Ink Blood – Chapter 1 – Duncan


The two women looked eerily similar.

Duncan had noticed them in the waiting area seated on the blue couches near the cafeteria deep in conversation when he got through the check point. Searched through like a common criminal, he was glad none of his weapons looked anything similar to their human counterparts or had any metal in it. Metal rotted in their world with the same ease the trees lost their strength here. He wrapped them up in the bag and presented them as souvenirs just as Old Fisherman had taught him and given them in to be sent in the cargo.

He felt naked without his weapons. Humans could be dangerous, but he had no choice. Keeping them on his body would be trouble and right now all he wanted was to get this done and over with. So he tried to concentrate on anything else besides massaging the missing spot of his knives.

He observed the women far end of the eating area. He had never seen two humans so similar before. The older woman was hardly over thirty and the younger one looked too old to be her daughter. Sisters then?

Their auburn hair gained golden glow in the sunlight coming in from the large windows while they argued over a gift meant for their mother. He gazed at the bags next to their slim legs. Slaves for meaningless plastic world, he thought bitterly. Shame.

The older one looked more refined, if one could use such a word for a human. Her light outfit was carefully matched with the red bag resting against her curved side. Her sister outfit was more outgoing and layered with mini skirt over trousers and long frilled shirt rivaling with the length of the skirt, most likely to hide the curvy shape her body was yet to form. By the looks of her older sister she would be a beauty.

He coughed and corrected it in his thoughts. According to human standards, that is.

However, the older woman shifting her weight from one side to another brought his gaze back on her hands while she grabbed the mobile and answered whoever was on the other side. Must have been someone important to her, because she straightened immediately from her slouching and alerted her sister to follow her example. “Dad?” the younger one mouthed and she nodded before answering the man with the graceful English.

He looked away, sensing it was a private conversation.

“Saberden, dad’a.”

He choked, when he realized he’d just heard a familiar expression and sucked air in. He saw her hold the phone out for her sister for a second, who nodded and placed her hand for a flicker of a second on her heart while she said “Kobardam.”

Like sensing his stare, the older woman frowned before raising her eyes and slowly searching the source of her discomfort. Her twin zircons reached him and remained on him far longer than would have been proper. He deepened his frown, now daring her.

“Daring me for what?” he caught his own thought, but wouldn’t stand down.

He had received many disgusted stares since he came on sore at Lisbon. Her reaction was different. She studied him openly, eyes widening as she took in his unbuttoned fish skin coat and long black camouflage pants hiding his sensitive skin.

Something stirred in him under her gaze. It turned his stomach upside down and heated him under the coat. He put up with it. There was something more to that female than just the pretty figure.

She was from the sea!

The knowledge screamed in his head the moment he realized what he was looking for. The same signs she was probably checking on him now, given the growing discomfort of her gaze.

Her face was sharper than her sister’s, but the difference there was only the age. Both of them wore long scarves in the late spring, which could easily hide the gill covers. The moment his eyes fell, where the mandatory sign should be, she pulled her cardigan far over her hands.

His eyes flew up back on her face. For a moment she held her stand and then looked away, stung by her sister’s touch.

“Interesting,” he thought and leaned back against the uncomfortable chair. It seemed the younger one had no idea how to recognize them while her older sister was more than aware of his presence. Now what would a mermaid be doing in the human world?

“What’s with you?” the girl shook her hand before her eyes stopped on him with far more open declaration of attraction than her sister. She turned to her sister and nudged her with hauntingly scratchy sound. “Now that is something!” she approved, though she seemed clueless of her sister’s sudden distress.

She should be married, off her family’s good graces, yet she seemed to be dealing with her as if she was not old enough to be out of playgrounds.

He frowned harsh and went to walk around, leaving the older sister to teach some manners to that girl. This airless pit was starting to get on his nerves.



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