5th of April– Skirt

Bradac has a surprise to his little fox. It cost him, but his darling is worth every penny spent.

These stories are for adult viewing only!


“What’s that?” Warric asked, suspiciously eying the black box next to Bradac’s​ hand. It was big enough to fit his lunch, though it looked far more expensive than a simple lunch box. He set his overnight bag down on the bed and noticed a frilly black maid skirt on it. He let out a laugh and said bluntly. “I don’t do maid role play.”

“Only the skirt, just this once.”

Warric studied the frilly thing in front of him, shaking his head. It didn’t sit well with him to put it on when Bradac was fully aware of their income difference. It smelled a lot like a humiliation game and he seriously didn’t like them. If he wanted to be humiliated, all he had to do was go to work.

“Bradac, please…” He only managed a whisper, but the blunt hit of the dragon’s tail against the floor cut him off.

“Are you disobeying my order?”

Warric hesitated. He didn’t want to disobey, but he really didn’t want to be humiliated, not today. If Bradac forced it on him, he’d go through it, but he’d consider it to be violation of their contract and that would be the last time he saw his dragon. He felt the pile rise up in his throat, to lose him today would make him miserable, but not obeying would have the same outcome. When he realized this, he deflated and reached for the skirt, taking it with him into the bathroom to begin the process of getting ready for their Saturday night.

When he returned, Bradac hadn’t moved from his chair, his nose resting on the fist his hands made under it and his eyes fixed on him. He assessed him, taking in his slumped shoulders, hands tearing at the edge of the skirt, and his backward turned ears. He frowned a little, but instead of saying anything about it, nodded towards the bed and let him crawl on top of the previously placed towels. They were brand new and matched with the expensive vest he wore. There was something about the way Warric looked against expensive materials that made him hard. The reserved sadness he wore though did not fit him at all.

He rose, taking the tray with mahogany box and carafe of water with him. He set them on the bed next to Warric in presenting position just like he’d taught him, his tail high over his crouching figure on all fours with his ass pushed up, his fingers lightly touching his knees and head resting on the bed.

He stood there for a long moment in silence before he reached out and ran over his rump, squeezing it few times. Warric was tense. Usually he’d slap him if he were in jolly mood, but the expression he wore made him want to be extra gentle. Maybe something happened at his work? He let his fingers roam lower, where his natural white stockings started and massaged them, admiring the look. They really went well with the skirt.

“You really look good in this.” He complimented, continuing with the petting. He pressed and squeezed until he felt his muscles relax slightly. He knelt his left knee on the bed and pushed the tray forward before leaning in to check Warric’s expression. He looked serious with his lower lip sucked between his teeth and his beautiful blue eyes fixed on the towel.

He reached for his chin and pulled it sideways to meet his muzzle. He nudged against it, asking for entry, but Warric hesitated. He seriously wanted to smack him once for having so little faith in him, but he knew this would only destroy the little he had at this point.

“Come on,” he urged him without words, “you can do it.”

Warric’s muzzle bumped gently into his and then he opened it slowly, letting relieved Bradac to push his tongue in for tug of wars. He played with his tongue, pulled it up to lick beneath it, pressing it back with his, or circled around it until he felt Warric start playing​ back and a small whimper escape from his lips.

“I got this specially for you.” Bradac let go to pull the tray closer, pleased by his reaction. “It took them some time to get it, but if I’m right, you’ll like it.”

Warric didn’t ask what it was, disappointing Bradac a little, but his eyes said he wanted to, didn’t dare to say it, but he was curious and Bradac rewarded him with a light squeeze on his neck.

He opened the box and revealed white powder in it, pressed tight into it with small stamp of approval on top. A silver spoon with a long handle was pressed into fitted opening inside the lid.

“Drugs?” Warric sounded confused.

Bradac shook his head. “No, it’s better. Hold out your hand.”

He could hear the fox’s heart beating louder, but he did as he was told and he loaded a teaspoonful of the powder on his palm. Then he dipped his fingers into the carafe and dripped little on it. As if with magic, the powder melted into thick liquid.

“Beautiful.” Bradac purred, smearing his fingers with it and raising them up, letting the slime run from them, leading it downward Warric’s arm. He spread it over his forearm, massaging it, demonstrating it’s slick and smooth running.

Warric’s breathing hitched. Never had he felt something so slick that would feel like oil, yet not have that sense of stickiness to his fur nor the rancid scent. Instead, the slime felt surprisingly good.

He watched as Bradac rolled his palm on his hand, slicking up his fingers and the back of his hand before he entwined their fingers and held it, his eyes fixed on Warric’s awe-inspiring stare. He felt his mouth go dry and he swallowed hard.

“Lay on your back.” He instructed, not releasing his hand.

Warric did, his mind already grasping the potential of the liquid.

