Bar Fight -Chapter 26 – Tyton

!Explicit mature content!


Tyton slowed on his chest and slip his fingers under his shirt, cupping the bottom of his torso, when the man still didn’t say anything.

“I know you can feel good with me,” he said quietly, pulling his tongue over the back of his ear. He felt a jolt go through his soft flesh and pressed down a smile. “Tell me, what can I do to make you feel good?”

Kyle hesitated and as if reading his mind, he knew what the man was thinking. He was calculating how much of this he could believe and in what percentage this was said to cover the fact that he hadn’t come here for him. If he was in his position, he’d want to ask out loud too, why he was cooperative like that.

It wasn’t a lie. To prove it, he moved his hands up, rubbing hard over his nipples, getting a strange satisfying reaction from them. He did it again until Kyle stopped his hands, pressing them lower.

“Here then?” he murmured, reaching for his earlobe and pressing it between his wet lips while his hands began undoing his belt. He made sure he was constrained against him and he was swinging him slowly back and forth with his body, pressing his manhood tightly against his ass.

His breathing changed. It didn’t count then that he wasn’t triggered, he could still get the human to do what his body knew best. He liked it, when he couldn’t keep his sounds to himself.

“You’re impatient, got too exited earlier, hmm?” The belt fell aside and he started to pull down the zipper. “You’re already hard.”

“How come…” he gasped, feeling his hand adjusting the bent in his trousers, “you are comfortable with this?”

“We’re not discussing this.” he said firmly and to make him change the subject, inflicted light pain on the root of his boner. He wasn’t indeed giving him any info he could use against him later. Even if he was just now here, doing it. Instead he pressed the trousers down his hips and locked him with his left hand, pressing his leg high between his legs.

He took hold of his staff and began slowly pumping it.

“Harder!” Kyle sounded strangled and his hands searched more support by reaching back and taking hold of his elbows. Instead he strengthened his hold and stopped the movement, letting the man breath while swinging him on.

“You want me to enter?” he asked instead, kneading his cheeks and pressing his finger on the edge of the opening.

“You can’t enter just like that!” He became more lively, his body urging trying to get away from his long fingers.

For a moment he feared if Kyle kept moving like that he’d get him aroused again, but breathed easier, when he realized he wasn’t reacting after all.

“Like that?” The long finger disappeared half way in. Kyle’s knees gave in and his body searched balance by leaning on him. He let it, pulled him back up and took him on the bed. Without asking, Kyle pushed his jacket out of the way and he as a response he rushed his second finger in.

“Too fast!” He gritted and his body reacted with pulling away, but he slammed his hand on his back and pulled him back by his shirt. When Kyle stopped his struggling and he didn’t move his fingers, waiting the muscles to come accustom with the fingers, he took hold of his staff again and pressed it down on the root. “Oh god, the hell –?”

“Can I move now?” he asked, turning his head to see his reaction on the side.

“I guess?” He sounded sick.

He shook his head. “Guessing is not good enough. You have to be sure.”

“You said you’ll get me off! That’s all I’m sure of!”

“You want to do it fast instead of getting the pleasure out of it?”

“You left me with a boner! What do you think I want?”

He let go of his cock and pressed his two fingers without first confirming deep into his muscled hole while he screamed silently from the pain it inflicted.

He kept moving slowly on while he tried to keep a cool head and tell himself it wasn’t the human’s fault. He’d used him first, not the other way around.

“You’re quite tight here. Is it your first time?”


“Then you should know how it feels good?”

“You don’t run straight to desert!”

“Hmh!” he chuckled, keeping his fingers in action and hooking them into the hole while pulling his ass upwards. He grabbed hold of his cock while licking his back upwards.

“This is not good,” he whispered, “I don’t like it!”

“Which part?” he stopped his fingers.

“The part in my ass!” he yelled.

He released it, popping both fingers out. Perhaps he was indeed too eager? He bend over him, setting arms on both sides of him and pressing down on him with all the weight he had, locking him heavily under him.

