Rare Pearl – Chapter 25

!Explicit mature content!


He let him be for a moment. At least he allowed his presence, which was far more than last night.

He tried again with the armpit of his closest wing. These were always sensitive pits for gargoyles, so he hoped it would be same with him. He palmed it, massaging it hard and Accark let out a deep, very intimate moan before stretching his entire body out, right between Gale’s knees, arching a little. That pulled the blanket covering him way too low, revealing the edges of his hips. Gale let go of his wing and pulled it higher, covering him all the way to his middle. He left his hand on his hip and leaned back, fixing his position so his hips were flat on the big pillow and sitting on top of him. He drew little circles over the hip and felt his muscles try pulling away from his touch while his legs arched, painfully hitting his backside. He didn’t let him go, instead locking him down with his hands. He tried again. Accark didn’t fight back this time and he rewarded him with both his hands circling now his hips and beneath his bellybutton.

Accark’s lips parted and he gulped, his body bucking up in slow rhythm, searching the contact with his abuser.

Gale was mesmerized. He couldn’t imagine more beautiful sight than his dragon’s reaction to his touch, the way he let out whines and moans, eyes still closed, demanding more. Soon, my peachy fluff, he promised and slowly pushed his fingers lower, rocking his own hips slightly to give him a taste.

But this way he couldn’t reach his mouth. He knew it the moment he saw his head bob back, over the large pillow, revealing his gorgeous neckline and Adam’s apple hopping with each time he gulped and moaned. He removed one of his hand, raising from his seat and immediately feeling Accark buck up in search of his crotch. Had he not pushed him back down with his hand still on dragon’s hip, he would have most likely kept to it until he left. He dragged his foot over to lay next to him, carefully avoiding the wing and making sure he was laying behind him. He used his freed leg to push underneath dragon’s, forcing him to raise it up and turn so he was laying comfortably on his side. The wings were without delay packed against his back.

He endured it and turned his attention on Kalebos instead, who’d leaned back in the sofa, his chin resting on his right hand. Their eyes met and he assured him he was on the right path, but that was all the acknowledgment he received before his attention too returned to Accark, who was now laying his face towards the edge of the nest and towards Kalebos. Gale made sure he was covered the entire time the dragon sought for better position until he found it, pulling his tail between his legs until its scaly-furry end tickled his left arm stuck under his side.

Gale turned his eyes back on Accark, gently brushing back his hair on his neck and planting a gentle kiss on the edge of the bruise he’d left there earlier. It had began to fade and he was sad to see it go, despite knowing he was about to leave more permanent marker on him.

He loved the feeling of his soft fur against his chest, the way it felt as if hugging feather pillow, which wasn’t far from the truth.

He spent the next few minutes smoothing the fur on his chest and abdomen until he felt Accark open his legs, rising the one on top higher and resting it on his hip. He waisted no time going lower with his right hand and massaging the inner thigh through his thin blanket. He wouldn’t go beneath it, but he knew how to make him feel good never the less.

He began kissing him on his neck, watching in awe as Accark opened up like a bloom – one petal at a time until he was laid completely exposed to his advances. But not exposed to Kalebos, who kept watching their interaction as if it was the most normal thing to do. He didn’t know when the older dragon would finally go, but he was starting to get annoyed of his presence.

Accark bucked again, moaning stronger now, searching and not finding anything to steady himself on. Gale turned his attention on Accark’s neck, deepening the kisses and licking it between each kiss.

He knew the moment Accark opened his eyes. The moans stopped and he felt the hands that had so far tracelessly going over everything parked themselves stubbornly around his hand on the belly of the beast. Gale paused what he was doing and raised his head to catch his confused look. He was still too out of it and he wondered if he was even conscious, perhaps thinking his mind was playing tricks on him again, but he allowed Accark the time he needed to cope with the situation.

Gale nuzzled the side of his nose, nudging against it like he’d seen children do at Accark’s old home. He asked for his trust, without putting it in words. He doubted he could express the thought as clearly, he desperately needed him to trust him on this and let him do it. Let him make his dragon feel better.

His palm hiked up, making the dragon’s eyes widen in surprise. He let out a loud moan, but his face said he was still confused, unsure why his body was acting up while his mind wasn’t answering any of the questions he had. His fingers locked into the low part of Gale’s shirt, the long pink nails going straight through it, ripping large holes in it. He felt their cool smooth surface hit his stomach while he nuzzled closer to Accark’s cheek and planted a kiss between his ear and back of his jaw, making the fluffy let out a mewl of pleasure before he tried to bury his head between his shoulders. He couldn’t keep the smile from his lips as he uncurled more and shifted his weight a little to look up at Gale. He reached up more, slowly opening his neck to him, his eyes never leaving his face.

That was the moment Kalebos chose to appear right next to them, the pillows sinking under his heavy weight and his nose so close it seemed to pierce any privacy they had. For a second he thought Kalebos was ruining everything, but when he glanced back at Accark, he saw the dragon hadn’t come out of his daze, so he decided to put up with it. That was before he saw Kalebos’ dark black fingers climb closer to Accark’s neck triggering his instinct to bite it off, no matter how close the two were. Accark was still waiting, his eyes locked only on him, his breathing shallow and even. He pressed his teeth into his lower lip instead, his eyes following the digit hovering above the preachy colored neck.

“When you bite, you have to make sure you hit the muscles here and here.” he pointed at the thin line on either side of the neck that had swollen up, pushing through the fur. “Lock your teeth so the rest of your jaw hits the neck too. Whatever he does, don’t let go. If he bleeds, taste it, remember the taste and the smell of it.”

With those words he pulled back, sat back on his chair and left him to his own devices. Gale glared at him for a moment more, but then heard Accark take a rapid breath and he knew his neck was tiring of the position.