Bradac let go and reached for the skirt Warric unwittingly pulled lower. He pulled it back up, over his stomach and kissed his belly through it, inhaling hard the mixed scent of his lover and the detergent from the fabrics. His hand was already making it’s way down his thigh between his legs, giving the fox no time to dwell on it. Instead, he eagerly opened his knees and pushed his bucker upward to meet the dragon’s hand half way.

He swirled around his half-erect dick couple of times before he traced the line between his balls down to his bucker and pressed into it with one finger.

Warric let out a loud breath, his eyes wide, but there was nothing in them to indicate pain or any discomfort. Then he squirmed, pulling his knees to his chest and hugging them, giving him a better angle to work with.

“You like it, don’t you?” Bradac asked. Then he slid his next finger in, something he never did so soon, but the slippery lubricant he’d purchased was making it much easier than what they usually used. Specially made from dried mushroom gills it took two months to acquire, but he did it. Anything for his darling.

Warric nodded, but the way the end of his tongue hang over his front teeth, begging to be kissed again, he couldn’t resist and reached for it to nibble on the tip of it and deepen their kisses for awhile.

“Let go of your knees, you’ll tire too soon.” He whispered and pulled back to give him room to uncurl. His hands didn’t seem to have a place and Bradac nudges his crotch closer to his face.

Warric immediately began unbuckling his pants and was soon rewarded with his long, very much erect cock, which had began inflating the moment he’d placed the skirt on the bed. He wasn’t particularly into Warric wearing anything in their hotel room, but it was special occasion and he couldn’t resist the urge when he’d once let the thought in his mind. Now he saw it had been a good idea – the slightly off toned color matched his darling perfectly, turning the sandy tone of it into a shiny gem.

He groaned, when Warric’s warm lips sucked the tip in and he began to play. Maybe it hadn’t been such a good idea after all – it felt too good and the coiling snake in his stomach was rising it’s ugly head.

“Gently, Warric!” He bristled, bucking over him with the uncontrollable need to get deeper. The gurgling sound coming from his bottom said he almost managed, but he stopped himself on the last moment by blocking his fall with his free hand. Damn, he wanted this to last longer! He was supposed to be the one in charge!

Warric’s hands moved to massage around his dick and his balls, pulling on them, lapping on the crown.

He pressed the third finger in and Warric’s movements stopped. He tensed so hard, he thought he’d been too eager, but then he let out a loud, low moan and he relaxed completely and Bradac felt his fingers fall deeper into his hole. He realized his own peak had passed and he calmed a little, concentrating his full attention on the fox and the way he began moving his hips up and down. Bradac knelt back, and Warric continued slowly licking his member as if it was nothing more than a tasty lollipop while letting out soft moans of pleasure.

His eyes fell on the carafe and the water waiting on the side. He’d already measured it and used the time now to mix six spoonfuls of the fine powder into the carafe. After stirring couple of times, it turned into fine slime.

Warric felt fourth finger slide in between the three and groaned, feeling them fan out inside him, widening his intestines before they pulled out gently without closing them. That was something new! He gulped, sensing them widening his bucker way too wide way too fast, but instead of the usual burning, all he got was dull ache before they fingers united and plunged back inside. He kept repeating it and his head fell back while he desperately tried to hold on to his prize, Bradac’s huge cock poking at his side. His eyes widened, when he noticed all the liquid in the carafe had been turned into slime. Just in time to feel Bradac’s hand push deep into him with nothing more than his thumb to anchor the wide span of his palm. He let out a half-scream, for that was a lot of it. But instead of pulling back, he felt it continue, in and out, not once pulling completely out.

Then it came out almost completely, the anchor pressing under his sack disappeared and joined with the others by the feel of it, when it went back in with only slight pressure as a reminder that this had only happened twice over the past weeks, but with his spinsters clamping down around Bradac’s fist, it came to a stop.

Shuddering started, his body adjusting to the intrusion and Bradac seemed more than resolute waiting it out. Warric tried to relax, but the thought itself was driving him over the edge – Bradac’s hand was completely inside him! Not as a reward in the end, but as part of a foreplay!

“More!” Warric’s voice cracked, as he pleaded. He wanted to say deeper, but he couldn’t bring himself to say it when his subconscious brutally brought back the memory of him doing it himself on that monster thickness sitting sedated in his hand.

Bradac nodded and moved his hand slightly. To Warric’s surprise, it didn’t get stuck, but instead kept moving rather freely. Bradac took a handful of slime from the carafe and applied it around his wrist and pushed a bit deeper to spread it around his hole.

Suddenly he rose, his hand still stuck in him, to stand behind him.

“Turn around.” He ordered and gave Warric time to move, accompanying him, slouching in him while he turned around his hand like a hand puppet.

