Bar Fight -Chapter 31 – Tyton

!Explicit mature content!


Tyton sent Dakota home after he got back for the closing time. He hadn’t thought the little incident would take that much time, but he still wanted to escort her back. It felt so strange to him, having this silent woman walk by his side now and the scent coming off her tantalizing his nose. Yet he couldn’t brush off the sensation as if he was reminiscing good old times instead of becoming exited as he had when he began courting his wife.Or when he was taking Kyle.

Dakota was giving him looks as if to ask, why wasn’t he talking. He simply didn’t know. Suddenly there wasn’t anything he wanted right now. And then there was this troublesome fact that it was the first time Kyle allowed him to get her home and not insisting of doing it himself.

He gasped and glanced at Dakota, who was eying him curiously. He quickly shook his head, whimper of a smile adding the touch he needed to play it off. They had stopped in front of her bedroom.

“Good night,” he wished, bowing lightly and walked away quickly to the way he came from. Thank god humans couldn’t smell their arousal.

He went straight back to the bar. He’d heard earlier that Kyle asked to be in the closing duty, so despite the late hour, he knew he hadn’t left yet.

He got there just in time to see him switch off the lights. The front door had already been pulled closed, but it wasn’t locked yet, so while he was busy in the back to switch off the last of the lights, he snug in and went straight at him before the man could realize he was there. He’d fight him, if he knew.

The sound of the door falling shut made the barman flinch and spun around just in time to be slammed into the bar table. He locked his hands into his so he couldn’t fight back and pressed his lips into his, trying to imitate the feeling he’d had at the first time.

Kyle wasn’t budging. Shocked, he stared at him, stiff, and his lips remained closed. Just when he thought it had been a mistake and would pull away he felt his mouth open, pressing his lips wider. It surprised him and he let his hands go, but the lips returned when he moved and he could feel being pulled deeper in the sensation.

“Did you eat something funny again?” Kyle mumbled and he had to pull away for a moment to see his face. He looked scared.

He gulped. “No.”

“Then why…”

“You were aroused again.” He whispered, but not moving away, blocking his body’s movement. He got shoved in the chest. He didn’t mind, he rather liked his contact. The human hands dug into his shirt, pulling him closer.

“I’ll find a prostitute.”

“I don’t think she can satisfy you enough for that money. Can I -?” try, he wanted to add, but he felt too exited to get the ending out.

“You’ve got some nerve!” he hissed, but let out a quick breath, when his leg dug between his and pressed him to sit on the bar chair.

He didn’t wait his permission, leaning in for a kiss and entwining their fingers, so he could lead them wider, enough to force his body lay down on the table. He left his lips and quickly moved downward, kissing his neck and pressed his shirt open.

“You’re going too fast again!” Two hands slammed into his chest and pushed him away.

He stopped for a moment, took those two hands and moved them under his shirt instead.

“Why are you so eager on me? We’re not even a match!”

“I want to learn,” he whispered, but the sudden idea he’d blurted out was thrilling him. Indeed, why was he coming after him so often when he knew he had no reaction to him in any of the categories their scientists would agree on.

He had stopped kissing. For a second he waited, trying to lean in again, but this time the hands moved to his shoulders and forced him away, harder.

“Learn what?”

He couldn’t say, you. “Kissing.”

“You liked it that much?” He chuckled. “You’re persistent, I give you that.”

“You want me,” he fired back, “and you can do it with me, so do it with me!”

“Here?” Kyle gave quick glance around the place, checking the light coming in from the corridors, where few people were left to move around, going home from other bars or closing up the place as he had been doing.

Don’t resist me now, he demanded in the back of his mind. Despite everything, he wanted him to get off that edge of grudge he’d seen him walk around with the past few days. Just relax, release that urging need and you’d be back yourself in no time!

“No one will come.” He used his moment of insecurity and pressed his lips into his despite the choking sensation his hands were creating. “Let me -” His hand dug into his pants, pulling out another hiss of pain.

He felt his fingers crouch in his shirt near his chest. “I don’t want to do this with you.” He whispered, but despite him becoming perfectly still, he wasn’t letting him go.

“You’re not being honest.”

“It’s not about my honesty!” His voice was hard, edgy. He didn’t say what he meant, but he knew he was concerned about him.

No, he wasn’t being honest to Dakota and realizing that didn’t bother him one bit. He wasn’t connected with her yet and the connection hadn’t been created, so there wasn’t anything going on yet.

“I am not doing it.” He cupped his cheek. “I’m here to do it for you. It’s not your fault that you react to me like that and I want to ease it as well as I can. Please, let me.”

There was a long moment of silence. He didn’t divert his gaze, watching the pain play out in his eyes as he was calculating the possible outcomes. Although he wanted to snap through all of those threads and tell his mind to shut up and go with the moment. Use your instincts for change and let him worry about the outcome.

“I saw what made you tremble before, I can do it slowly or bring you to a quick end – your choice.”

