Pretty Boobs! – Chapter 3


She stared at the phone for a moment before tossing the handset back on the receiver and getting up, dragging her jacket with her.

I have to go and check out something!” She said, searching anyone, who was looking at her direction. Martin did and she waited his nod to notify he understood.

Need backup?” Continue reading “Pretty Boobs! – Chapter 3”


Pretty Boobs! – Chapter 2


Do your job was easier said than done, she decided, when she set the phone down in her office and glared at her notes. It wasn’t that Miltons were impolite or something. Aside that they were upset that their dog had been suspected in anything aside being their top-notch protector against the wild wild world behind their borders. She didn’t actually accuse, she simply asked if they’d notice their dog acting oddly lately. How lately, they’d asked. Recently? Dead dogs apparently didn’t do rounds nor changed their routine.

Which was not good in the light of her investigation, because after half an hour staring at the papers she was still struggling why Avis would have lied to her. She clearly hadn’t wanted to accuse the old mastiff in the first place, and she’d said the scent had been off. Which left her pondering between having a zombie dog on their territory or someone smelling like the massive dog. Continue reading “Pretty Boobs! – Chapter 2”

Pretty Boobs! – Chapter 1


Hedgefort was a nice, adorable little town that was as quiet as a mouse. With one exception – the town belongs to a vampire. Officially.

Bernice James didn’t think of it much, when she was little and busy with his youthful things. Her only connection to her was the knowledge on the edge of her mind that there lived a woman near them, who wouldn’t age and who didn’t interact with the village like normal people did. That’s pretty much where the oddities ended, because she didn’t fear the day nor did she feed on humans, diseased, foreign or otherwise deemed unsuitable for the rest of the society, and she never dressed in black. And the small visit she gave to the elementary school on every mid-April to introduce the new citizens the curiosity she was. She’d done it since she bought the town a hundred and sixty eight years ago, by pretending to be a man. Of course the bigger uproar came from the fact that she was a woman, who owned a property than the little feeding problem and by the time the dust settled, she had become nothing more than odd woman living on the edge of the town she had no interest of actually governing. Continue reading “Pretty Boobs! – Chapter 1”

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