Before he returned to him though, he got to his knees and climbed over him again. He lowered his wings so there was no way for the bastard to see what was going on underneath. He turned his attention solely back on Accark, sliding his right hand towards his crotch while using his left hand to balance himself over him so he wouldn’t squash him with his weight.

Slowly he lowered his lips at the waiting neck, pulling over the soft scales with his tongue few times before opening his mouth as wide as he could and lowering himself over his neck. He locked his teeth on the muscles, feeling how Accark closed his eyes and taking slow, deep breaths that pushed his chest high up to barely touch his. He let out a gurgle and Gale felt his muscles tighten as the dragon smiled in bliss. He doubted it was necessary, but he used his tongue to play around his Adam’s apple, gently pressing it lower or higher, pulling small trembles from Accark’s body. At the same time, his other hand kept massaging the inner thighs, forcing the body to jump each time he touched near his heat. His temperature rose, higher than Gale thought possible for he was already suffering fever, but it went up still. The heat was making him sweat.

Accark’s breathing changed again, speeding up as his panting became more rapid and hitched. He gulped far more often than before too and for a moment Gale wondered if he was doing it correctly. Should he ease up a little, check if he was alright?

As if to answer his question, Accark let out a whine, bucking up harder, grinding into him while his feet rose and locked around his back, forcing him lower. His hands scraped his abdomen harder, searching its way past his belt and forcing another annoyed gasp when he couldn’t get to it. Gale let him whine. He drew line here, there were time and place for it, but it would not involve certain dragon hovering over their heads.

Gale let out a muffled shout as he felt the nails scrape him harder, the coldness of them working against his warm flesh as if someone was digging him with icicles. He frowned, struggling not to pull away as he continued with the massage between their legs. He let his tongue massage his neck, waiting for him to surrender.

Second later he felt his fight gain ground as the legs un-entwined from his back and from the edge of his vision he could see Accark’s eyes fly open, his pupils widening before he bucked against his groin for the last time and came with a yelp, creating a wet spot between his hand and the blanket. His entire body relaxed moments after the orgasm and he sank on the pillows with a sigh, his fingernails pulling back from the soft flesh they’d dug into only moments before.

He didn’t know what to do now. The sinking feeling of panic pushed through his hazy mind, fighting with the satisfaction echoing on the back of his mind, telling him it worked.

“Let go.”

Kalebos whispered so close to his ear, he nearly jumped, carelessly ripping into the soft bruised flesh. He did, feeling the jaws against the deaf pain pulsating through unused muscles and rose to sit. A wet towel landed on Accark’s belly before the smirking bastard was gone to undo his sofa. He kept his eyes to himself, concentrating on his task and Gale was grateful for the private moment. He blushed hard, realizing what he was expected to do, but he did it still, pushing the cover low enough to keep him decent and brushing gently around the dragon’s heat before pulling a clean blanket from nearby and covering him all the way to his neck before the black dragon gave him the jug and he offered the leftover water to Accark. Then he got up and faced Kalebos.

“Should we bandage him?” He asked, darting his eyes back on the neckline that was still bleeding.

The black dragon shook his head. “No, fresh air will do him good.” Then he turned his attention on Gale and smirked. “Yours we should.” He pointed at the torn shirt soaked with blood.

Kalebos headed for the door and waited him to follow. He closed it after them, blocking Accark from his view and went to search the medical kit he assured would be in the kitchen. He looked down and stretched the ruined shirt enough to see the trademark ten fingernail holes in it, all soaked into bloody mess.

“It’s done!” he said to someone in the kitchen and to Gale’s shock, he heard cheers he could have sworn belonged to children?

“Don’t you ever knock?” He demanded, when aside Kalebos came back also Salone, a bright blue dragon lady he hadn’t met yet and four puppies in different ages. The eldest of the dragon boys, and of the quartet, was also an alpha. Kalebos must be very proud of him, he thought, approaching them.

“Nobody knocks in castles!” The bright blue lady scoffed, grabbing the med kit from her husband. “We could wait out there for days and knock ourselves senseless and still nobody would hear us!”

She took over the task of urging him towards the living where the light was the brightest. He began unfastening the zippers under the wings to take the ruined shirt off.

“Can we see our uncle now?”

“No!” Gale shouted, turning around so fast, the female’s hand scratched over his middle, hard. Seeing the two, who had asked had stopped dead on their way, he turned back at their parents, trying to look sheepish. “Let him sleep!” He grumbled, glancing up at Kalebos, who stared at him with surprise. He shouldn’t be jealous of little kids, he knew that, but the idea of having that punch climbing over Accark made his toes curl.

Kalebos smiled tightly, but turned to his offspring then and repeated the order. “Until he is better.”

The quartet backed away, heading to slouch on the sofa pile before the youngest noticed something run by and all four went after the terrified mouse, squealing happily.

“Temper, temper, my friend.” Kalebos reminded him quietly. “There is no harm having youngsters see their uncle.”

He knew that. “It’s not that.” He corrected himself quickly, but he didn’t know how to put it in words without offending them. They helped, a lot, and he was grateful for it.

“You want to keep him for yourself a little longer?” Salone mused with a smirk and Kalebos hid a snort of laughter when blush colored his marbled face pink.

“Don’t worry, the pups won’t disturb you for the time being.” The bright blue female patted him on his chest and packed away the first aid kit.

He knew he was being hostile, but he couldn’t help it. He’d struggled through having Kalebos anywhere near, but he was walking on thin ice, when he considered any other dragon near his one, be it small or bigger one. He turned around, thanked the ladies for their care and headed back to the bedroom, exhausted.

When he closed the door behind him, it was suddenly quiet. Not one sound reached through and he let out a loud sigh, quite happy for it. The sun was already settling, drowning the whole room in deep golds and reds.



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