Bar Fight – Chapter 40 – Kyle

!Explicit mature content!


There was urgency in Kyle’s need he hadn’t anticipated. He felt relieved to hear him say those words and though he doubted them in his mind, he still felt his body relax, his hands roaming over the body in front of him. He wasn’t wearing his jacket and thus his hands had nothing distracting him from grasping the muscles beneath the thin fabric. He wanted to laugh how Tyton didn’t pull away, pushing against his hands instead, urging him on. He’d set his hands over his shoulders against the wall and was watching him as he explored him for once instead of their usual rushed encounters.

It probably lasted a minute the most before Tyton leaned lower and kissed him again, his hands still clutching at his chest. He let out a low moan and gasped, when he realized he wanted him as well.

Tyton smiled, leaning into him and pressing their crotches together, grinding into him. He was painfully hard. He wasn’t about to complain as his own length tightened on the warmth the body opposite to his offered.

“I want you inside me.” Kyle said seriously. He didn’t want to be fingered again, nor did he want to be his experiment nor replacement for what he couldn’t get. He was tired of those games, tired of being tossed aside with some salty words right in the middle of his bliss.

Tyton didn’t respond at first, searching something from his eyes in a long moment before he gave him a single nod of his head and began moving his hips once more.

He turned him around on the wall and held him there with his hand between his shoulder blades while his other hand snaked around his waist and began freeing his belt from the trousers.

“Hey, I can -” he wanted to protest, but stopped in mid-sentence, when he felt his teeth sinking in the back of his neck, sucking at the spot until his entire body relaxed against the wall with a sigh. He hadn’t expected that, nor the painful nibbling against the fresh wound before he finished his new hickey with a kiss, causing chills to run down his spine.

Tyton continued with his pants, pulling them lower. He licked his finger and pushed it past his cheeks. He massaged the edge of his ring, pressing on it and it slipped in without fuss. It burned, but he didn’t move his finger around.

“Y-you need oil or some lube.” He whispered, trying to look over his shoulder. His response was to press his finger deeper and Kyle hummed from the fiery intrusion. He tried to push his legs apart more, but instead he felt his body lift up and next thing he knew, he was set down in front of the sofa.

Tyton left him standing there with glare that said no movements allowed. He returned with bottle of body oil. It wasn’t much, but it would have to do, he shrugged.

“Remove your trousers.” He ordered while he moved the table which stood in front of the sofa and pushed it all the way to the wall, giving them plenty of space on the light colored soft carpet.

Kyle did as he was told, his eyes wondering over Tyton’s still dressed form. He could see clearly how hard the fabric strained against his length, but his mouth couldn’t form the challenge on his lips. A fear crept into his mind that this time wouldn’t be much different from others at all. That this would mean an end to their encounters and he would be dealt with like before with him being pushed to his limit and Tyton leaving straight after.

“Bend over.” Tyton ordered and he did, kneeling in front of the sofa and pushing his ass up, pulling his shirt higher to avoid it from getting stained. He leaned his head on the sofa, turning it only so he could watch Tyton over his shoulder as he sunk on his knees behind him.

For a long time he did nothing but touch him, run his fingers over his ass and massaging it. Then he opened his bottle and poured some of its content straight on his crack, pulling his cheeks apart enough for it to find its way over his bucker. The thumb that was holding his right cheek away slipped in the valley between his rump and sank into him, causing him to let out a loud hiss. His fingers were bigger than humans and what most likely they considered normals size to start from felt like being penetrated by something far bigger.

He allowed him to get used to the size again, only slowly moving it around inside his hole. This time it burned less thanks to the oil and he used it to add another finger, pressing his hole wider and causing him to moan.

He sensed the oil running over his ball sack and down his staff, sending his senses on an overdrive. It was slowly making its way down, following the crease of his shaft all the way to the crown before Tyton’s hand caught up with it and his calloused palm grabbed around his dick wipe it around it’s thickness.

“Jeez!” His voice caught up and he lumped his head down against the soft cotton-like material. Third finger entered him together with the other two already pulling him apart and he couldn’t help the bucking leg hitting behind him, where Tyton’s thighs lay right behind his toes. Tyton ignored it.

“No, I don’t want you to get me off!” He tried to ignore the burning wide of his backside as he began slowly pushing himself back on them. “Please? Fuck me already!”

His thumb popped out and was replaced by his ring finger. It moved to massage the soft spot between his sack and hole while the ring finger gave his palm way to go deeper into him. He kept humping him with the trio for the time it took him to rid himself of his own shoes and pants.

