Bar Fight -Chapter 24 – Kyle

!Explicit mature content!


Kyle didn’t expect to find Tyton on his doorstep, when the door swung open.

“Evening,” he said, surprised. Not a very pleasant one, he added in his head, but surprise never the less.

“You said you are fine sleeping with other men?” he stated, barging in and closing the door behind him, punching in another code. The locks fell into their place and Kyle took a step back. They might have found a common ground after they fought, but that did not make Tyton his friend. Didn’t stop his heart taking a leap either.

“That was not an offer.” he declared. Tyton looked tight, as if watching strings of bow close to break. However, he had work to go to, so there was no way that he’d let him jolt his heart like that. “Find a prostitute.”

“I can’t.”

“Ah, yes, your one per life rule.”

“It’s not a rule! I’m not discussing it right now.” He leaned forward and tried to catch him again. Failed.

“So eager to cheat on your spouse?”

It wasn’t first time to see Tyton’s fangs flash out. He’d got something wrong here.

He stopped for a second, sniffing the air more vividly. “You’re not a woman, but you are aroused right now?” He stated, took off his jacket and tossed it on the bed of the small bedroom.

He wanted sex? Right now? “Do you even know what you are doing?” Had he done it before? His eyes following his fingers while they pulled his belt open.

“Yes. How many partners have you had?”

Kyle thought he heard wrong. “None of your business, Belyer.”

“Did you do it for fun? Or were you taken against your will?” he asked again and reached out to grab his hand. He backed away, avoiding his hand for a moment more.


“In jail.”

He hid a gasp. Yet when he pushed forward again, he didn’t pull away. Instead he reached out and took hold of his hips, guiding them closer.

“And that qualifies me for what, your personal whore? What makes you think I won’t go telling about it? Can you keep your face if I do?” His hands traveled up, pulling on his shirt.

“Can you afford losing your bar?”

His hands stopped and he stared at him, suddenly blank. Cold swooped into him from the metal behind him. They didn’t lie, right? But blackmail wasn’t unknown to them, apparently.

Tyton stared at him for a moment and sighed, shaking his head. “No, I don’t want it to be like this.” He searched the alien bright ember eyes while clinging to his thin sleeveless shirt and pulled him closer.

“You really are desperate, huh?”

Instead of an answer, he was twisted around and pushed against the wall with his hands roaming all over his backside.

How would they even do that? He heard him unbutton his trousers, still pressing his hips down into his. Even if he was desperate, he sure wasn’t letting him get inside him without preparation!

“Hey-hey! If you’re that eager, I can just blow you off!” he hissed, pushing him away and slid down against the wall, quickly removing his belt.

It took him a second to realize what was coming and he grabbed his hands and yanked him away. “No! No putting it in your mouth!”


“I just need to… The sprayed us with something, I don’t know.” he trailed off and he knew inwardly the alien was blushing, big time. He couldn’t help the smile, when he realized he could bring such a cute expression on his face.

“Tyton?” he tried to get his attention. “It’s ok.” He was pulled up and was now again locked between him and the wall.

He reached his hands up, automatically, to cup his cheeks and kiss him like he had with his human partners, but just inches away, he stopped. This wasn’t working. Instead he jilted his chin, getting closer to his ear and whispered against his earlobe.

“I… you talk too much.”

Kyle let his hands fall on his stomach, where the shirt had fallen down again. He started slowly moving his hands up and down, studying his muscles through the fabric before he tugged it up and over his head.

He did feel weirdly eager to taste him. He tried to reason it was, because he hadn’t done it himself for a long time, but that would be lying. He wanted to taste him, because he seriously enjoyed the site. It felt different to see his bare chest breathing only inches away from his eyes, the ribcage moving in fast pace, moving the scaly side up and down as if he was puffing his feathers.

