Bar Fight – Chapter 37 – Tige


“If you’re here to get a quick fuck, search elsewhere! I’m sure there are many, who wouldn’t mind the experience!” Tige snarled, holding his glass tighter and turned back to the two officers standing behind him, smirking from the ugly joke that had the human jolting.

He’d seen him arrive on the conference hall, noticed him dragging his leg a bit, but he’d hid it well, when he noticed how many people surrounded them. Still, he’d made his way through them and straight to him the moment their eyes locked for a mere second.

Dakota turned around and left without uttering a word, but he couldn’t ignore the new injuries he noticed – the jacket that looked off on his shoulder and the blood staining his fingertips and his right side. He followed his stoic walk, ignoring every fiber in his body yelling him to go after him and deal with it properly. But he refused to give in on that. He hadn’t had time to say anything to Tyton yet, but he planned to at some point.

The officer was attacked less than half an hour later, when Meredith clammed into his jacket and forced him around.

“Where is my sister?” She asked, as if he ought to know, where she was. No, not she, a he.

He kept his face straight, but he couldn’t hide the anger he felt towards the whole family, feeling suddenly the loathing filling him for being fooled like that.

“I don-” he started, but her hand fell away and she took a step back. She frowned, recognizing his glance before he managed to hide it behind the blank stare. She paled considerably and her breathing hitched.

“Oh god! How many know?” she asked.

He parted his lips, unsure what to answer, but he wasn’t expecting her to react like that. She looked down right horrified.

“You have to find him!” she nearly shouted, grabbing his arm and pulling on it as if it would make him move faster, nor did it seem to matter anymore, who knew. If the security team knew and half of the team looked guilty, because he’d told them in general through anger what he’d discovered, he knew he’d made a terrible mistake. He looked around and noticed Tyton and Token turning their full attention at him and his men, heading his way to find out what caused the sudden outburst.

He set the glass on the closest corner and went to search for the idiot. Why couldn’t he simply stay there? He didn’t have to search far. He heard group of men on the remote part of the corridor maze and headed there. He slowed down, listening what was being said while he approached them cautiously.

“We want to make sure your kind doesn’t leave the wrong impression to aliens! The fuck is so apprehensible to you?They don’t need to know we have freaks like you among us! How the hell did you even get on board?”

“I was invited!” Dakota tried before the larger man’s hand choked him further and pushed him higher. He was struggling to breath, raised high against the wall. His eyes were wide and he was trembling, but not from anticipation like he’d seen him before – this was from pure terror.

“Like hell! We are here to leave a good impression, not play equality! They are warrior race! Honor! Being their best! They have spent their entire lives making themselves the crown of nature! We are the same, but to be better, we must weed out the genetic mutation that causes you!”

Dakota’s eyes turned, hearing what he probably considered possible saving team, and searched out his in the background. He could read from them the truth the group was saying, that he truly believed the lies the group was feeding the populous with. If so far Dakota had been fighting the men, not willing to give in or help them with their crime, then now, seeing him standing there, dead serious, he gave up. There was sadness in those eyes, remorse and his entire body went limp as if there truly was nothing left he could do.

Tige only sensed the fists rising before he let out an ugly roar that promised death to whomever touched what was rightfully his before he took a step back and launched at the men only now realizing they had audience. His mind had no time to play games while Dakota was in danger and he slammed into the bodies, thinking of nothing more than freeing the pathetic humans of their soul.

He grabbed the two closest men to him and slammed one of them into the wall, where he collapsed, pulling a strain of blood as he slumped on the ground. The other one’s jaw broke as he forced his fingers in his mouth and locked them around his tongue and yanked hard. He was merciful, he thought, when he punched him unconcious and reached for his main target – the one still holding Dakota on his grip. His fingers left the man’s jaw, taking hold of his shirt and pulled. The mouthy bastard let go, but it was too late to play innocent as far as Tige was conserned and the moment he was out of Dakota’s reach, he bent the bastard’s lower arm, snapping the bone in two. The man cried out from pain and Tige pushed him aside, noticing another trying to reach for Dakota. In one smooth move he raised his leg, and seeing his opportunity, crashed it down over the man’s knee. They were much heavier than humans and in this case it came in handy.

