Bar Fight – Chapter 36 – Dakota


Dakota kept coughing from the swollen throat and he tenderly tested it’s edges to see how high the welts went. Thankfully the Knudhy hadn’t held him hard enough to cause any long lasting damage, but god, it still hurt like hell.

He scrambled his clothing, leaving the notebook on the spot it had fallen on and got dressed as fast as his freezing fingers allowed. He was shivering from the cold, but there was no time to warm up. He didn’t even have to guess to know where Tige would be heading from there – straight to Tyton. He didn’t blame him, he understood that he would have to warn Belyer about the incident so they could avoid the scandal. He felt pride for having such honorable man choose him out. Which plunged his stomach into oblivion, for that made him ashamed for being his partner. He must be cursing his existence.

“That’s OK.” He soothed him, glancing at the door. “He’ll be rid of me soon enough to find a lovelier partner.”

He smacked his forehead, when he realized what he’d been thinking. This had to be the countless sleepless nights. The moment he’d let the thought through, he dismissed it. No, when this calmed down and he would be sitting in jail, he’d probably come to see him. Then he’d have time to explain, tell him he was sorry for all the shitty time he’d caused him, and that he never meant him to be in a position that he had to choose between his loyalty to his people and him. This was selfish in so many levels, he stopped counting at hundred.

And if he end up dead? He’d make sure he had a letter for him, telling him what he wanted to say in jail.

After his wig, he pulled the jacket on and checked his mobile. It didn’t work on this level, but it would upstairs. Given, he wasn’t locked in here.

He headed to the door and to his surprise it swooshed open as he approached, letting him through. He peaked outside, but the place looked deserted. He didn’t test his luck and made a run for the elevators.

He kept staring at his phone until two levels before the main floor, he finally got through and with shaky fingers, he chose the number to Meredith.

“Come on, come on!” he pressed for the phone to pick up, but after fourth ring, an automatic message began playing saying the phone was out of reach. Just as he was about to try again, the doors opened and he was cut short, facing two security guards waiting right behind it. For a second he thought they’d come after him, but when they blinked at him, hinting he was standing on the way of the door, he stepped out and they passed him and the doors closed.

He still had to keep the silent game up, he realized and forced his feet to walk towards diplomatic corpus, where the high level diplomats were housed. It wasn’t sure Grof would be there, but he decided to start there. He felt around in his pocket for the three-pronged hair comb he’d sharpened against the metallic edge of his table couple of nights ago, when he couldn’t sleep. It seemed only fair the bastard died on a knife made out of piece of his costume he wore for his tranny show.

He hoped Grof wouldn’t be there, just to keep away the inevitable, but deep inside he knew it was now or never – eithe the man lost his life or Tige would be sent to take him down. The door opened and he saw Grof writing something behind his desk while his two assistants eyed him curiously. The politician didn’t look up, but he waved him in.

“Send this off,” he ordered, clicking few buttons on the machine, “and check the speech over, would you? Don’t wanna make a mistake there. Hi, darling.” He came around his table and made his way to her while his lackeys ran to follow his orders.

Dakota shivered from the breeze as his two men passed him by. He’d been sweating non-stop since he’d stepped out of that elevator both from fear of being stopped every minute by the knudhy guards and from what he was about to do, and now the slightest of breeze felt like northern wind. His stomach kept reeling and he wanted to vomit, but he didn’t think he could.

“Well, isn’t that a surprise.” Grof reeled, his voice sweet as honey and suddenly it didn’t seem a good idea to be here any more. Something was off and for a second he felt his entire world disappear under him, when he thought Tige had warned the man about him.

No, he wouldn’t do that! There was no way he would do that!

He felt his thick fingers crawl around his waist and pull him hard against his side. He jolted from it, tried to pull away, but was harshly reminded his size, when the man had no trouble lifting him higher on his hip so his legs wouldn’t touch the ground and simply hoisting him over the floor as if he weighed nothing.

