Hatangy history

Duo Hatangy’s position, the history of it is filled with wars between two major continents next to it over who has the control over the economically important routs for their cargo.


According to archaeological evidence, the area now comprising Hatangy was settled at the latest around 9000 BCE as the heat in the area lowered and the first ice caps appeared on the tips of the northern highlands. The earliest people were hunter-gatherers, using stone tools. The first pottery appeared around 6500 BCE, but only among species with completely developed hands. Those, whose hands developed later, were still using stone tools until late 7000 BCE. Even with the introduction of agriculture, hunting and fishing continued to be important part of the subsistence economy to this day duo the particularities of species diets.

Indigenous era

The history until latest era has never been peaceful. The early cultures fought with each other over territorial rights for hunting regions. Many, who settled, didn’t stay there for long enough periods to fund larger cultures. Still, they managed to develop some advanced agricultural techniques that later helped to feed the cities that had started to grow near the pinpoints that allowed access to the continent.

The violence was not the most important facto in the overall decline, though it impacted specific species and colonial settlements in great deal. The primary reasons were return of the heat between 5000 to 3800 BCE, which is thought to be aftereffects of rise of volcanic activity in southern hemisphere. The jungle areas took over and cut the northern part of the Hatangy off from the routs out of the continent, allowing the Azmar to take roots and develop into larger community based society. The earliest mentioning of the city is 4062 BCE on clay tablet.

Empire era

The empire grew out of the Azmar city and took over most of the continent by 215 CE. The developement was slow duo inner conflicts between the species. The common emperor was acknowledged about 1500 BCE, but was never really accepted on southern parts, which continued living in rural communities, causing a reason for friction inside the royal houses that ruled at that time.

The most important ruler was Hany Wisym. After gaining  reign over most of Hatangy, he was the first to start referring to his empire as Hatangy, bringing many single communities under one central power.

This, however, cost him dearly as it was seen as a large threat of his family trying to monopolize what was until now seen as free passage between two large continent next to Hatangy. Both began seeking to bring down what they thought to be an indigent empire before it gained too much power and to get foothold on the important gate cities of Bluetorn in southwest and Krodes in east.

Early Wars

The Early Wars were all about who had the power over Hatangy. Because the emperors had hard time keeping the territories under their rule, the uprisings were commonplace, often caused by local governmental offices railing people up.

Despite that, the Early Wars were devastating and ended the empire completely. It destroyed the architecture and cultural norms that were present at that time, cutting the old ways out completely and giving way to new, more technology oriented way of thinking.

First contact with humans

The first contact with humans took place in 938 CE, when group of gargoyles was sent through the gates they had just created to see what was on the other side. The first impact with them was devastating, creating a lot of misunderstandings on human side.

Over the years the contact was not diminished, yet it was kept in secrecy and limited to as few humans as possible. As the human technology evolved, so did Hatangy’s, where they often took the items in interest and changed them or modified them to match their energy sources. They are far more keen on adding the mechanics to their own body than humans are, making their technology more advanced in some sections.

The younger population also took over a lot of human’s bad habits. As everywhere, older generations did not approve, yet youngsters have not stopped.

Over the years, the languages mixed up. Latin in modern version was being developed solely to understand the “demons” humans thought spoke it. As better ways of communications evolved, like use of English for most contacts, the Latin versions evolved in different directions, making Hatangy’s Latin incomprehensible for humans.

Recent history

After the empire fell and before the modern era, there was second set of wars that had more destructive effect duo modern weaponry. Before, there were communities against communities, in times when communities are too big, like cities, and lost their value, the species have developed a new support system based on their species and families, turning back to tribal type of living which have been adjusted to live in urban environment.

Because of that change in the society, the second set of wars wasn’t held between landowners or emperors, states, but between species and was known as the Species War. Yet the reason was the same – the rights over the two gate cities. When the wars ended in 1950 CE, there were species that lost and species that won. The ones, who lost, fell on the lower status of the society and faced annihilation and to avoid complete genocide, they were forced under the rules, which had to be followed. The aftermath proved to be hard for the losing party, for despite the decades that have passed, they are still feared and treated as threat.


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