new species in mind.

6.3 Literature
Hatangy’s literature is in the hands of elite. It  has taken a lot of inspiration from human world, but as most free time is among elites, then the writers often come from that fracture too. Those, who have connections to human world, sometimes bring back with them some temporary books of types of literature they don’t have, like paranormal, fantasy and romantic fiction. They especially like fantasy section with all the shifters and furry, because that’s like reading their own fellow species enacting parts for heroes and lovers.

They have poetry in Hatangy, but most of it is medieval in style. It has never developed past its beginnings. However, they do like silly drinking songs and thus have lyrical poetics among pubs and other places with drinks.

6.4 Philosophy
Hatangy’s life philosophies are more pragmatical than humans tend to think. Instead of searching for pleasure, the live and let live is replaced by huntsman’s logic – mercy is not their daily vocabulary. They are brought up believing that they have full right to protect themselves and most of their logical thinking thrives from that notion.

6.5 Music
People in Hatangy love to sing and play various instruments. Most common are flutes and simple guitars. They often listen modern music if they can get their hands on it, but in many cases, if it comes to making it themselves, it tends to be loud and silly drinking songs in public spaces or more intimate, lyrical expressions in more private environments. It is interesting to note, the latter hardly ever has lyrics. It is mostly instrumental.

There are very few species, to whom the singing is part of mating rituals. In modern times they still gather their traditional gathering places, but they use modern methods and songs to impress their partners rather than doing it in traditional ways.

6.6 Cinema
There is no permanent cinematic culture in Hatangy.

6.7 Fashion
Hatangy is mostly warm country and thus their fashions have evolved accordingly – light shirts and jackets together with short skirts and thin trousers. Unless you are court member, you have no need to follow the fashion more than is comfortable for the individual. Still, they put a lot of time to match what they wear to their personal color palette.

6.8 Media
All the cities have their own newspapers that carry information on larger events. If one needs to get info around, fast, they use fliers instead. There are no television or radios.

6.9 Society
Hatangy societies have developed into three major groups – pastoral, industrial and  pre-industrial. The urban cities, of course are modern industrial, but in most areas, if you go outside the city for about half an hour, the changes are drastic. There are areas still that are considered wild and unsafe for travelers to even stop, so it varies from area to area.

6.10 Cuisine
Hatangy’s cuisine is affected by one thing – the area’s distance from the ocean around it. Excluding the forest areas in the middle, most of the areas have some connection to water sources, thus their main diet is based on sea creatures and fish. The forest areas in south are hunting their food.

It is not uncommon to eat members of other species, especially during hunger times and in the forest areas, where most of the food comes from hunting.

6.11 Sports
Hatangy has almost every major sport article present. The typical ball games are mixed with traditional combat methods that are taught to the children from early on. Each species have their own types of wrestling and hand-to-hand methods. Because survival is still on first place, a lot of the sports support building muscle and agilities.

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