Third Law- Chapter 24


His eyes dragged me down into mud, where I belonged. I watched his elusive eyes eagerly undressing me, but the longing look was gone even before Malek managed to raise his eyebrows in disbelief.

You keep dressing like that, honey, and someone is bound to take you for a hooker!” Saul said dryly, hinting to my skinny jeans.

I gave as good as I got. “Naah!”

They might think you’ve got something to hide and kill you for it. These boys don’t know humor.”

I pursed my lips, letting out short shocked breath and shot my arms up to pirouette before them and play further on Saul’s already tense and edged temper.

Does it really look like I have any place left to hide anything?”

I heard the gasp going through his men, it went through my body like heave of cold air. I stopped immediately and turned to see what it was about, but only saw absent minded Malek standing next to wrathful Saul. The rest of the squad had already searched shelter from another side of the redcurrants.

Saul took only one step while the rest of the band disappeared in the house, leaving us with just one chaperon. Saul grabbed my hands, locked them on my sides and pulled my hips against his.

I know plenty of places you could hide something.” He said, eyes fixed hungrily on my shoulders. Saul’s hold softened, but I didn’t feel the need to run and looked straight up in his eyes instead.

I don’t do ghetto!”

The sentence puffed air out of Malek’s lungs and he followed his fellow troopers. I heard Malek disappearing over the hedge before feeling Saul’s cold hand tugging its way past the belt. It pulled chilled shiver out of me. It shouldn’t have fitted there, but it quietly found its way down under my right cheek. He squeezed it slow and his nails dug in the soft flesh. It made me cringe from the pain, but I kept my ground and he rewarded me with curious smile.

Looks to me, your body works fine with anyone!”

He slowed his hand, caressing my flesh longer than it took the insult to sink in.

The moment his words worked its way through my brain, I slapped his hand away, but he returned it with a slap before gripping them between his fists.

Never slap me!” he warned me and clamped his thick fingers around my small wrists.

Then don’t return the favor!” I pushed through teeth, jerking them free. They were freed with surprising ease, but I couldn’t make my body move. His warmth was captivating. I diverted my eyes to his chest, trying not to fall for his lips. This wasn’t easy, he had never been that close before, need written all over his rigid body.

He wasn’t careful anymore. So far he’d kept his distance, but something had changed. It was frightening, not having to hide my desire either. I figured I could always ask questions later and pushed my chin up, reaching for his lower lip. He responded hungrily, his thumbs working their way between my black shirt and jeans and it didn’t take long for his hands to slip back under my jeans and meet with thong.

Hmm,” he smiled curiously, “the slut wears underwear?”

I was forced to admit – the insult had merit. Whatever lust there had been between us was momentarily gone and I pushed away from his arms before taking backing up several steps.

It’s a business dinner after all,” I recalled. I returned to the porch, gathered my keys and handbag from where I’d dropped them earlier and returned to my car.

He blocking my driver’s door.

Evelyn, I meant what I said – if you dress like that, they’ll take your up for it.”

I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself!”

At least let someone come with you,” he didn’t give in.

And put your mind at ease? No, darling, it’s much more fun this way.” I reached for the handle, but he blocked it with his body weight.

I’m not moving unless you take Rasmus or Oliver with you.”

I sucked in deep. “Oliver is at Moonmace.” I reminded him.

Rasmus isn’t.”

Look, this isn’t the sort of meeting I’d do with a chaperone.”

This isn’t the kind of meetings you do at all!” he retorted and frowned with such fury I thought he’d push me back in the house and lock me away.

Anyhow,” I said with less stamina, “I need to do it my way and I can’t have Rasmus or anyone else block the man’s appetite. I need information from him.”

And you think this will work? They are not that gullible.”

Well, it was enough to get your jeans twisted.” My voice fell low and my calm returned while my hand softly landed on his and I pushed him aside gently.

He didn’t reply, but I didn’t expect him to. I pulled the door open and landed on the first seat. “I’ll be fine,” I assured him. “If you’re so worried, call me tomorrow!”

I quickly closed the door and drove away, eyes worriedly fixed on his figure in the mirror.