After removing the immediate dangers, he reached his hand out to Dakota, who had pressed himself hard against the metal behind him, but before he could touch him, someone grabbed him from his backside and pulled him away, locking him up and away from the whole situation.


Meredith pushed past him, going for his brother, and despite knowing, who the woman was, he felt the urge to kill her come back tenfold, but Token’s hand appeared immediately and pulled her away.

“But he’s hurt!” She protested, but Token shook his head, pulling her away further back.

“Don’t get involved!” Token warned her. He hadn’t meant it so rough as it came out, but later, thinking back on this, Tige understood why Token didn’t want her to help.

Tige’s eyes focused and he blinked, hearing Tyton whispering him something incomprehensible, but soothing enough to clear the fog from his mind. His eyes flew around the carnage he’d been part of and he realized he’d just injured four and was about to knock out another one hadn’t Tyton pulled him away.

“What the hell happened here?” they heard Grof shout and turned enough to see the man appear behind them. Tyton let out a low groan against his neck before he was pushed him away to stand on his own two feet.

“What happened? Who did this?” His voice kept growing in power, fueled by the sight before him.

Tige didn’t feel ashamed at all. After hearing Dakota’s side of the story, he wasn’t placated at all by that screaming excuse of a man. He took a step towards the man he did care about and was surprised, when Tyton didn’t try to hold him back. He glanced behind him, where he knew his chief to stand and his eyes widened, seeing the frown on his face full of confusion and mostly annoyance for having to deal with this mess and for that, Tige did feel sorry for. At the same time he noticed that those eyes held no concern for Dakota. He stepped over the unconscious bodies and without a word, took off his coat and wrapped the wide eyed human in it, pulling him up while testing if his legs would hold.

It was strange to correct himself in his head all the time, using one word instead of another, but he thought he’d ask him later how he preferred to be referred to. Much later.

“We’ll continue this in my office!” Token said firmly and nodded at the guards, who had gathered around them. “Have medics take a look at them, they’re under house arrest until further notice.”

House arrest on this vessel meant locked in in their rooms with no connection to the outside world aside daily meals someone would provide them with. Despite the place holding archers of land in space, the holding cells were hardly necessary if one could simply lock the offenders in their single rooms.

“Now!” Token barked the order and Tige realized he’d been stalling. He pressed Dakota against his side, not asking if he wanted it or not, and raised him over the living carpet beneath their feet. He groaned from the pain and he reminded himself the man was still injured. After the road was clear, he still didn’t let go. Dakota’s hand slipped through the sleeves, which were too big for his petite size, and rested on his arm. For a moment he thought he was gonna fight against his hold, but instead it gripped down on it in search of support and used it for help.

That simple move eased his nerves a great deal, though he was still confused why it wasn’t Tyton doing this instead. His eyes sought the knudhy in front of him, but aside squared shoulders and pissed off exterior there was nothing on him that looked as if he was about to take his head off for touching his woman.

No, not Tyton’s, he took in the soft scent raising from Dakota – his. And on that moment he knew he’d fight Tyton over it. Probably lose, but heck, it was worth it.

Token led them through the crowd of politicians whispering their versions of what had happened. Some looked horrified, others turned away before sighing with assuring look to Token, as if to say they related to what he was forced to go through. Politics was hardly clean and unexpected things happened. Like your security officer beating up human group for seemingly no good reason. Things could have been dealt differently, Tige understood from some of the looks he received, but they had not been and he felt uncomfortable like berated child.

“Now!” Token began with a sigh as the door flung closed behind them, pushing Meredith to stand few steps away behind him. There would be words between them, he could tell from frown Meredith wore, but Token would still not let his wife stand where any of the humans could touch her.

Tyton stood on the left side of his big table and Tige took the position on his right side, holding Dakota against his side the whole time. Grof had thankfully left the rest of his entourage outside, aside his assistant, who stood behind him. Both men looked as if they’d waited for this and had some kind of plan, achieving nothing more than irritating all three knudhy in the room with their arrogance.

“Would any one of you now explain, what exactly happened during our most important political gathering between species?” He demanded, his voice falling a notch and Tige couldn’t help flinching on the sound of his chief.



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