Montfort History

Important dates:

! Mind you, this is alternative history, so none of this is actually true. Except the WW II, of course.

1422 – First mentioning of Montfort County in  Barthermore Tally.
1685 – Montort city gets the city rights from the government. It has 15 236 citizens and acts as city state.
1789 – The County is dismembered into Sandlewoods district and  Glenarm district.
1899 – The County is united under one county government. The chosen capital is from now on Montfort city.
1925 – Dr. Henri Lochen begins research to change the human life span prospects.
1.09.1939 – Beginning of the II World War
1942Dr. Orvel Rouse gets assigned by the government to find out if human bodies weakened by nature could be manipulated in a way that would either neutralize the nature’s negative gifts or turn them into something that could be useful for military operations.
2.09.1945 – End of the II World War
1956 – The first major institute is closed down and human experiments were sent back to their families after the research facilities were attacked on preface of illegal animal breeding.
1957 – Beginning of the hearings over doctors responsible for the facilities.
1959 – End of the hearings over doctors and nurses.
1961-The attacks of the First Group has 675 victims and marks the beginning of changes in society towards intolerance against the victims.
1963 Dr. Lochen’s group separates in two – half of them moves to Sandlewoods and the other half to Glenarm.
1965 – Establishing of Social Movement.
1965 October – Elections where great number of Social Movement activists get access to the government and begin lobbying against deemed dangers to society.
1966 – Internal Protection Act, which gave Social Movement legal right to process those the society deemed dangerous.
1970s – The quiet cleansing of the society leads to group of laws that becomes known as Strike of Three (SoT).
1973 – Discovery of the Group 167.
1974-1979 – Persecution of the Group 167, which is now known only as Dr. Rouse’s group.
1983 – the Group 167 retracts into small village in Glenarm district.
1987 – Beginning of the serial killer known later as Montfort’s Huntsman.
1993 – Group 167 vanishes after becoming target for the Social Movement and a psychopath.


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