I had seen him worry, but it had never been written saw raw in his face. This robbed me from confidence. Perhaps I should stop and ask Rasmus to go with me still?

I arrived at Graham club half an hour later and parked my car few blocks away. I had been sure I could pull this off, but now I had doubt it. I was a dentist after all! Had anyone ever seen a dentist, who dressed like this and not look off place?

It’s just his opinion, darling!” I assured myself as good as I could manage, “You can play the game!”

I took last deep breath and went, making sure I locked the doors and pulled my top just slightly lower before patting the bra to push my assets up just enough to make an impression.

I had no trouble getting in and after six minutes pushing through sweaty bodies crowding in the bar, I finally saw my destination – Alan Bancster.

The duo sitting around the table stood the moment they noticed me. One of them stood out with his Greek complexion and thick straight black hair. He loved to lift weights and it showed through his posture and dark grey suit that covered dark purple shirt shining in the lashing lights.

Hi Alan, Douglas,” I smiled and kissed the dark haired man, who immediately offered me a seat between him and light-haired companion. He was total opposite to his friend, but still quite an attraction.

I don’t believe you’ve met Mr. Hallenworth.” Douglas introduced the third man, who kept behind Alan.

My stomach took a sudden flip and I tightened my lips. Of course – if you wanted information, there was only one source in this city and that just happened to be the awful busybody, who just HAPPENES to report back to Saul-Erik!

I waved bit further as much as the table allowed and pushed my hand past Alan. “I believe we’ve had the pleasure!” I said with venom, but the boosting drums hid it nicely.

Pleasure.” Mr Hallenworth’s picked eyebrows appeared behind Alan.

Not so much,” I added quietly.

What?” Alan asked, lowering his ear.

I brushed the answer off without explanation and asked if I could have something to drink instead. Alan pulled me close to him and forced me to sit, flipping his hand up to get attention from one of his waitresses.

Bloody Mary!” he shouted to the young girl near the bar.

Suddenly it felt to me as if I was being watched. I jerked my chin up and took a quick look around. My companions were all watching dancers on the floor and no one at the bar seemed to look at my way, but I couldn’t brush the feeling away. Then my eyes caught a shadow just across the dance floor on the second floor of the club.

Are you kidding me?” I groaned recognizing Saul-Erik there in the same outfit I had left him in the front yard.

I quickly took in his damning expression and knew that without doubt it was caused by me warmly cuddled in Alan’s arms.

I knew exactly what it looked like. I also happened to know that Alan was happily married with my good friend and thus had no other interest in other women besides her pregnant Sixten. Little fact he was probably unaware of, going by his expression.

That little knowledge sent shivers through my legs and I knew then, if I play it right, I could push him just a little bit more to make him really uncomfortable and perhaps lose that self control he so dearly clutched at. Oh what I would give to see his self control fly out of the window for a day! Hmm, I would even play slut!

I let out a wicked giggle and began this provoking game by leaning in and gluing myself to Alan’s side and reaching for his ear. “How is Sixten doing?”

He didn’t hear and leaned lower, hiding my face from Saul.

She looked like Christmas tree last time I saw her! Big like disco ball and shining like Morning star!”

He burst laughing and I smiled secretively. Hallenworth could snitch on to his master later about what we actually talked about, but for now I knew exactly what site we were expressing.

She is looking better each day!” he reported, pride shining from his dark brown eyes. “She said I need to prepare for two boys!”

That’s wonderful!” I swung my hands around him. I squeezed him hard, genuinely happy for the two.

Douglas laughed, patting his friend from behind her, but Hallenworth looked awkward. His eyes were darted on the site on the second level and by the horror written on his face I knew my little show was paying off. Saul was furious.

So!” Alan changed the subject. “What did you want to know? I called Hallenworth here, he knows everything about local Socials.” Socials was Alan’s codename for those, who Saul-Erik was so eager to protect. He looked at me, then at Percy on his right. “This isn’t working.” He shook his head and without warning swooped me off my seat and swung me over himself and landed me between him and Hallenworth. “There! Now you can talk! I shall go and see where your drink is, give you some privacy.”