He heard his hands work on his belt, then on his zipper and felt them slide down to his knees. He tried to grab him, but was slapped away. When Belyer stepped back and pulled his member out, he let out a sigh – they looked similar and normal. He reached after it again, but, again, was pushed back and his hands got locked on his stomach. He was glad to see his own wasn’t sleepy either, standing guard and waiting. Its counterpart disappeared between his legs, his hands got free and he felt his hips being pressed together while he began slowly thrusting. There was quite the length to push and pull.

“So you don’t want me to touch it, don’t want to enter me, but you want to get off?” That was rather annoying.

Instead the alien nodded, pressing his hips tighter around his cock. He obviously hadn’t got a clue how to take care of him at the same time, so he slid his own hand between them and started pumping while searching his balls with the other hand. It wasn’t so much the balls that interested him, it was the small point between the sack that he wanted. He wondered if they had it same in their physiology. Take hold of the brothers, press his middle finger gently against the line in the middle and ever so slightly pull them forward while he kept pounding. It had worked in jail to get the bastards off faster, why not now?

“Suck it in!” he warned, when the first moan left the alien’s lips. It irritated his ears, stirring his own passion.

“It feels perfect!” he whispered hoarsely, probably not even thinking what he had just let slip.

He thought he smiled, because it warmed his heart with pride. He continued to play with them, changing his rhythm, slowing him down a bit to enjoy it more.

Suddenly, he let the alien go – enjoy it more? The heck was he thinking? He was giving a hand job to an alien! To a coupled one! He was helping him to cheat his wife! He let him pick up space. He panted now, pulling his chest close against his and set his jaw on his shoulder, anything to avoid looking him straight in the eyes.

He didn’t mind. He kept telling himself, he didn’t give a damn if he couldn’t see his face, when he came. Odd was that even when he was pressing him against his chest, the alien made no attempt to break him in half as all his human lovers had done. He was only holding him still so he wouldn’t move away. Like crippling a vase.

“You smell like…” Tyton sounded upset.


He reached behind him and tried to hold on to the rim of the panel so he wouldn’t be pushed sideways. There was no way now to try get himself off on him. The body slamming in him was not interested in his release and by now, his mood had soured.

He was not doing it again. He would not allow the bastard in his room again.

The moment he came, he felt something scrape his thighs. Tyton pulled away as if he’d been hit and staggered on the bed.

He looked at him, disappointed and it fueled his anger. His perfectly chosen outfit was done with for the night and he still had to get to work. Yet here he was, now needing a shower and new set of clothes. He should demand him pay for the clean up. Heh, he should demand the same service.

God that ruined the mood. He was in no position to demand anything and by the pained grimace, there was no way he was up to any play now. He watched the body laying now on his bed, spasms still running through his crooked muscles.

Now would be a good time to lecture the bastard on the part their culture lacked. On how to take care of their own urges, but seeing his trembling back, he guessed with such reaction after each intercourse he sort of guessed, why.

So instead he tugged off his soiled trousers and headed for the tiny bathroom, tossing the shirt to join the trousers. Few minutes later he was clean and dressed in a new outfit. Swick was gonna give him an earful for ignoring their usual pattern and showing up in different color, but there wasn’t quite anything he could do about it now.

“You locked us in.” he said, punching in his code, but the door didn’t open. “Either you tell me your code or you come here to put it in yourself.”

He felt his body flatten against the door. He was covered in sweat. He pushed in his code and the door opened.

He clamped his hands on the door poles, out of fear that if there was suddenly no door, the alien would collapse on him and they’d end up on a floor in the corridor. He was right. The moment the door opened, Tyton swayed and fell on his back. He was heavy. He pushed him back straight and moved away when he could feel his body weight lifted.

“Stay, if you want. Seems you need it.”

Tyton wouldn’t meet his eyes, but headed back to the bed and collapsed on top of it. Good thing they’d kicked the clothes off on the floor before getting to business. Otherwise he’d have to borrow his shirt and an alien going around in human clothes would cause more than just an uproar.

What an aftershock, he thought, when the door closed.



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