Third Law – Chapter 26

!Explicit mature content!


His big hand slid quietly under my pants, holding his breath. He pulled me closer, against his legs, against his body in a tight embrace. I kept my eyes glued in his and saw nothing but want in them. No hinting, only raw, throbbing need that demanded satisfying.

I locked arms around his neck and leaned in for a kiss while dancing slowly in the given space, rubbing against him harder and leaving him with no doubt of the outcome of this night. I checked the look in his eyes. I was tired of waiting and so was he. It was either going to end in heaven or shoot straight to hell. I kept swinging and silently prayed for mercy.

His hand dug deeper and touched the edge of lace. I reached higher and kissed him gently on his chest through the t-shirt, then higher on his collarbone, then on the knot of his throat and chin. I could feel the heat building up through the thin fabric.

Don’t want to do it in the car.”

We don’t have to?” I suggested softly, pushing him against the brick wall.

He seemed hesitant at first, but returned my snuggly kiss. I pressed my cold hands slowly under his t-shirt, bringing choked groan out of him before his stomach flounced lightly and I began slowly removing his belt buckle. His hands jumped higher and grabbed my wrists, hard. I caught my breath and swallowed. His gaze was dazed as he hungrily observed me pull on his restraints.

I felt desperate to tell him to trust me, but the voice choked in my breath. I tried to lean over the hands and kiss him, but he jerked them further out, cutting me off.

If this is one of your games, I…” I wringed my wrists hard to release them from his hold. Was hitting allowed as foreplay? Slapping would ease my suffering frustration in a great deal!

I don’t care if you think it’s a game.” He decided. Suddenly the hands disappeared and he pulled me back in his arms and into embracing kiss. I caught a breath between the kiss and pressed his hands on his side, running palms down to his fingers and entwining them with mine.

Yes you do.” I whispered against his neck, but felt his fingers tense.

Don’t tease me,” he paused, before whispering please.

I answered with slight nudge against his collarbone, pulling gently fingers free and slowly moving them back down. I slid them over the belt and over the bulge beneath it. I could sense it harden under the touch. I increased the pressure.

Someone passed us on the street behind us and he hooked me closer.

It’s too public,” he breathed hard, “I want you for myself.”

Take me to somewhere else then?”

Dark forest and scarf and ants?” he smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes.


As if I’d cursed, I realized, feeling air pass between us, when he pushed me away.

So Malek can watch us on the door?”

I pressed my hand slowly against his hardening centre.

Does it matter?”

He shook his head.

I thanked him with a kiss before brushing gently over his stomach, grabbing the keys from the side pocket and started towards the car. The keys sting from the heat.

He reached for my elbow, twirled me around fast and kissed me.

I lost the keys and my ground from the pulling and slammed back against the wall, him tightly after. I hadn’t bargained on it, thought about it, yes, but not expected it. He pulled away, taking in the fact that my lips staid closed.

He looked disappointed, seeing my surprise. He stared at me for a good minute, watched my back arch without my consent. He grinned to answer my silent question and dogged his hand around my hips, dragging me higher up on the wall as if I had no weight at all, before giving the kiss another try. This time he made sure his teasing gave results he wanted. He locked me between him and the wall and ran his hands higher.

My breathing betrayed more willingness than I was inapt to put in actions. He didn’t seem to care. He bent his face to kiss the cheek, down the jaw line to the side of my neck. He let his left hand wonder downwards again, pressing past tight fabric and close to the rear entrance.

That move made me totally rigid for a thread of a moment, then I began squirming and the hands I had used to pull his chin closer dropped in great speed and though I was powerless to stop his iron grip from exploring, the intensity of the move must have astonished him enough to pause and see the terror in my eyes.

He let his hand wonder lower, slowly letting me lower, so he could easily open the zip and move past the fabric, closing me in so I would not be able to run even if I really wanted to and slid his right middle finger in me, inducing me to shivers and muffled cries between his arms.

