**News from LC Aisling** 06/08/2017

Hi readers!


I am forced to take a vacation from the site for about a week. We have received a large order in the firm I’m working for and that means I will be putting in extra hours together with the folks in order to get it done. It’s not bone-breaking, but unfortunately it leaves me absolutely no free time and despite not being any expert, I do not like setting things up on the site without editing them first.

Unfortunately, the one that suffers from it will be Kinswoman as I have yet to have time to settle its edits in the future rather than doing them one chapter per week as I’ve done so far.  It would take too much of my sleep time and in stressful times, sleep is necessity.

Other stories are all set up for the time period, so there shouldn’t come any interruptions there.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you’ll enjoy the new story coming out on Wednesday!


L.C. Aisling


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