He was pushed back, when Kyle got off the chair. He thought he’d be tossed out this moment, but instead he saw his eyes resign, worriedly holding his gaze and he heard clung of the belt being removed. Next was the zipper of the trousers he wore. Kyle pushed his trousers downward and pulled himself back on the chair, sitting there now very much naked and waiting.

Smile crept to his eyes, suddenly moved to the core that he would allow him despite knowing about Dakota.

He never said to go fast, he recoiled, wetting his lips and stepping closer between his legs while capturing his lips. The trousers were still tangling below his knees, but removing them right now seemed tedious. Instead he took hold of his hips and pulled him in better position so he could move him enough to get access to both his hole and his cock.

He moved his fingers to his stomach, settling them there and watched in enjoyment how his partner’s breathing changed. He liked feeling the heat move in his body. Last time he’d felt it too, as if warmth had been turned on and it explode throughout the body, extending from his core center.

“I’ll get you dirty.”

“Shh! Don’t think about that!”

As to punish, he pushed his middle finger in his ass. It was looser than the first time he’d pushed into it and he felt the fire bolt go through him, too. He heard him gasp, but silenced him with his lips, continuing the kiss while he began the bumping movement.

It was sucking him in after mere two thrusts and he couldn’t help but take hold of his staff, pressing its tip closed while constricting the blood flow into it.

“Not yet,” he warned and pressed the second finger in, drawing away to see him biting his lower lip and the twisting face he tried to hide during their first time. Second later holding the breath was too much and he let out a loud breathe before panting with pain. His hands ran to his holding on to his ass and clamped around it.

“Use it!” he ordered, sensing the blood flow slowing in his arm. He wasn’t giving in. He scissored his fingers and felt Kyle’s hands pressing his fingers out. He wasn’t having it, and shoved in faster and deeper. “Use them!” he ordered again, louder, ignoring the cry of pain. Their eyes met and he regretted the roughness he had in his voice.

Kyle moved his hand. As if it got the mind of his own, he felt his hand being pushed and pulled while his fingers were still fucking his inside, crooking up as he pulled them out and straightening to get deeper access when he pulled them in. When his palm scraped against his flesh he sensed the pulsating under the skin and he heard him let out a small moan.

Suddenly he let go of his hand and launched his body back to grab the towel he’d set out behind the counter for the next day. His neck was open, he realized and reached for the ear, licking it hard before using the kiss on his neck, sucking into his skin.

It made Kyle jerk and push him away. “Not there! You’ll leave a hickey.”

He pulled him back on the chair, starting the tempo and watched him set the towel around his cock. “I’ll bruise you one way or the other.” he warned, as if to show an example, he set third finger on the edge.

“Yeah, but there are bruises you can hide and those you can’t.”

“To hide… hmm! In that case…” He pulled his fingers half way out, spread his hole wider in few strokes before pushing them all in with third one in the game now.

“Fuck!” Kyle’s entire body jerked forward on the chair and he slammed his hand on the counter while his legs yanked against his, not understanding they were pound. “That hurts!”

He didn’t move the fingers, sensing the trembling transcend. He waited. “Easy, don’t struggle again.”

He was panting for air, staring at the ceiling. Without thinking, he let go of his cock, grabbed his neckline and wrenched him up, forcing man’s arms back against his chest. He flicked his body few times for him to tug into his shirt. He didn’t want his attention on a ceiling. Hell, he got jealous on a ceiling!

Before he could dwell on that further, he felt a nudge on his lips and was pulled into a hot long kiss.

“Move your fingers!” Kyle urged with a whisper, his hot breath burning.

“Don’t look away.” he said, waiting until he nodded. He pressed his hand around the towel and his length and thrust inside.

His body was violent, far harder to control than on the bed. He scrambled, nearly jumping off the chair and he thrust hard, pushing him back. He felt his knees search for a point and he nudged them with his elbows, silently ordering him to fix them somehow. Moment later they were crushing into his side.

But his eyes stayed, not wavering even for a moment and for that he leaned in and kissed him, nudging his lips apart and prodding the inside with his tongue. His knees pressed harder in and a powerful surge ran through the body beneath him. Something was different, he noted and echoed his previous move, pressing his middle finger harder to the place, when his body spasm again.

“Shit, that’s worse than -!” he choked out, gritting his teeth.

He smiled. That was a nice praise. He quickened stroking it and moment later it was over with the man spasming so hard between his hands he was glad he had him fix his knees before. His rectum was contracting violently and he wasn’t helping it to calm down, continuing with his fingers until he was trembling all over.

He pulled out, quickly cleaned everything up and tossed the towel in the pin near the counter. Still, he wouldn’t budge from his place, observing his dazed, dry panting and small trembles that were still going through him. He liked the rosy view of his chest and neck after he’d done it.

He leaned down, searching through his pocket and pulled out his necklace. He put it back around his neck, daring him with his glance to take it off again.

“I hate how you smell like her.” He whispered, startling himself with the statement. He realized too late that he shouldn’t have said it, when he saw the pain in his eyes again, accompanied with surge of anger.



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