“I don’t have much time, but I’m sure I can make some for you!” He said as he tossed him over the bed.

Dakota tried to push himself out of his reach, but before he managed the move, he felt Grof grab around his ankle and pull him back towards him, pushing his skirt up in the process. With his one leg locked in Grof’s hand, it was hard to fight, but still he managed to give him a strong hit in his stomach with his free leg. But only once. After that, all he felt was sickening pain as his thick fingers locked around his crotch and squeezed it hard.

“You fucking faggot, you really had me fooled, didn’t you?” He hissed and pressed harder, making everything under his touch burn with fire.

Dakota curled up, trying to get him move his hand, but it wouldn’t even budge.

“I knew you hid somewhere, but to turn up under my very nose? You are so stupid!” He twisted his leg hard and Dakota screamed. Never in his life had he felt such a sharp pain and though he knew he hadn’t broken anything, he had no doubt he’d ripped something just as painful.

“Thank God for loyal members of NCC!” He twisted on the other side and after he let out another scream, he tossed his leg aside and landed on top of him, blocking his escape. “You’re grandmother was right – you are weak enough to come searching for your powerful sister, you little cunt!”

He should have gone straight to her, he thought bitterly as the teardrops kept gathering on the corners of his eyes. He should have done that instead of deciding for plan B. It sure as hell wouldn’t have ended with him stuck under Grof. Suddenly he remembered the comb he’d pulled upwards in his bag. He pat it through the bag and felt it’s familiar shape. He tried to get it, but Grof felt the movement under his arm and bit down hard on his shoulder.

He pressed through his teeth while he was forced to let go of his bag. He spit at him as he pulled away, taking in his wig, fake eyelashes, makeup and colored lences. “Full masquerade, just for me! I am flattered!” He hit him hard against his shoulder and stood on his legs. “Wouldn’t recognize you at all, hadn’t your little sister avoided introducing her sister to me so hard! And when madam Warren called to inform me her other granddaughter was still on Earth, well!” He gripped his chin and squeezed his fingers together. “Well? Haven’t you got me an explanation? You ought to have one, a good one for committing a treason!” He yanked his bottom jaw hard. “Still not talking?”

Dakota eyes were watering, but despite the pain, he wasn’t going to give up now, especially when it was clear he wouldn’t get another chance, so using the moment, when his full attention was on his face, he quickly retrieved the comb and slammed it hard into his side. Grof blocked it easily and before Dakota understood what was happening, the comb was pushed hard between his ribs. It broke before it even made an inch inside his flesh.

“This’ all you’ve got? God! That’s just pathetic! Just what I’d expect from a wimp like you!”

Before he knew it, Grof backed off the bed completely and stood there now, eying him with curiosity and disgust. Dakota had hard time concentrating on him at all.

“Yeah, right! As if I don’t know what you’re doing!” He snarled and backed away from the bed. “You are purposely provoking me so you can later claim we attacked you! Oh no, not gonna happen! You’re gonna clean up yourself and get the hell out of here, you hear?” He grabbed his leg and pulled him closer to the edge of the bed while he was still groaning from the agonizing pain in his side. “Get up! Get in the bathroom and clean up!” he demanded and pulled him closer to the edge until he fell over.

“You think I’ll put my hand on you again?” he demanded, kicking him with his boot. “Get out of my sight, you abomination! You think you got away if you run? Wrong! My men will take care of you! ”

He didn’t need to be told twice. It was clear as glass he’d lost his chance. Suddenly it didn’t matter any more, if he got another try or not. He felt ashamed he couldn’t have revenge on Alice’ name, for all he cared at that moment, was to get away from that room. In less than two minutes, the man had managed to hurt him more than the two hours spent in the storage room with Tige, and all he could think about was how much safer he would be when interrogated by Tige.

He swallowed hard, not bothering with any dignity and started dragging himself to the door. Only few feet and he’d be out of his room.



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