He didn’t pay attention to the fingers, although they were hard to miss inside him, and concentrated on the sight he’d never seen before – Tyton almost nude. He pushed his trousers low, near his knees before pulling his shirt up to hold it between his teeth and moved closer to his ass.

He couldn’t tear his eyes off from the dick swaying into view. He was very well endowed, but hardly something to set records and Kyle breathed easier. He expected… he had no idea, what he’d expected, but it didn’t look that different from theirs after all. Only slightly thicker from the bottom and small bumps near the crown which was pulsating slightly from the blood rushing into it. It had already began change its color, turning more crimson by the seconds.

Kyle heard him open the bottle, but as he didn’t feel anything falling between his ass cheeks nor on the fingers, he guessed the knudhy was oiling up his own length.

He expected him to go straight to the price, spreading his legs wider so he could have better access, but instead he felt his body weight pushing him into the sofa as he leaned over him for a long kiss. It was unexpectedly soft and Kyle relaxed.

The fingers from his ass disappeared and he took a deep breath, holding it while he felt his length pressing on his hole. The crown went in with little resistance, but when it finally was in, he realized it wasn’t that small after all and even with the size it bare, it was definitely thicker than the fingers had been. It was painful reminder he was not up to receiving him yet and he regretted pushing him to go forth, but there was no way he was gonna say that to the alien. Instead he bit down on his wrist.

“Don’t muffle your voice!” he grabbed his hand and pulled it away. “I want to hear you!”

“But others will hear us too!”

“I don’t care!” He let go of his hand and moved his fingers on his neck, pressing gently around where his vocals would be. “They pricked my singing cords, but I want to hear your sounds, when you come.” With that he pushed in him harder, stretching him far more than before and pulling a painful moan out of him witch resonated in his exhaling. “It’s beautiful!” he murmured to his ear, kissing the side of his neck. “Do it again!”

He didn’t stop to allow him time to get used to his thick cock. He didn’t wait at all and in the end, all Kyle could do, was spread his legs a bit wider, lower his torso as much as he could and move his hips ever so slightly during his next pushing in for his cock to touch his pleasure button.

Sparks flew behind his eyelids and the next gasp wasn’t as quiet as the one before.

Tyton slowed for a moment it took him to analyze what he’d just heard and put it in a good use, hitting it again with his next thrusts.

Kyle moaned shamelessly, his hands searching for support in the edge of the sofa as his body kept flying into it with every desperate move Tyton was making. He bottomed up only couple of moves later and pushed himself as deep as he could before taking an erupt pause with himself still fitted in his hole.

“Come here.” He said hoarsely and without waiting an answer, pulled him away from the sofa, turned him around and set him down on the rug. Seconds later he was at it again, pushing his shoulders flat on the surface and using the angle as his personal bench. He began thrusting again.

“Aah! Much, uh, better! Hnn!” He chuckled softly and reached his hands back to get a feel of the place they were attached from. Tyton huffed back to his praise. His breathing had changed and he began answering his rough sounds with his own. The sounds were driving him crazy and he pressed himself up, to match the slapping sounds hitting his bottom.

“I’m close!” He warned, realizing suddenly they hadn’t used a condom, but that seemed to only edge him on and turn into piston instead. He hit harder against his bundle of nerves before diving deep inside him, digging past the tightening muscles.

“Shit! Tyton?” He tried again, but there was no more time. He let out a last scream and bottomed out, pressing deep into him and going rigidly still, his full length buried in it. Kyle tried to push him away, force him to continue with the hard fuck he’d been receiving and he whined when Tyton wouldn’t move not even an inch. He wanted him to continue, but instead he felt him lean backwards ever so slightly, still inside and moment later Kyle screamed when his length’s side pressed against his prostate and he was able to find his own release, his vision blurring as the realization hit him that the scorching hot sensation in his ass was from a thick rod still stuck in it and he was pulsating around Tyton’s pulsating member. It was still there, when he began coming down from his high and Tyton was panting against his skin, his hands pressed around his abdomen.

Despite his wishes to repeat their little encounter, he was finished. He was ready to collapse on the rug, when he felt his right hand suddenly clasp around his waist and pin him against his stomach.

“No! Don’t pull away!” he warned.

He frowned, ready to give him an earful for he was not gonna do another round, when he suddenly felt part of Tyton’s dick inside him grow thicker and far wider than the one rimmed with his hole. As if something exploded inside him. “Hell is that?” He choked on his own voice, when the pain vibrated through his entire body, making his fingers pull the carpet into his fists. He grew in him! Only seconds later he felt it swell against the prostate. “Fuck!” Without thinking he tried to pull away, but Tyton wouldn’t let him move.

