Bar Fight -Chapter 23 – Dakota


Dakota didn’t know, how he’d got into her room. She nearly screamed, when she felt the weight on her bed and launched for the light above her bed.

Belyer sank on top of her, barely aware of his surroundings. The alien smelled partly odd, as if he’d been sprayed with something and suddenly she didn’t feel safe. It was strange, oddly garlicky scent with little hints of something exotic she couldn’t pinpoint. The fact was, he wasn’t himself, when he’d used the overrun on the door this late in the evening and made his way to the cot in the corner of the cabin.

You’re not drunk, Dakota thought, but you’re not quite yourself either. Well, maybe not the right words… she felt his manhood press against her hip, making her painfully aware she was not wearing anything more than a simple t-shirt and short pants. Not enough to hide it. She built a quick wall between them, pressing her hands against his chest and him as far away as the tiny space allowed.

Then her soggy mind remembered Tige and why she had decided to turn in early. There was something off with the knudhy tonight.

“I know you can talk!” he murmured, his head sinking lower. “I want to know what you sound like!”

She sure was tempted! Yet she doubted her silky baritone would be what he’d like to hear right now. She bit her lower lip, but shook her head. Not happening tonight.

What is that smell? She wrinkled her nose. It really started to bother her now. He smelled like sunk into a bottle of perfume.

He felt heavy suddenly, far heavier than she could hold, even with her years in gym. He fell on his elbows, chest against hers and his head sunk on her shoulder and he inhaled hard.

“You smell of other males again!” He groaned and wrinkled his nose. “I don’t care if you entertain other males, I just want to know what you sound like so I can end this miserable charade for good!”

He was magnificent! Insult slurred with sex! Enticing! It brought bitter smile on her lips and just in case she raised her right knee enough that his hips were resting on that instead of dead giveaway between her legs. He didn’t seem to notice at all. She was interested alright, but aside being mildly aroused, she realized she didn’t feel like on the same page with him.

“My every fiber tells me you should be mine!”

Well, as a nice sample of a specimen, she’d take him on any day, but not today, she couldn’t get past the notion that he was under something too, like Tige had been earlier and at this point she found herself wondering if Tige was alright or going after someone right now too, just like his chief was trying to… whoah! She grabbed hold of his hand and pulled it away from her hemline.

His face fell closer. “If you’re meant for me, then it doesn’t matter if I do it now, right?”

She stared him back, shocked.

She took in a deep breath and slammed her knee up, into his stomach. He rolled to the floor, grasping his stomach in pain. She didn’t wait, took off from the bed and went for the door, punching in the code and hoping she didn’t get it wrong again.

The door slid aside. She was nearly out, when she recalled the notebook on the table – no matter what, she had to play the mute! Fucking sister! She reached back, to get it. It was a mistake – his hand took hold of her wrist and pulled her tumbling down next to him.

“Talk to me!” he demanded.

She could do it, she assured herself, trying not to let the fear decide her faith. He was leaning closer to her, his free hand soothingly moving upwards. She quickly wrote on the pad, ignoring it and pushed it to his face. Get a hold of yourself! Lock yourself up!


She scribbled on, feeling his unconscious move closer. You’re drugged! Talk to Tige! That excitement you feel – not you!

He stared at her for a long moment, before he released her hand and sat up. “How do you know?”

I saw others act weird.

“How do you know I’m drugged?”

You are acting weird! She underlined the you twice.

His confusion was obvious. She wondered if it would be ok to suggest the big man go jerk it off somewhere else. But then his eyesight changed and she pulled away, out of his reach and closer to the door.

She knew better than to pet the warrior right now, so she just stood there, the door stuck because of her wrong code insertion and waited his next move. He stared at her, trying hard to get his self control back before he nodded that he’s alright and backed away from her and the door. She didn’t wait to be told twice. She quickly tried her code one more time and stepped aside while Belyer left.

She waited six minutes exactly, measuring the small room between the walls before she decided it wasn’t worth the wait, got dressed and, taking her notebook, took a run to Token and Meredith’s rooms, figuring she could at least use the sofa if they didn’t object. She guessed she had the right arguments for that.



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