Bar Fight -Chapter 32 – Kyle


By the time he looked up from his trousers, Tyton was gone. He checked the time, it wasn’t past three yet, so he could still get some sleep if he wanted to.

Want and getting were two very different things, he decided when the lock clicked shut and he followed the corridors to his bedroom.

God, if he could, he’d challenge him for a fight right now! Yeah, if he were about ten years younger and stupid like hell, ’cause despite being angry he knew he was in no condition to fight him right now. Have some more sense, he thought, nearly dislocating the table screwed to the wall.

“Bastard!” he yelled on top of his lungs before slumping on his bed. Shit, he was lucky if the neighbors didn’t report him to security. “Yeah, let them – man out of control!” He chuckled, but the sound got no value to raise his mood.

He wanted cuts from a knife, a bullet hole – those wounds he could at least heal. Then again, this was gonna hurt like hell in the morning. Why did he even let him do that?

Oh yes, he knew, why. The problem was, he could hang himself for the lack of control he had, when he used that tone of voice. It dragged his self control to hell and kept it imprisoned until he ravaged his backside and tossed something insulting to salt the wounds.

He woke up on a knock on the door. He would gladly ignored it, if it wasn’t so persistent. He checked the time, he’d slept less than ten minutes. His backside was burning.

“What do you want?” He yelled at the moment the door wrung open and stopped. “Swick?”

“Why do I get a call in the middle of the night about you destroying property when we have security that’s supposed to deal with nuts like you?”

“I’m sorry, I…” Wait! “What?”

“Tyton was checking the night shift, when the call came in and he called me and said, I quote, he’ll mash up the neighborhood if he sees me right now, go calm your friend down.”

“That son of a bitch!”

“Hush!” He pushed him in so the door could closed up. “So he was right?”

“I’m close to developing grudge against all that family!” He cringed, when his back sent jolt of pain through his body, reminding him what he’d just had with one part of that family.

“What did you do now to get his full unwavering attention?”

He wasn’t telling. Instead he sat down on his bed while Swick pulled up the small chair and swung around the broken table before resigning on the chair.

“Was it the boy then? Did he say something?”

“Why do I have to talk about it right now? You’re getting soft, Swick – Jocelyn has trained you well.”

“I’m not talking about your strangle-my-guts thing you have going with the father. I’m asking if you managed to piss off the boy, too? Are you signed up for another fight with them? Although I would guess daddy would take over his son’s fight, if…”

“It’s nothing like that, I promise.”

“Alright. Then…” his eyes flew over his neckline. “You’re wearing his necklace again.”

“How the hell do you people know, who it belongs to? His son too! Moment after he sees this, he knew exactly whose it is! Is it written somewhere?” He sighed. “I’m not wearing it in public anymore, ok?”

“But you’ll continue doing it in secret.” He nodded, trying to see the logic behind it, but the way his eyes kept flying around, he didn’t get it. He fidgeted, pulling his legs up on the bed. “You slept with him again?”

“Technically no.”

“In reality that’s a yes.” He fumbled with his jacket, pulling it off.

“I’ll call the center and say I have calmed down now, you can go back to Jocelyn, too.”

“Spare me the details, but I’m not going. I’d like to talk to you.”

“If it’s gonna be one of those life changing chants…”

“They worked on you, so what are you complaining? Just tell me, be honest with me, do you like the guy that much?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Oh, how noble.” He mocked. “That’s a yes then.” He gulped, thinking. “The reason you are doing this secretly, is…”


“Like, Dakota likes him or he likes Dakota?”

“I don’t think it works that way in their world. Every time he gets close to me he makes sure to point out I smell like her and that the only reason he hasn’t smashed my face in, is that it would make too much fuss. Although he has no problem using me up, when he can’t get the real thing. Because – pay attention, ’cause you love this! – I smell like her.”

“Is he threatening you with something?”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. With your past – anything?”

Somehow he found it irritating that Swick believed Tyton to be that sort of guy. That, in truth, everybody around him believed him to be THAT sort of fellow.



“Do you know, why he was signed to ESNN-10?”

“Gossip goes he castrated the man, who wanted to elope with his wife.”

Whoa! “How the hell did you hear that? I’ve never heard of it!”

“His son has a big mouth, when he is drunk.”

Remind his son to keep away from booze, he put it in the checklist for later.

“Don’t worry, Jocelyn kept him company until she got him home to his wife.” He leaned his head back against the wall and stared at the ceiling for a while. “God! I need some booz! Or at least a basketball!”

“Yeah,” Kyle agreed, “this place could do with one.”




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