All this site’s stories come with load of tags, which are there to inform you what kind of story you are dealing with.

Here’s what you might come across, when browsing the site:


Rating K – content suitable for most ages. Nothing goes past kissing, no heavily violent scenes, no profanities.
Rating T – contains content not suitable for children, has violence, language and character deaths.
Rating M – contains content suitable for mature teens and older, includes masturbation, emotional triggers, grownup themes, socially challenging topics.
Rating MA – contains explicit content for mature adults only.  I use it to mark anything that can be controversial or triggering or is sexually explicit.

!Explicit mature content!  – This is specifically in front of a very explicit post. Any kind of adult theme relating sexual activity and sex in general, including masturbation, erotic situations, etc. I decided to use it on the chapters instead of stories, because this way, if you wish, you can still read the rest of the story and skip this part.  Be noted, deaths are not marked in any of my stories.

ONGOING! New Chapter every X-day! This marks out the novels which have regular publishing schedule and unless noted otherwise, will update on the days marked on the page. Short Story Collection is exception, for there I post stories no longer than one entry.

Story types:

clean romance – has no sexual relations past kissing. Suitable to pretty much anyone past 13.
fanfiction – stories inspired by media related to certain characters who do not belong to me.
erotica –  physical relationship between two individuals or more, depending on the story. Some cases, clearly pornographic.
fairy tale – children oriented stories with clear fairy tale concept.
fantasy / high fantasy – on this site, this means high fantasy with magic, elves, swords, heroes, etc.
furry – stories with anthromorphic characters. Gargoyle stories are not furry stories.
historical – history romances mostly with historically checked facts.
short stories / lühijutud – anything that falls under 15 000 words.
mystery – stories with inclination of a mystery to solve.
science fiction – stories take place in space or another planet.
supernatural story / urban fantasy – fantasy elements with urban settings. Includes stories of vampires, demons, modern type elves, gargoyles and technology. Often has limited or no magic.
thriller – murder and mayhem, with some excitement in the mix.
young adult – stories with mostly high schoolers as main characters or that deal with high school.

Relationship types:

FM – female and male
MM – male and male, gay relationship
MMM – polyamory between males
FF – female and female, lesbian relationship
FFF – polyamory between females
MMF – polyamory between mixed couples.

Anything else:

  • I do delete comments that are offensive in manner and have nothing to do with the stories. Criticism is accepted, using my site to offend is not.
  • Regarding my ongoing stories – I do not like stories that have no ending. All my stories come to an end eventually and I have finished the stories before I begin putting them up. So you can be sure that if you start reading one, it will have an ending.
  • I do not sell my works. If you have found some published outside the pages marked on the contact page or have bought my work aside what is stated on Published section,  please let me know.
  • It is my policy not to use real people in my stories. Any similarities to real life are coincidental.
  • I do write erotica.  I can not physically set up controls to separate them from the site (I tried, but it did not work), however I have rated and marked out everything on the homepage suitable only for mature audience. If you choose to ignore the labels, you take full responsibility for it. Letters about you being offended by some pornographic literary attempt after I have clearly marked them out to be one, only prove that you chose to ignore the warnings. I will not remove any of my works because of it.
  • Regarding sex- all my characters are of age. No fetishes related to underage characters, no role plays to suggest this. It’s not always consensual, but even in those cases, they are grown up.
  • Both ESNN-10 stories and Gargoyles stories are set in chronological order, but all of them can be read separate.

adult disclaimer may 2017


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