Moonmace District

Considered the prettiest districts of Montfort County, Moonmace can brag with its idyllic scenary and summer festivals which are perfect for recreational activities for inner tourism as well as attraction for foreign tourism. Moonmace is not the biggest territories in the County, but the city itself, with its 398,336 citizens  is third among the largest cities. Because of that the size and being the center of the county, Moonmace also has the second largest hospital in the county. Continue reading “Moonmace District”


Glenarm District

The Glenarm district differs from the other three by not having a major city on its territory and thus having only one council. Because it is the least populated area of the county, the forest area in east, which provides mostly for people, who work in the forestry section, it has less members in the council as well. Continue reading “Glenarm District”

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