Other characters

I need a place to showcase the rest of the collection, so here we go.

*it’s image files only, so it is a large post*

Nobody has permission to use those characters aside me.

Black Eyes
Black Eyes, author SiiroiToriorika , part of the Wolf Pack
Jafu , author SiiroiToriorika, part of the Wolf Pack
Uki , author SiiroiToriorika, part of the Wolf Pack
Trace, got it through trade, but aside the info on the image, can’t verify the author. Part of the Wolf Pack


Conill, author – myself, I wanted a bunny character, so I made one.


Dodo Darling
Dodo Darling, author myself, testing the the game and liked the chimera that came out. I’d like to work on him more later on.


Hagmar. Needed an elf for something and liked how this turned out.


Lorelei Lory Umbra
Lorelai “Lory” Umbra – author myself, wanted a female elf that wasn’t so fragile and spent hours in prepping up.


Maggie, author myself, a naga character, someone softer and cute.


Momo no Keba
Momo no Keba, or the original Peach Fluff. 😀


Seager, author myself .  Exclusively mine. Playing around with merman idea and sort of like how he turned out.


Shin Nobeki
Shin Nobekim author myself, someone I saw in a dream and this was the only thing that allowed red hair like this.


SkyAx, author Ecc , custom made for me, a mix of rabbit and bat. The wing closes up into soft paw that looks like rabbit’s.


Whitridge and Featherorb
Whitridge and Featherorb, were meant for a story some time back, but are yet to be written.


Vrasa Ami
Vrasa Ami, author myself. Art is mine too. Started off a simple wanting of a naga character, turned into brotherhood. Closed species.





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