“Calm down! If you pull away now, I’ll rip you up from inside out!”

That pulled his panic to halt. He felt him ease his grip a bit before pushing him slowly down to his stomach, completely ignoring the painful jolt that brought his own cock up.

“It will ease soon.” Tyton said soothingly.

“You mean, this will happen every time?” he asked, trying to ease the worry he could hear in Tyton’s voice, trying hard not to concentrate on his own swollen dick and the need to jerk forward.


“You’re still pulsating.” He whispered to Tyton, when he was still holding his torso up on his hands. The arms were trembling painfully after few minutes, and he felt sweat drip on his back and he turned a little. “Hey, you can lay down on my back, I can take your weight.”

He felt the male slowly lowering on him, easing a bit on the side, so his forehead was finally resting on his shoulder, but he kept most of his weight off on his elbows that were now resting on both sides of his shoulders.

“So,” he asked, chuckling softly, “next time, when you pull it out in the right time, it will not bloom inside me?”

Oh this was not the time to tease him, he realized, when he heard weak laughter echoing in him accompanied with raw pain rummaging through his abdomen. “Next time, huh?”

“Why not?” he turned his face back into the carpet. “I enjoyed it. Didn’t you?”

“I did.”

“Say, can you make it a bit more enjoyable?” he asked, pushing up a bit, remembering his own little problem beneath them, but felt the thickness inside move painfully and what he gathered, in a very wrong way. “Shit!”

He pinned him down with his hips. “No, sorry. My cock will hook up on your inside if you move too much.”

“Hook up?” He remembered the small bumps near the end of his cock and he gasped. “You’ve got spikes there?”

“Why’d you think I wouldn’t let you suck me off during our first time?” His head fell back on his shoulder and he nuzzled on his ear while another wave of shivers ran over him. “They will pull back in half an hour the most, so relax.”

They fell silent and for a while all he could do was look around in the small room and explore the differences. Tyton’s breathing had eased and so had his body and for time he believed the male had succumbed to sleep, but when he tried to steal a glance and moved his head and shoulders, he felt his body cramp up again, pressing him down a bit more to stop him from moving the point where they were joined.

“Sorry.” he whispered, quietly moving his hand to his wrist and settling it there. Tyton was trembling, but his breathing had eased.

He was becoming sure the alien had been lying and the swelling inside him was never getting down, when it finally began to shrink. Slowly, but steadily. It couldn’t be that pleasant for Tyton either, he thought, considering the strain it had put on the male and the sweat his undershirt had been soaked with.

When he finally draw in a ragged breath and pulled out, steadying himself on his trembling hands again, he knew better than let him go. Instead, he quickly rolled around and moved his hands around his waist, pulling him back down, on his side, ignoring the fluids running down his ass cheeks. They were still on the floor, but perhaps that was indeed the best place for them. The alien wouldn’t look at him, keeping his eyes adverted. Kyle thought about wanting a clean towel to clean them up, but he couldn’t stop feeling as if he’d leave if he let him out of his sight.

“Don’t you dare walk away right now!” his voice was playful, but his eyes serious. Tyton came rigidly still and he could finally find the eyes he’d been searching. “We have needs too.”

He hesitated. As if he didn’t know what to do, but after some time he steadied himself on his left side and eased back down next to him.

“Needs? Like what?” It was soft and tired.

He couldn’t say he wanted to snuggle, wanted him kissing his neck and lulling him to sleep with soft words.

“Warmth.” he whispered, rolling himself closer to his large chest and packing his wrists in a cross against the alien. He didn’t expect to feel his hands lock around him. Nor how he reached for the blanket from the sofa and pulled it over them while they remained on the floor. He was heating the room by the feel of it, but Tyton wasn’t bothered by the lie.

“Do I smell like your wife?” he whispered painfully against his lips, searching his eyes. He felt like masochist, but the thought had bothered him for a while now and it made him feel just as raw as the pain in his ass that there really was nothing here aside physical reaction.

“She smelled nothing like you.” He crumbled. Then his hands tightened around him and he buried his nose into the crook of his neck as he mumbled. “I would have sent you home immediately if you did. I don’t think I could live through another cheating mate.”

“We should set an alarm.” He remembered saying that last after everything went quiet. In his head he kept vowing to never search another while he was alive.



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