I used the movement to let my hands travel lower his abdomen too near to his buckle.

“Don’t!” he cut back his breath. “If you touch, I’ll take you – either with your approval or not.”

I wished to say, I was willing, but he intervened. “Not yet, sweet, I only want to give you a taste of what’s to come,” he whispered softly. “Only a little taste…”

He pushed his finger deeper, sharply adding another. He must of felt the shudder flowing through me and covered my mouth with his, taking the pained cry in him. My hands weren’t caressing him any longer, but cramped in the jacket’s shoulders before I swung them around his neck for better hold. My legs locked on his back while he slowly began rocking me, pressing me rhythmically against the wall with his body.

I could care less of taste! I wanted a meal! The heat was moving from my stomach to my head and I knew I wouldn’t be sane much longer. I wanted his heat to spread in me, warm me from the inside.

I hooked mercilessly to his belt and he stopped, breathing hard, glancing down and then back up to me.

I don’t have a condom.” He was out of breath, but I doubted it was because of the cold.

He waited in silence what I would say. I knew he wouldn’t risk it, no matter how much he needed it. I dismissed his little concern, but wouldn’t let go of his belt. Instead I pulled him in for a quick kiss. I saw a small electrical box, reached for it and pulled him with me. It was still wet from the dribbling rain, but I balanced my hips on it.

He smiled, when I began greedily unbuckling his belt. I wouldn’t get it out, silently addressing the heat raising from his heaving chest and lower region. It was painfully stuck behind the zipper. I couldn’t press my hand near his skin, so I began by slowly pressing his manhood through the fabric. Storm flew over his face.

You just can’t stop playing, huh?” he whispered, slowly regaining his position in me and pressing his palm against the heap.

I shook my head hazily, but leaned back enough to make space for his dick. He was painfully hard. I took hold of it and pressed it roughly next to his right hand still in me, then started gently pumping it while slowly steering him back to the slow rhythm.

I watched him change, his breathing slowing down and eyes closing slowly while he kept to the rhythm. He made no attempts to get in me, but at some point his hold on me weakened and I hastened his movement and shifted a bit before guiding his third finger in.

I still… want… to…” he gulped hard.

I didn’t want him to say anything and stopped him with a long kiss while grasping for his thick cock and budged closer so there was no space between us and our bodies could move as one. He liked that bringing his torso against mine so my breasts were packed against his muscles.

I heard someone walking past us, but couldn’t care less of their chuckles. He was so close the heat was making me dizzy, but the last thing I wanted was to let him go.

I moved my hand faster and let him choose the rhythm. He grimaced, pressing hard in me and I could feel his semen burst between us before bringing me to a climaxing. He collapsed on top of me. He didn’t pull his fingers out just yet, sluggishly moving them around in me, torturing me from inside. I pulled last time over his dick, feeling his abdomen convulse, spreading it as wave through the rest of his body. I kissed him gently on his neck and listened how he shook in quiet laughter. It was catchy. I pressed his dick back in his trousers and closed the zipper before locking up his belt. He did the same to me and kissed me on my lips, suddenly dead serious.

I missed you.” He said it without doubt and for the first time we’d known each other I knew he meant it. I responded with a quick kiss on his lips and he pulled me down from the box. He wouldn’t let go of my hand. I used my free hand to pick up the keys I’d dropped and we walked back to the car.

With the fresh bash of cold air through the window came also the giggling I had heard before. I frowned, eyeing the shadows against the nearby concrete wall. Pair of pink stilettos and red heals. Fuck.

We ruined your top.” His eyes ran over me on the seat next to him. I snorted, pulled the shirt over head, revealing my black lace bra. I stretched the top out the window and let it drop. Making sure I was looking straight at the pair of girlies hiding in the greenery.

He burst laughing and started the engine and took off, never noticing the awkward pair in the bushes. Heck! I was old enough to do it! Besides, Saul was worth seeing from the back!



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