Bar Fight -Chapter 33 – Dakota


The food tray she’d been placing on the counter was rattling against metal, adding to her headache. It had been Dakota’s second night without much sleep and she was starting to feel the weariness it brought, and the touchiness about sharp sounds. The medicine was only starting to kick in and she’d come to the diner, hoping the breakfast would speed up the metabolism and help carry it through her bloodstream faster.

She couldn’t sleep and despite what Kyle thought of her occupation, her teaching job had taught her how to hide whatever she had bagged up inside her. If the little piranhas couldn’t detect her late night shows on the stage the next mornings, then no way would someone, who had far less attention band on details.

It wasn’t the blowjob that shocked her, nor that she’d given it – god, she was grownup and it wasn’t her first time. As Grof probably figured out. She’d taken the decision and followed it through, but it didn’t stop the act from haunting her dreams each time her body relaxed. There was something in her room that kept reminding it to her and despite moving her sleeping arrangements from bed to floor, it didn’t help and she ended up crying herself into sleep more than once. Only to repeat the nasty memory in her idle mind and repeat the cycle of waking up once more. Thank god for the make up, it covered a lot of things, including the dark circles she knew she was sporting by now and the red eyes.

She choked, when she suddenly felt someone pressing into her back and a nose inhaled hard, pressed against her neck. She turned her eyes and flinched back, meeting Tige’s only an inch away.

“Hm! Fourth male!” Despite the humor in his voice, he sounded serious to her ears before he added with a snarl. “Our very first prostitute!”

She blushed, her heart skipping the moment she could slap him, but in truth it stung. She knew very well she’d done it herself, but it didn’t lessen the pile rising from the pit of her stomach. How would she explain it to someone, who was convinced she entertained every male in the premises?

He pulled back, but didn’t go away immediately, waiting her answer to the insult and she couldn’t let it go. Dakota grabbed her notebook, ripped the page out and slammed it to his chest before gathering her breakfast tray and heading towards the furthest away table she could find in the room. The place was packed with civilians and she doubted he’d want to continue with the little scene.

Tige captured the paper with ease, the surprising force behind it catching him off guard. He read the paper and smiled before striding on where his two men were waiting for him. By the time he reached them, he looked serious again.

He crunched the paper thick into his fist and hid it behind his back as he leaned in to quietly inform the two why they had been summoned and they continued their journey while her eyes were drawn unconsciously to the fist on Tige’s back.

Two fingers moved aside and she could clearly see the yellow paper. Her eyes flew up and she blushed hard, concentrating back on the chicken salad. Shit, Tige was laughing.

Would you like to add your own in the bouquet?

Stupid, really stupid! She scolded herself – if Tige took it to Tyton, she’d be in a freaking mess! Just last night she’d been playing up for keeps to Tyton and now she was… provoking Tige. It was no secret there was no love between them aside the alien trying to keep her honor intact, which probably had nothing to do with his personal interest, but the fact that Tyton showed interest in her.

Then why wasn’t she feeling it?

The lettuce fell back from the fork and stared the plate in front of her, sensing she’d somehow missed something big. There weren’t any manuals to look it up from, but she could ask Meredith about it.

When she arrived, they hadn’t talked about it. No one back home really explained it either. Aside those, who got chosen or who planned to start business up here in the station, they pretty much went on with their lives as if the whole alien thing was a new reality TV show – they showed commercials, interviews, documentaries full of more fantasy than Star Trek and Tolkien combined and few times more detailed news clips of some new inventions they’d traded. Other than that, to those, who had no contact to knudhy, it didn’t really touch them personally and thus they continued their lives as if during any other government crises.

She set the fork on the edge of the plate so she wouldn’t poke anyone with it while her mind dealt with the new occupant – how exactly did this relationship thing work among knudhy?

Yes, Tyton had hinted several times she was his chosen one, but what did it actually mean? She wasn’t about to enter some prearranged marriage like Meredith had done. She’d looked happy on the TV screen, but if there weren’t any emotions involved, how the hell did they knew? By the time Meredith had gotten this far to get engaged, she was already not speaking with her family and despite them once being close, they hadn’t shared this. Granny’s gamble had payed off – she’d stayed away and Meredith got married with political power beyond her measure, but now she had no reliable info on what to expect. And that info lesson they’d given at the start wouldn’t fill ten minutes in real class room.

She poked around in the salad, trying to recall the bits and pieces she remembered, but the sleep deprived brain wasn’t co-operating.

She heard a quiet humming-like sound coming from the couple sitting in the table nearby and she looked at knudhy’s direction, curious. They were patting each other’s thighs as if the small tables offered enough cover for such an intimate act, especially between male and female knudhy. Tyton wouldn’t touch her even if she fell into his lap. Not that he wanted to, considering she knew well some bumps would not go unnoticed should the knudhy feel slightly more adventurous than she’d like. Tige had proved it well enough.

The humming sound continued, getting stronger and more vocal as their intimacies continued. It didn’t turn obscene, but the sound changed, clearing out and twisting into three-four level spinning combination of words and guttural, primal sounds, turning into a duet.

It kind of made her jealous – if only Tyton would react the same way Ti-

“No!” She gasped, her eyes widening. Tyton had never shown, not directly, that he was interested in her particularly and that had made her wonder if the man wasn’t simply searching a new companion or housekeeper. Tige, on the other hand, had let out the same sounding purr-like humming the youth was in the other table! He’d realized it and pulled back, but he had sung! And the way he seemed to harbor no restrictions regarding touching her despite their protocol regarding their females…

No, this couldn’t be right! The alien was out there to send her back to Earth the moment she got caught with something, and his kindness, she was sure it was his kindness, only extended as far as it was clear he was protecting his chief’s woman. She had grown to like him a bit, and being interested in men, she couldn’t help that childish crush she felt each time their paths crossed – Tige was good to look at, no reason to deny that. Too bad his childish need to prove she wasn’t mute was turning that crush back into dust in fast speed. Should she feel something as well? Not the odd kiddish sensation when he was around, but something deeper?

And now he believed she was sleeping with every man, who had influence or money. She winched on the thought, her mouth suddenly dry. She gulped down the water, but it didn’t help with the sudden rush of heat in her stomach.

Maybe it was for the best, she decided, poking at the tomato, her appetite completely demolished. He’d not get hurt if he believed she was too available for a fixed relationship. Maybe she was. And maybe that was a good thing.

She sighed, picked up the tray and took it to collector, heading back to her quarters and hoping the medicine had had enough time to start working so she could lay down for a while, even if it didn’t help her to sleep. And later she’d talk to Tyton. The chief had been nothing but kind to her and she didn’t like the idea of breaking it, but right now he seemed the most qualified to explain it to her.



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