Third Law – Chapter 32


Malek pulled up in front of my house while I was going through my pockets trying to locate the keys. He wouldn’t had to, but “ladies first” as Janay sweetly reminded me.

I could see from the car that something was off. I quickly flew my eyes over each window and stopped on the garret window. The yellow light beamed.

There’s someone in the house again!” I moaned. How many times did they break in it? “You’ve got competition, Janay!” I turned around on the seat, mocking him on the backseat. His face wrinkled up and he pulled his seat belt free while I yanked the keys on my fingers.

Give me your keys!”

Janay grabbed the bunch and went in first. We came out and listened how his long legs took two steps at the time inside on the stairs.

While he ran, a shadow past the light in the window. We both must have felt the electricity in the air as the hair on our hands rose up. It was gone right then and we saw Janay appear on the window.

He pushed the window open, breaking piece of wood off from the frame.

There’s nobody here!” he shouted and closed the window.

I fainted, when I saw shadow return and stop behind him.

When I woke up I was still laying in the morning shadow of the car. I started shivering and crying immediately, but pressed my hands on my mouth to muzzle my sounds. Nothing around the car had moved!

Despite the stiffness, I pushed myself up and tried to stand against the car. I felt dizzy and headache creeping on. I must have fallen harder than I expected, but this was not the time to get tangled in the whirling of the world.

I forced my knees to move, I hit them hard to get the joints moving, but after a second, they were ready to do my bidding and I could move onwards to the house.

I knew it was the Huntsman, who got Janay, but I prayed aloud, hoping not to find his body from my house dead. Alive, even if a little bit, but I wanted him alive. I couldn’t bear finding him lifeless.

Janay wasn’t anywhere in the house. I looked everywhere, but what wasn’t there was him or anything that even remind me of a stranger, who could cast the shadow. I felt relieved at first, but then remembered all the information I had so gracefully glued in my notebooks – he liked to take them home.

I was going to take him out for good and thus finish his saga of killings my friends!

I should call Saul. That thought was gone second later. And what would I tell him? That I am on my way to kill my own dad? He could hardly move, let alone intervene.

I got back in the living room and dug my heels in to pull the sofa out of my way. It dug deep scratches in the wooden floor. When I moved it first time, I only moved enough to hide the package behind it, but I didn’t care of the floor right now. I wanted to get to the gun.

It was still there, packed in the plastic wrap together with the bullets. I hastily tried to remember what the seller showed me and pressed 5 of them into the loading gate. It jammed. As if magically telling me I was no shooter, it jammed! I pressed harder, ignoring every security information that came with the gun.

It’s a gift for daddy.” Wasn’t that what I said to the seller? I don’t need to know if it works perfectly for he is the expert! Oh yes, it was meant for daddy, but I doubted we were on the same page, when he so tenderly handed the metal killer over. And right now, I couldn’t care less if it ended up killing me with him.

Be as it may, but I needed it now and hoped having at least few shooting lessons from Mykola would do for now for what I was about to do.

After loading the gun, I pressed it hard in my jacket pocket and ran to search for that right attic he would use for this purpose.

Janay lived on St.Pierre’s. That house had larger roof, probably with chambers – my daddy loved chambers. I ran there, but came to erupt stop, seeing that their big house had no attic. It was flat on the top. I eyes other houses around it and my heart sank deep – all of them had attics! Every house on the street had attics, each with different entry from their wings. Sixteen altogether in the neighboring houses. Logically he would be in one of them, right?

Oh god, he’d be dead by then!

I had no better choice. If he wasn’t in the house Janay lived, it had to be nearby!

I raked through the streets and stopped in front of his St.Pierre house. I was panting hard, but I didn’t stop before I was almost up all the way.

I pulled my gun out before closing in on one of the nearest attics to Janay’s house. It had served as somebody’s living room long time ago with dirty curtains still hanging from their original places and thick cover of dust competing with the concrete room. It reeked humid and moldy, occasionally mixed with cat urine and bird feces. The end windows were boarded up, but gave enough light to see the small room in the end of the labyrinth of decay of living.

I was cautious not to make any sounds that would distract the figure dancing around two limp long feet, which were probably Janay sitting in the chair. I could see the body moving each time Huntsman’s hand reached high in the air and the shadow of a thread made awkward display on the bed curtain.

He looked happy. My feet went numb seeing him bounce around like a child popping sweet anemones in a bouquet. He didn’t look scared of being seen.

My heart beating was getting out of hand. I prayed for forgiveness. I didn’t pray before, feeling suffocated each time I tried to put the prayers in words, but tonight my mind couldn’t stop asking for forgiveness and suddenly I stopped.

The door pulled me in, past the dark dried wooden frames, behind the curtains and over the creaking floor board.

The man had more gray in his hair, and they were longer. That was all I saw between the long dark raincoat and strange ascot. He hated those hats, I remembered, assuring myself blindly how it could not be my father, he’d said so himself!


He turned way faster than I had anticipated, took one glance at me and ran, ignoring totally the gun I was holding. But I couldn’t have shot him anyway. I fell to pieces right there, my nightmares trashed to oblivion. Those eyebrows, the squared face- they belonged to my father!

The man in dark suit ran and everything fell quiet. Only for a second, then I heard someone’s annoyed breathing and familiar key chain. Like the heavy thing Malek wore on his hip of worn jeans. I turned just in time to see his free hand grabbing the revolver from my hand.

What the hell are you doing?” he demanded while Janay pulled up from the floor next to us.

I was more horrified that Janay was still alive than the anger I faced.

He sewed through your chest!” I screamed, close to vomiting and did that a moment later anyway. Guys turned and jelled few exploitative at me before Janay ordered Malek to let him free.

The moment the many threads weren’t holding his wrists, he pulled up and started pulling the threads out from his body, causing me another vomiting session until I gagged from the empty stomach. Malek handed me something. Vitamin drops with mint.

Here, this should help with the taste.” He said and pulled me away from the pile. “Now tell me, what the hell are you doing?”

I couldn’t get eyes off Janay and his pulling action.

You called the man dad. Let’s start from there.”

Malek’s gun locked in position and moment later Janay’s joined his.

I stared at Mykola. I couldn’t fathom, where he came from.

Haven’t you got enough?” Malek tried to add, hurt. “I should shoot you right here!”

Why don’t you?” he pulled the barrel against his chest with a wide grin.

He looked odd. I couldn’t put my finger on it, nor had I time for it, but something about him was off.

I bet Saul would love to do it himself!”

You called him dad – why?” Janay went decided to ignore him and stared at me.

I made myself tiny.

You think we’re mad?” Malek crooked his hand under my elbow and pulled me up. “Wait until Saul hears about this! He’ll rip you apart!”



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