Kinswoman – chapter 8


Veronica listened for the sounds coming from the living room for second hour in a row. The sofa wasn’t that comfortable, but she figured it was big enough to him and his wings. It was one of the odd things Robert had bought for her mother, when his business had gone better – a chillingly modern huge lounging sofa so his mom could enjoy the future. The reality, however, proved him wrong for the woman refused to sit on it, describing it to be as big as her old apartment and too uncomfortable for her antiquated backside. Which always confused Veronica, because she couldn’t remember ever hearing about Isilia living anywhere aside this old farm. She thought her ex-mother-in-law had inherited the place without ever leaving there. Robert refused to take it away, for he’d paid a lot of money for it, and she refused to sit on it, covering it up with all the scarfs she could find in the household. Continue reading “Kinswoman – chapter 8”


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