He rose and went, leaving Douglas behind. The blond took up two seats worth space and gave no hints of leaving either. It was common tactics of the two – if one left, the other would sit on like force of nature and not leave their dates alone. So whatever business I had with Hallenworth, had to be dealt with him watching over us.

Hallenworth neared closer to my ear so he wouldn’t have to shout over the music. “Saul’s not gonna like this!”

I wrapped arms around my chest, pressing my breast just a bit higher, eyes fixed on Saul and his very obsessive stare.

I know,” I was grinning like a jack-hammered junky.

You do understand playing him like this puts us all in danger?”

Now that was just ludicrous, I frowned and darted my eyes on his middle set eyebrows.

Let the man have some fun!”

He is not in position to have fun!” he hissed back.

I tend to dislike childish women, who roll their eyes all the time, but in this instance I found it to be the only reasonable respond to such nonsense. Douglas was grinning, eyes fixed ahead and grinning like crazy. Eavesdropping! Oh I was sure he was enjoying every moment of it.

He’s not catholic priest! Celibacy was not part of his deal!” I turned my eyes back on Saul and his jealousy.

How the hell do you know what was and was not part of the deal?”

I had enough and by now all I wanted to do was slap him and walk out, but I couldn’t. Douglas was staring away to pretend he wasn’t listening, Saul was still swaying on the balcony and Alan was yet to bring me my drink. And right now I wanted either the drink or those hands massaging the railing. As it was obvious I wasn’t getting the latter any time soon, I wanted that drink to cease my need for those arms around me again. Little more and I’ll fall in my own trap.

So,” I changed the subject, pulling my mind back from the dreamland, “does Saul know you came here to sell me info?”


Well, he knew I was coming here for info.” I turned my eyes slow from one man to another, light bulb going off in my head.

I wonder if he sent you here to give it to me.”

Yes.” He said after a pause.

His lips trembled lightly and his eyes escaped my scrutiny, but I kept staring through those grey windows straight into his dirty mind like going through his cupboards one by one. It was too delicious to see Percy squeal to miss it.


But this wasn’t the time or the place. I had to check my suspicions first. My heartbeat was changing. This little rat might be just what I needed.

I tell you what,” I turned my eyes back on Saul upstairs and adjusted my arms so he could see them more, “you let your crown prince have his night of fun without ratting to king Rasmus and I say it was pure coincidence you were here.”

He’ll know one way or the other.”

Of course he will, I thought, watching how Saul’s posture suddenly eased. His eyes were still resting on me, so I adjusted my pose a bit and demonstrated the lovely curve my skinny jeans created. It worked. Smile crawled back to his face.

Some chick climbed under his arm. Young, merely legal. I watched his irritation return in an instant and while the girl’s eager skinny hands traveled down his abdomen, he firmly pressed them away and whispered something in her ear that erased the drunk hope from her Bamby eyes. Her eyes traveled on the ground floor and stopped on me. I wasn’t jealous and turned my waist enough to demonstrate girly the curves a real woman possesses if she doesn’t live only on cocktails and chips.

Saul waited patiently for her to understand he wasn’t available and after seeing her competition, she reluctantly released his waistline and disappeared back in the blurry shadows.

I was back to my grinning lunacy. “He’ll be civilized by the time he must deal with you. Or you rat him out and you’ll get all that lovely energy right up to your…” It was good Alan returned with that drink.

Did you get what you wanted?”

Almost. Thank you.” I took the drink from him and got jammed between him and Hallenworth, who was tucked under Douglas’ huge beige sleeve.

When I raised my eyes, he was gone from the balcony. I flipped, trying to force down the sudden panic in my chest, when Hallenworth got up as well and left without a word. I set the drink back on the table.

I hadn’t expected that.

Now that business is covered, how about we enjoy the music while we can?” Douglas offered loud over the music and Alan agreed with deep nod.

The evening felt ruined for me, but I allowed Douglas to take me dancing.

Like dragging a rag doll!” he whined, pulling me in his arms for a quick waltz.

I didn’t expect…”




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