“But you want to feel better?” he asked, teasingly and licked between his shoulders. Without waiting, he started the same rhythmical swinging he’d done earlier, crushing his entire dressed body into his backside, his crotch against his buttocks.

“Hold me!” He grabbed his hand and pushed it between his legs. He was heating up, trying hard to get him grip around his length and forced his hand to move with his own. He wasn’t giving him that.

“Bear with it.” he whispered to his ear and removed his hand, took it to his turned face and pressed the fingers into his mouth while still swinging him down with his weight. Kyle went with the game, although he looked like he rather just go with the quick solution. No worries, he thought, you can get to it soon, I haven’t got all night. But for now he wanted to watch, observe his every movement until he had clear understandings of things that made him tick.

Kyle’s tongue rolled around his middle finger and sucked against it like a leach before rolling itself around it as much as he could and sucked them into vacuum.

He shouldn’t be so taken by the idea, he knew that in the back of his mind, but he ignored it. It wasn’t about getting even with him, it was clear want to understand him. Not other humans, but him. “I want you to feel good with me.” He said, hoarsely.

“What?” Kyle choked on his fingers, pressing teeth down so suddenly he had to shove him to get him release them.

Damn, he heard?

He pulled his finger out, pinned his right hand on his back and forced him down to support him on his shoulders. He pulled him back so he was partly supported between his legs.

“Hey! What – ahh!”

The fingers went in smoothly this time, deeper, and he scissored them up when a tremor ran through the bartender’s body. Learning from the site, he did it again, slower this time.

“Let… go!” Kyle’s voice sounded harsh. He let his hand go, but grabbed hold of his cock instead and pulled his body back while pressing in him harder.

Kyle actually kicked him. His hands obviously were too open, but he didn’t have time for them. Instead he slammed him hard into the bed, his fingers still locked in his hole while his other hand grabbed hold of the one hand promising the most destruction.

“Hey, hey!” he pressed it above him into the pillow. “If we’re gonna do this, you have to trust me!”

“I don’t know what perverted games your people play, but that’s not good on me!” Instead, the moment those words left from his lips, he felt his inside twitch around his fingers and he pressed it harder into the cave wall. “Do you even know what you’re doing or just trying around, ’cause if you are, it’s – aww!”

He’d let go of his hand and pulled his hips higher so he could get his hand on his member.

“Be honest with me!” he warned, getting up and back down over him, his fingers still imbedded in him. “See? You still want this.”

He shook his head, but the fingers massaged his hole wider and despite trying, he began voicing out his want. His hips jolted higher, against his crotch.

“Humans, you are so sensitive.” he murmured, pinching his shoulder with his teeth before pulling long with his tongue over the back of his neck. “Do you like this?” He pounded into him with the fingers few more times. He jolted against him and he let out a satisfied hum. He enhanced his hold. It was so stiff it made his entire body tremble. Although he’d gladly taken more time, he knew he had to hurry.

He cried out and filled his hand with cum. For a moment he waited, still pumping the softening flesh and followed his body’s reaction with his eyes. He’d hidden his face and his entire body was still tense, including his toes, which had curled up so hard their knuckles had turned white.

He pulled away form the bed before the human could find any excuses or something smart to toss at him and headed to the bathroom. He washed quickly, scrubbing hard. The washing gel he used reeked of chemicals, teasing his nose and for the next two minutes he thought he was scrubbing not so much of the scum he’d left on his hands, but to simply remove the scent of the soap.

He grabbed his jacket from the floor. He should leave now.

He was still panting hard, stretching his body on the bed and he stopped half way to the door, turning slightly and looking back, wanting to make sure he was alright. When he saw that he still hadn’t moved, hadn’t even raised his head, he went back, tossed his jacket on the chair with a sigh and walked over to the bed. He knelled before it, observing him close before watching him turn so his back was now facing him. Without saying anything he pulled the sheet off from the edges and dragged the fabric over his sweat covered body.

There was nothing he could say or wanted to say. He was still into Dakota and what happened here was nothing more than have someone help you out with a problem. Unfairly. To make up to it, he removed his collar necklace he’d had and placed it on the small table before letting himself out.



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