Third Law – Chapter 27


I woke on a banging door downstairs. There were sounds this house made, but I was sure it couldn’t open the doors by itself. I lay awake, staring at the ceiling and held my breath, hoping to hear better.

I looked at Saul, but he was still sound asleep next to me. I couldn’t remember how we got home. Things were hazy after we made love. Well, I wasn’t minding it. Him laid out next to me… Continue reading “Third Law – Chapter 27”


Bar Fight -Chapter 29 – Kyle


“Nice necklace!” Dakota nodded towards the row of pearls, chuckling and irritating the life out of him for third time since he arrived at work an hour ago. She looked sad and happy and he decided he couldn’t be bothered with her moods right now while his own was down in muck.

“You have that glow on you again!” his friend murmured, hardly looking up from the liqueur list for the next order. “You think too much with your pants! Here you have nowhere to run if things don’t work out…” Suddenly his head jumped up, when he didn’t comment on the matter and his eyes focused on his before traveling on his neck and the choker necklace of black beads running around it. He felt his hands on his neck instead and stared his friend down to remove his fingers. Continue reading “Bar Fight -Chapter 29 – Kyle”

**News from LC Aisling** 29/05/2017

Hi readers!

With Rare Pearl reaching it’s end on last Sunday, it is time to introduce you the newest addition to the Gargoyle series – Kinswoman! The first chapter will come out on next Sunday, on 4th of June. 

kinswoman cover for wp icons

Veronica Brent has been searching for one person that mattered her the most for over a month.  She’s not giving up, because she knows she wouldn’t give up on her either should this happen to her.  So when she suddenly receives a huge sum of cash with a note thanking her for their friendship, it pisses her off. But not as much as Bascun Bishop, when he declares Selene is now his sister-in-law.

Bascun Bishop is her only hope to see Selene again and get some answers, so she grits her teeth and puts up with his youthful bashings.  As cocky as Bascun seems at first, it doesn’t pass Veronica’s notice, the gargoyle isn’t all about fun and games and something has only recently rocked his world enough to rip his laughing mask off. She decides to stick around and see where it all leads and get acquainted with her surprising new branch of family tree.

It will continue the first book of the series, Safehouse, from where it left off. The new chapters will be published on every Sunday, like I did with Rare Pearl, and for more information on the characters, I have set up the page as well.

I hope you have enjoyed Rare Pearl! Thank you for visiting and have fun reading!

L.C. Aisling

Rare Pearl – Chapter 26


Gale woke around midmorning the next day on muffled giggling and whispers coming from nearby.

The pups, he remembered. He’d slept in the same position through the night and before he opened his eyes, knowing his hands were still around the soft ball curled into his lap. His hand trembled, when he reached his hand deep into his neck fur to check his breathing and pulse. Calm like the sea after a storm. Continue reading “Rare Pearl – Chapter 26”

Friday Flash – Snowflake Circus – part 21


Alik stayed behind them few steps and watched as they made their way back to others. Maksim was chewing his lips, too afraid he’d let something else slip and add to the discomfort. Ergo was already pursing his lips and frowning so hard, he knew the boy was doing everything to keep his tears at bay. He kept staring at Alik, but seconds later his eyebrows arched and the traitorous tears made their way down his red cheeks. Continue reading “Friday Flash – Snowflake Circus – part 21”

Bar Fight -Chapter 28 – Kyle & Tyton


Kyle had spent the last half an hour going back and forth in his bedroom like a rabid dog before his patients ran out and he felt he could climb up the walls if he didn’t get out of there. He knew this couldn’t go on and the way Tyton had come every evening after their little hump in the hays a week ago to smooth the awkwardness out, he had to make a decision – either forgive and move on or keep the grudge forever. Oddly, he didn’t like the second option that much. Which left him with moving on and accepting the fact that they both had used each other and he had to simply go with it. Continue reading “Bar Fight -Chapter 28 – Kyle & Tyton”

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