Bar Fight – Chapter 39 – Tyton


“I’m aware, this might sound a bit nuts, but…” Kyle leaned over the open door as far as he could to where Tyton was standing, holding up his finger, spurring off words he seemed desperate to say before Tyton pushed him back outside and managed to close the door.

The thought was tempting at least, and he did dream of slamming the door closed, but he knew the safety part of the program wouldn’t let anything to be shoved between the automatic doors. Then again, wasn’t this just a perfect opportunity just now? Here he was, the man, who had lied to him, whose lies had hit him the most among all the humans on the board, coming there thinking he can solve everything with words? How did the human expect him to believe him if he…

There was a soft scent wafting off the human as he raised his hand closer to his nose.

Tyton grabbed his shirt and pulled him all the way in, closing the door quickly and punching in the locking code while stealing a kiss. “… I want to…” he finished, confused as his hand was being jerked around on its own and Tyton inhaled hard, smelling it.

He wasn’t wearing any scent today!

As if drugged, he broke off the kiss and dragged his wrist higher to his nose and breathed in deep. His hand trembled against his, nostrils filled with the sweetness of him. Tyton’s inside rumbled, pressing out the silent scream of fire.

No interferences, just his scent!

“Did you eat something again?” Kyle asked cautiously.

Tyton reached for his nape and pulled him away. He shook his head, suddenly taken in by his voice. There was a small hitch in his rumbling tone, when he spoke and Tyton held his breath, feeling its effects causing havoc on his voice sensors in his ears. He was surprised, he’d thought the sensors stopped working together with his singing cords.

“Why are you always asking me that?” He whispered, appalled a little, but the question seemed unimportant and his surge of anger came from him distracting him from his target rather than being insulted. “Your scent has scrubbed off!” He accused instead and continued sniffing his neckline and shoulder and his biceps. Now that he thought about it, and knowing about Dakota, it made sense for them to smell like each other, because the two were constantly together. But then again, it wasn’t Dakota then, who was triggering him, it was him. Him?


“You smelled like Dakota and now you don’t.” He explained quickly pulling him away from the door and reaching his hand around his waist so he couldn’t back out. He was larger than the human male, he had no trouble holding him in place.

“I didn’t use the lotion this morning.” He explained, confused.

He pulled his hand up and sniffed it again. “Good, you smell better like this.” He licked it. “And taste better too.”

“You’re eating me?” Kyle joked and got a grunt of disapproval, before the man’s voice dissolved. He kept going upwards with his tongue, sucking the inside of his elbow and moved on to his biceps. “You’ve got better with kissing.” he whispered, sounding amazed and frightened even.

No, he hadn’t gotten better, hadn’t got any practice either, just, when he’d kissed him for real, the motion he’d learned reminded him of their own. He moved his actions to his lips, shutting him up for a while while he slowly started pushing up his shirt, the only distraction between the two bodies as he was still half naked from his shower.

“You locked us in again…” He felt Kyle crook his neck.

“So?” He continued with his pecks through the fabric, where his mouth had sank after the human jolt back to breathe, while he was popping the buttons open. His chest jerked against his mouth. “You’re feeling it too.”

“If you’re doing this, because you’re angry, I’m not in the mood!” Kyle’s hands pressed him away, clearly uncomfortable with the idea he was doing it from revenge while his hips reacted with another jolt towards his own.

“We don’t have moods like you humans, we are triggered, get it?” The shirt was finally off and he pushed it aside, sinking his fingers into his thick muscled sides and pressing into them, leaving marks there.

“You’re hurting me!”

“Like you hurt me?” He pressed at them harder, pulling pained gasp from his lips. Instinctively, he softened his touch, because he really didn’t want to hurt him. “Weren’t you here to apologize for her?”

He felt him stiffen for a moment, but then he shook his head. “No, I’m not here for Dakota. If I was, it would be as if I’m sharing you with her and trying to fix your relationship with her, and I’m not, I mean, I’m not sharing you with anyone.”

Tyton gasped. Yeah, he wasn’t sharing. And he liked that he wasn’t.

“Kiss me?” he whispered, brokenly and he followed his words to the spot. “You need to prepare me though,” he added, when he allowed him to breath again, “you can’t just go running marathon without stretching the muscles first.”

He rumbled a laugh. No need to tell him that, but he rather liked him babbling than keep his voice down, relishing the sound exiting his mouth.

“I thought she was in trouble, and you know I’m not good with authorities, so I thought that I would just help her, get her on her feet. I knew she was transvestite, I guessed you hadn’t met any yet o you didn’t recognize one, but I could see it straight away. I didn’t want you to send her back, if she could start anew here, then why not? We did.”

“Mhmh.” Tyton nuzzled his neckline, half-listening.

“They wouldn’t kill her, but she’d disappear and be…” His words slowed down and when Tyton looked up, he had turned his eyes away. “When you showed up at my place, I thought I could… that it was… She wanted to tell you herself before things would get serious.”

His words peppered to stop ad he waited, pulling away a bit to give the man space to breath. His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down, when he gulped.

“I only mean to say that…” he gulped, “if you’re doing this out of revenge, I get that and I won’t run.”

That sounded wrong to Tyton’s ears and he pulled back a little, eying him in silence. He took in his turned away look accompanied by tightly knit eyebrows, red neck and cheeks and how his hands trembled as he made the offer. He sighed, stepping back into his personal space, dugged his chin up with his thumb until he looked straight at him and then kissed him with every bit of tenderness he could muster. When he was done, pulling away, he gave his very confused boy a smile.

“Did that feel like revenge?” He asked, only inches away from his lips.

Kyle gulped, trying hard to think about his answer, but it still seemed to slip out on its own. “No.”

“Then I’m not doing it out of revenge.” He leaned back in for another, much longer kiss.



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