Kinswoman – chapter 7


He would do everything she said – as if! She was quite tempted to see just how far Bascun would go with his blatant lie, the knowledge of it filling her belly with warmth. She couldn’t remember a single dog to be as loyal and now he, a grown up man with mind of his own was giving her such lies? Sit? Dance? Hop on one leg like the bride in that movie about a prince from Zamunda visiting America?

She was still staring, she realized, when she noticed him shifting his weight from one leg to another. Then her attention went on the old woman sleeping on the chair not far from where they stood and her libido took a dive. Veronica sighed. Continue reading “Kinswoman – chapter 7”


Friday Flash – Snowflake Circus – part 30


“I don’t know much about her,” she continued, “but I bet she is an orphan, too.”

So, she was still doing it, despite Maksim saying he didn’t like to backtalk her.

“I’m guessing it, because she seems to know more about the system than avarage person – her first reaction wasn’t to kill me on sight nor does she treat me as if I’m solution to all life’s problems.”

“Who treats you like that?” Levi snorted. Continue reading “Friday Flash – Snowflake Circus – part 30”

Third Law- Chapter 35


He was cringing, closing eyes longer than it would take to blink. Saul was losing patience and so was I. Was it the drugs from his bottle that were making me edgier or my brain not coping with the stress, but I felt anxious. I watched him staring out the window and knew that the dose he’d got from the left over water wasn’t doing it for his brain. I got up, turning towards the kitchen and immediately Janay blocked my way.

Where are you going?”

To get some water?” I pushed him out of my way. Continue reading “Third Law- Chapter 35”

Bar Fight – Chapter 37 – Tige


“If you’re here to get a quick fuck, search elsewhere! I’m sure there are many, who wouldn’t mind the experience!” Tige snarled, holding his glass tighter and turned back to the two officers standing behind him, smirking from the ugly joke that had the human jolting.

He’d seen him arrive on the conference hall, noticed him dragging his leg a bit, but he’d hid it well, when he noticed how many people surrounded them. Still, he’d made his way through them and straight to him the moment their eyes locked for a mere second. Continue reading “Bar Fight – Chapter 37 – Tige”

Friday Flash – Snowflake Circus – part 29


“Would you like to go with them?” Maksim asked Laura quietly while they waited for Alik to fetch the boys.

She snorted and gave him a very angry glare. Her eyes were glistering, but instead of putting it in words, she bit down on her lower lip and quickly cleaned the corners of her eyes, frowning hard. She was the youngest of the grownups there and Maksim knew she took it far more personally than they did. Then again, it was more personal, for she was just reminded how she was not part of the boy’s life while she had gone through all the trouble to be accepted as being someone to them. Continue reading “Friday Flash – Snowflake Circus – part 29”

Third Law – Chapter 34


I saw daylight sneaking in from the curtains. No one came, but I was sure they were just outside, waiting me to walk to them, spreading this news to everybody. My dad had killed nine of them – there couldn’t be a family out there, who wasn’t related to them one way or the other.

They could just torch the house? I was allergic to the mould, I was reminded by it when the tears mixed with the dust and it burned my cheeks, but why bother with cream if all they had to do is fire my house up? Continue reading “Third Law – Chapter 34”

Bar Fight – Chapter 36 – Dakota


Dakota kept coughing from the swollen throat and he tenderly tested it’s edges to see how high the welts went. Thankfully the Knudhy hadn’t held him hard enough to cause any long lasting damage, but god, it still hurt like hell.

He scrambled his clothing, leaving the notebook on the spot it had fallen on and got dressed as fast as his freezing fingers allowed. He was shivering from the cold, but there was no time to warm up. He didn’t even have to guess to know where Tige would be heading from there – straight to Tyton. Continue reading “Bar Fight – Chapter 36 – Dakota”

Friday Flash – Snowflake Circus – part 28


This had to be the worst evening he’d had in years, Maksim decided, when they’d sat through interviewing the boys, followed by two hours of talking non-stop. And getting absolutely nowhere.

“I’d like to send boys in to buy another pack of cigs.” Alik said out of the blue and all the people in the room turned to him with wide eyes.

“No!” Alice and Laura said almost instantly and Levi shook his head. Continue reading “Friday Flash – Snowflake Circus – part 28”

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