Feher history

Feher’s written history is knudhy history. It began about 4500 years ago with the first hieroglyphic writing system, the Prehistoric Knudhy. Because the glyphs took long to write down, they were used only to write down the deeds of their gods and tribes often see themselves as descendants, who are related to the gods the legends talk about. It is accepted as norm which is not argued with. They have researched the past, but as the glyphs hardly ever talk about anything else, it is taken as both something they believed in in the past and as  normal thing today.

3025 years ago Feher was divided into separate lands which were commonly ruled each by one tribe. That is, there were other tribes living on their territory, but they hardly ever had any say of how the leading tribe was ruling. This caused a lot of tribal wars, which haven’t lost their heat even in the modern day.

1500 years ago was a changing point in knudhy history, for first time since the nation state time 3000 years ago, they decided to unite their nations by artificially creating their own language, the New Knudhy. It changed the way they interacted with each other and created a base to begin working on united goals instead of limiting their plans with their own tribes. Still, the tribe stood above any other connections and despite the common language they still have tribal wars. That is also the reason why they still hold on to their local tribal dialects while learning the general official language.

About 1000 years ago they finally changed their governing system, starting with the administrative divisions. As they began their exploration to other lands and thus now they have succumbed back to tribal life, where the head of the tribe, the Lord, has to take part of the Council ruling the entire Feher while excessing most of his power only over their own tribe, with most members sharing blood relations.

The constant keeping to the tribal way of life and the wars between themselves and because their scientific way of choosing partners have left the knudhy vulnerable in one thing – they are afraid of inbreeding. This has lead them to do intensive search for species close to their genetic code that they could use to add new genes in their gene pool.

The first contact with the humans took place about 30 years before the stories take place. Before they made contact, they researched humans close to 100 years and vise the plan for the contact. In the end they built the ESNN-10 and suggested a trial period for both species by creating a neutral place for both of them on the edge of their worlds so they could trade and test out each other on friendly bases.


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