Bar Fight -Chapter 25 – Kyle


Kyle served the third wrong drink. Each which was followed with hefty curse. He looked down right gloomy to anyone, who got two feet from him and for change they tried to avoid him.

“Strange, Chief isn’t around today?” Dakota ignored his mood completely. After Meredith sent her away, saying Token wasn’t safe either, she’d come to work, so she was busy hiding her own moping.

“You look like you scored?” she teased while he glared. He clang the thick glass on her tray, tapping his fingers next to it until she took it away to the client.

She returned faster than he wanted. He really didn’t want to face her right now, but oddly the question had stirred his heart and instead of frowning he gave her a quirked smile.

“So? Shouldn’t you have a warm fuzzy shine on your neck then?”

Yeah, he would, if he wasn’t suffering right now. It frustrated him to no end that he hadn’t got his release.

“You look like it?” he offered, just to tease and got a shock, when she blushed all the way to her colored hair. “Don’t tell me you went to Grof?” He swore, he could take the man’s head off if only it would keep her stick it up somewhere else. “I swear…”

“I didn’t! Well, it wasn’t like that, more like…”

“Guys! Clients! Now!”

“Yes, boss!” he shouted back to Swick and slammed next four beers on the tray and sent her on her way.

He regretted leaving his apartment or even asking him to unlock that door. He wanted to be back there, now, before he left. He hardly bare watching people mingling all around while he was still hard in his pants and ready to have his release. Tyton had used him before, he could demand he let him use him, too, right?

He could do it himself, but he didn’t want to. That was the only excuse he could accept – he simply did not want to use his own hand to jerk off tonight. He had the right, yes, that was it, he had the right to demand Tyton returned the service.

He hated the music tonight. It got on his nerves despite being one of his favorite mixes. But tonight, he felt his back go stiff with any jazz like tone that ran through. At the same time the thought of even changing the music to something more alive drew similar results in his head.

“Keep away from the aliens tonight.” Dakota warned with amusement playing on her face and turned to watch a couple leaving.


“They’re under something – I nearly gave in, when Tyton came at me earlier. He was really in the mood, but thank god he has some restrains or I would have just ASKED him to leave.”

Thank god the lighting in the bar was turned low or she would have seen him go pale. He choked on his own breathing and got into coughing fit. He let her pat his hand, stiff as he was. So that’s why he was so eager earlier? What a fucking fool he’d been turned into!

“He what?” His knees buckled.

“He tried, not that he had any success! I know you don’t like him, so I’m telling you honestly how it is so you wouldn’t hear it from elsewhere! Sweet, you ok?”

“Kyle, what’s the matter?” Two hands grabbed him from behind, but he pushed Swick away.

“That fucking…! Are you serious about him?”

“Well, kind of? I don’t want him to do anything he does not want. To have sex with him while he believes me to be a woman is wrong. I want him to be fully aware of options he has when he makes his decisions.”

How noble of you. After all the hell he’d been to trying to keep the alien at bay so she would have a chance here, she goes behind his back and snuggles up with him?

“What’s going on?”

“Nothing!” he yelled, pushing back, out of her hot hands. Restraints? Huh!

“Did you get into a fight again?”

“No! I -”

“Why are you so edgy then?”

He wasn’t explaining this. He wasn’t picking a fight right now, he told himself, they didn’t need to know and he doubted the bastard would admit having sex with him anyway.

“Can you handle it here? I think I…” he turned around and was face to face with Swick’s scrutinizing stare.

“Yeah, it’s quiet night.” he jerked his head towards the door.

He didn’t wait to be told twice. He stalked out, blinded and feverish. Hell he was making him pay… He came on a halt in front of the garden area.

What was he getting so worked up about? He knew from the start that the only reason Tyton had come there was because he probably got turned down elsewhere. Or he’d feared he’d do something crazy if he went anywhere near Dakota. And he knew there was more than hunting a fugitive going on between the two.

He had never felt physical pain, but god, it hurt. He’d been used! He had let himself be used! Fucking idiot! It hurt! How he wished he could go and demand a retribution for the insult, but he knew if he did that, Tyton would have no problems finishing him for good and Swick and Jocelyn with him.

He break into run. There still was one more way. If he was feeling even slightly the effect of the drug he’d been under, he could do it, right? Despite all the rules

He was panting hard, when he hit in the code of his bedroom and watched the door open.

Tyton hadn’t had the time to leave yet. He guessed the barman wasn’t returning any time soon, so he was still there, although already dressed with only jacket to pull on.

Kyle got in and locked the door behind him.

“Lock it.” he said, breathing hard, eyes fixed on the alien’s shocked still figure.

He wasn’t sure he’d do it. If he’d walked out right now, Kyle doubted he would even go after him or try stop him. Instead he slowly rounded him in the small space, typed in his code and he could hear the locks falling in place. He stood behind him, leaned against the door and waited.

No disturbances now. He hadn’t really expected him to stay. He thought he’d just lock him in and leave, snickering in his gray palm, but instead he’d stick around. For talking? He wasn’t interested in talking!

He didn’t want him to play into his hand just because he felt guilty for what he’d done earlier. What was fun in that?

“If you’re not OK with it, you can just leave.” He looked over his shoulder, straight at him, expecting him to leave now, instead he looked back with serene and clear eyes. The fog he’d seen there earlier was gone. Shit, that was not good for the plan.

He nodded. The alien nodded!

Kyle nodded in understanding, more like convincing that he could go through it too, and turned back to stare at his bed. The jacket was still there, but he was suddenly at loss. Kyle pulled his shirt up, out from his trousers. Before he could say anything, Tyton approached from the back, slid his hands between his and his torso and started calmly unbuttoning the shirt. He didn’t hurry, deliberately going slow to give him time to think. He was in no condition to have intercourse with him, but there were other things he could do.

“Tell me, what you want me to do?” Tyton said, calm. Too calm.



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