An Ebony elf far from home, no longer connected, no longer lost – may he find what he’s looking for in this jungle of glass.

Florin is my Dungeons and Dragons character, who has grown throughout the years when I get the chance to play. Sort of a fixed figure, who enjoys occasional updating.

Age: 225 years
Hight:  6’3″ (190 cm)
Weight:  190 lbs  (86 kg)
Eye color:  blue
Distinguishing features:  Florin has long, thin dreadlocks, which he usually carries set in braid on his back. Among them are two blue cotton threaded dreads and one bright green one between the two. 

He also has natural body tattoos, which look as if he’s looking out from grass field. He had tiny blue blossoms tattood between the vines. Which is why his name became Florin.

He loves the modern culture and its new waves in body modification, so he went with the trends and got himself a simple gold nose ring and a scaffold through his ear.

Has crooked nose, from birth, not from fighting. The tips of his ears are slightly crooked inward and his eyes have sharp corners, almond shape. He has heart shaped face.

Species:  Ebony elf (info here)
He was created around 2000, when the 3.5e was still popular here. So I just dragged him along and through other DnD-s I’ve played.
Habitat: He tends to live in small places in big cities. Because he stands out a lot, being taller than his fellow ebony elves, he tends to move around every quarter of century or so, but with the growing cities and growing anonymity, he has stuck around the big cities more, earning his keep as workman on building sites.
Social group: He likes to work in building sites, where he can disappear fast should the situation demand, plus it lets him work outside while he spends his nights at computers and doing the work that actually brings in his keep by fixing PCs and working around programs, etc.
Family background:  He has two siblings, one male and one middle sex. Not by his own choice, but adaption is the key to everything. This sibling is also the only one he is still in contact with from his family. He loves his parents, but they simply grew apart.

He comes from a privileged life, which got a big dent in university, when he was suddenly face to face with less fortunate, so at some point he began hiding it and after he departed from home, he also departed from their finances. He became a bounty hunter at first to restore some of his income.

He isn’t on bad terms with his parents and they are quite proud for him to make his way in life. They simply don’t communicate that much.

Education: He had the pleasure to be schooled, which has given him a knack for languages, but most of his knowledge comes from streetwise roaming and interacting. He is good at interpreting behaviorisms and languages often through searching similarities, so he seems to know more languages than he actually does. This makes him confident. A lot. He has healing abilities, but in reality, you wouldn’t want him by your bedside, because he can literally kill you instead, can’t help it – that’s his energy problem, as it turned out.
For his love for modern changes, he has taken up computer sciences and is good at making different machinery “sing together”. Although he blows up just as many machines as he revives, so… He doesn’t give up though and he can revive them, given enough time. And he is getting better at it.
Oh, and don’t give him money.  He keeps himself afloat, but aside having enough to feed his curiosities, he ain’t business wiz.
Occupation:  He is construction worker during the day and fixes computers at night. Because of his elven heritage, he needs less sleep than humans and thus he can go on close to 3-4 hours of sleep per night for a very long time. Before computer age he was hired as interpreter and translator.
Personality:  Florin is seemingly easygoing guy, who hardly ever ends up in deep conflicts with his coworkers, but that’s mostly because he likes to keep things easy. No point of investing yourself into someone or place you’ll leave at some point. Florin has attention span of a three-year-old. Despite being very fixed minded with tasks at large, like a quest to find an old map in dungeon, you can’t leave him alone for too long on his own or you find him poking at something with his tongue out. He is curious by nature and he can’t help it if he wants to learn new things all the time. Which, sometimes, does become a bit tedious to others.

He can seem a bit cold sometimes, because he doesn’t take bullshit very well. Being interpreter does that to people – you can see through fake or unknowing attempts of manipulations and you just don’t like it. Besides, playing with humans is tediously easy.

General background:
Trivia:  “Elastic bands are the best invention after the wheels!”

His belly is green.

Stories:  Written every time he plays.

Character Florin belongs to me.

Florin main.jpeg

I played around with a doll game a year ago. This was the last of his looks (somewhat limited, but that’s what the game had – no long dreadlocks or anything). The pixel images are from eLouai’s Candybar dressup from 2014-2015? He has had dreadlocks from the beginning, but that game was limited too



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