Ink Blood – Chapter 11 – Duncan


He got back around two. The documents had taken far longer to put in order than he’d expected. They should have been ready by the time he arrived, but humans were slow and let him sit in the small cubicle they had separated for the office from the huge hall and let him wait while they called through the officials, who had managed to sell the item to the strange looking man sitting in front of them before the end of the show. Or more like should they allow the man take the exhibit with them before end of the show. Continue reading “Ink Blood – Chapter 11 – Duncan”


Ink Blood – Chapter 10 – Isabel


She didn’t explain anything to her parents. After saying the weekend had been unpleasant enough that she didn’t want to deal with it any longer and saying she had to get back to work anyway, she packed a small bag and bought the tickets to Spain.

He had left before she got downstairs and by the way her father decided for silent treatment after that, she knew this would be one of those conversations he was more comfortable taking through the phone. Continue reading “Ink Blood – Chapter 10 – Isabel”

11th January – Size

Warric has a fetish – he wants It big. Not just big, he wants them huge. His master, his partner Bradac, has denied him from using his, because the little fox might want it, but he fears it is still too big for the fox body.
So on one of their meetings, after the main fun is over, Bradac falls asleep…

These stories are for adult viewing only!

Continue reading “11th January – Size”

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