Bar Fight – Chapter 38 – Tyton


Tyton tried to make sense of the scene before him, only barely hiding the jumpy feeling as Token asked his question. He wasn’t looking at the humans across Token. Instead, his eyes were locked on Tige pressing Dakota against his side. The scent that rose from the woman –

No, from a man, he corrected himself, that was definitely a man, who was shivering in Tige’s jacket and now that he knew, it baffled him how could he ever ignore what was right before him! The chest was flat, the shoulders held differently, his hips seemed wrong, even when hidden under all those layers and his hands definitely did not belong to females. Yet he’d chosen to ignore all this, take Meredith’s word as truth and figured Dakota was simply sick. A lot of the humans were. Continue reading “Bar Fight – Chapter 38 – Tyton”


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