I was born in 1985 in Tartu, Estonia. I am Leo with strong association with Earth Ox according to the Chinese calendar, so I am deeply home oriented art loving woman.

I was born together with another at the same time and have now a niece through my twin sister, whom I am very close. Despite all the disagreements. I also have a younger brother, a mother and a father and at the moment two dogs and a cat. We did have hare farm when I was four, countless number of cats, rats, mice, hamsters, chicken, pigs, ferrets… I grew up in a countryside with forest just minutes away and my father was minding the forest, so you can guess what creatures have lived in our place. We were never forbidden from going there, so we pretty much grew up there. At first we had neighbor family, who later moved mile away from us. We have always been close with them, because what else was that mile than a sweet smelling road through our local forest line. As far as we are concerned, thanks to them we gained two older brothers and baby sister and there is nothing in this world that will change that.

I began writing in 1996. You can read the story here. It was beginning of an obsession that has been constant companion to my life. I consider it my second birthday. I was weird child and writing was my savior like many times after that. Around that time I began reading anything I could get my hands on about folklore and traditions we held. Library was my friend. It was also the time grandfather taught me to cook, together with how to play cards, and I was landed with oldest sister’ duties despite being just 5 minutes older than my sister. Responsibility and thinking ahead more than two steps has been my dutiful companion since.

Then I finished school and went to local university to study Estonian and Finnic-Ugric Languages , but spent most of my time in library or anywhere else. In the end I had three jobs plus school thanks to some serious ill timing by everybody and that, well, ended up in nervous breakdown. I quit school, quit that job, got back my old one as night watch and step by step have gained control over my life. I quite enjoyed the night life, though it is not pleasing to others.

I tried university again few years later, when I realized I was lacking in History in my writings. As by then I had discovered two topics that kept creeping into my writings, I wanted to learn history to know what I was talking about. Unfortunately I ran out of finances right before the last year and had to quit. Again. I will finish either one of my studies some day. I might not have the papers, but that didn’t wash off the knowledge and the bookshelf I’ve gathered during university time.

I left the night job few years ago and joined a small concrete firm which gave me flexible work schedule, tolerance for my writing (taking few minutes to write down ideas is allowed, as long as it “keeps her sane”) and my days begin with questions like “do you have your audiobook ready?”, which is so much more than most places I’ve worked at. Can’t beat that.

I believe in skills, rather than money. If someone says to me that you should earn with that, it is the quickest killjoy I know. I don’t do things to make money. I enjoy making something that is unique – not one thing out of thousands just like it. Personality can be either concentrated in one or diluted into many. Your choice. I chose one. Thus the reason, why I haven’t full heartedly dealt with publishing so far. But things are changing, and although I still take my time, I’ve become to a point, where it feels right to start pursuing that dream.

My writing style changes. I change, so does what I like to write about. However, I have remained closer to urban fantasy and enjoy adding elements of horror and surrealism in the punch. Yet I prefer that the language I use be simpler rather than thick. Also, I like writing alternative history, fantasy without magic (for not all fantasy has to come with magic), and science fiction. All with extra heap of romance in the punch. I enjoy exploring the darker side of humans, the twists they add to relationships.

Lota Carolina Aisling is a pen name. I don’t like showing myself in public web, so you won’t find any images of me. My name can be related with some things, but as far as I’m concerned – not with my face. It doesn’t add anything and though already public, I prefer there is still a line between my real life and online life.

Besides writing I enjoy reading books, for over the years I still prefer reading to sleeping, keeping the household (Go housewives! You can do it!), archery, crocheting, collecting divinations, studying scriptwriting and mechanics behind 2d animations. I also like drawing with acrylic pencils and enjoy art very much. I adore European medieval era in history, which has ignited my adoration to herbalism and European folklore and fairy tales. All, which add to my writing that little nifty extra that you won’t find anywhere else.

I don’t smoke, I don’t drink. Occasionally a glass of wine is fine, but getting stoned is disgraceful. I don’t do that, because my work took me face to face with too many drunk people and seeing it aside is a lesson of its own. Mostly I don’t like the taste of alcohol either. So no, I don’t do that.

Over the years what has remained steady course in my life is the writing. I do Nanowrimo every year like a holiday that arrives in November, I spend most of my free time on writing and I keep studying it on my own. I hope to publish my first standalone novel in 2017 and put a start to a novel series that would be coming out one per season while still adding other standalone novels. Until then I have a small collection of stories you can read on the homepage and I gladly take up proofreaders as English is not my native language.

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