Then it disappeared and Warric’s muscles clenched around empty air. He knew this wasn’t it, but he couldn’t stop his body from pushing back nor his hole from twitching hard.

“Give me the carafe.”

Warric did as he was instructed and waited, not daring to look behind, listening the sounds of lubricant being moved around.

“Take two steps forward.” Bradac said, his voice husky with need. He followed him immediately and pushed his feet into better position before taking the fox’s tail and bending it upwards. Bradac’s fingers scraped over his backside, smoothing the fur, pulling different patterns into it and sending electrifying tingling down Warric’s spine while the fox waited for the exploring fingers to find their way back inside his ass.

Instead, both hands found their hold around his hips, as if to keep him from moving. Warric frowned, wondering only for a second what that could mean, when he felt the tip of his cock against his butt cheeks, then between them and before he had time to call the dragon to his senses, it popped in, pulling a loud gasp form his chest as it tightened together with the rest of his body. His fingers dug into the towels and he gritted his teeth.

Bradac’s hands began gently massaging his sides and his back before leaning over him and while sweet talking him into relaxing, continued rubbing circles into his chest. He pushed his hand closer to his groin, pushing the silky fabric over his withering cock.

He felt something dripping over his backside, in line with his asshole and Bradac’s cock stuck in it.

“Bradac?” He whined, moving slightly to look over his shoulder at his dragon, who was still drizzling the cold thing over his backside.

“You’ll be alright.” Bradac promised and put the carafe aside. Then he gripped down on his sides and without asking permission started to push in very slowly, widening his fox quite a bit more than the thickest part of his palm had been. His toes curled upwards, like searching the surface to stuck themselves and run, but he doubted he’d get his legs under him should he unconsciously even try.

“Oh, wow.” Warric breathed, remembering what Bradac had told him about taking the big toys he brought with him every now and then. Breathing helped. And the lubricant, which made it slide without friction and pain. “Ohh wow…” He moaned.

The cock inside him stopped and Bradac paused while he gently tugged at the skirt again, smoothing it over Warric’s own cock. He had to admit, the fabric was feeling pretty good and different against the rough sensation in his ass. He gasped and suddenly his elbows gave in, letting his head fall on the soft towel.

Bradac pulled back, almost out before pushing back in. He kept the subtle rhythm for a while before speeding it up a little and pressing deeper, past the inner spinster. Warric was moaning non stop, unable to keep the sounds to himself any longer. He had to maneuver Warric slightly, but suddenly the road was clear and he sank deep inside him, making Warric keen with both painful inflation and feeling perfectly filled up to top notch.

“Shiiiit!” Warric panted hard, keening over the sudden burst of fullness right under his ribcage. “Shiiiii- ahhhh!”

Bradac pulled back, but having the freedom to move instead of being stuck like last time, the edges of his visions flared up as he pushed back inside, inching forward in his little fox. He relished being surrounded by his flesh, the slimy layer between them that allowed him this unexpected freedom to move. He leaned over him, his hand desperately searching for Warric’s cock under the skirt, but the petticoat was stuck behind it and instead he began bumping him through the fabric, glad he could feel it stiffening.

He sat back, pulling Warric to sit in his lap, changing the angle his dick was crushing up his intestines and groaned loud when Warric’s soft furry legs closed like vices, tightening his hole. He pumped up, keeping Warric steady so he would have the straightest way inside.

His inside walls tightened and surge of pulse ran through them, indicating his little fox was close. He didn’t want to repeat his last time mistake and so he pulled out enough to make room before his orgasm took him over, pushing Warric over as well.

“OOooh…” Warric groaned, held tight against his chest while their cocks pulsated and his seed spurted into him. For a while they sat there, Bradac licking his neck and ears in he afterwave. He let Warric’s body slide down, slowly filling him with his softening flesh and allowing him the time to feel it completely. The fox was pressing his stomach where his seed was making a small bump and then slid his fingers down, following the mount of his cock inside him. “It doesn’t hurt.” Warric said drowsily, sitting in his lap like a rag doll. He felt spent, despite them having the whole night ahead of them. Bradac let him go and he fell forward on the towels, his hands and legs too tired to move.

“I love how this gate opens only for me.” Bradac murmured, gazing at his wide gaping hole his dick had left. As if to answer, it twitched closed pressing some of his seed out before opening wide once more, allowing him to see deep inside Warric, where most of it was still sticking at the walls of his cave. He kissed it’s edges, slipping over it with his tongue while listening the soft groans Warric couldn’t hold back. He glanced at the clock on the wall and smiled, climbing further on the bed, pulled away the towels from under him and then slumping down next to his spent darling. He ran his finger over his soft cheeks and took in his happy expression.

“Happy birthday, my darling,” he whispered, nuzzling his snout, and massaging his hips through the silky skirt, “and to me.”



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