Bar Fight -Chapter 21 – Dakota


Dakota sent Erryn a message to meet for a date.

However, after she got here, she realized quite fast that Erryn was not in the mood. Not even the slightest. And she couldn’t force herself to be in the mood for she seriously wasn’t. But the game had to go on and she needed to make Grof understand he could lose her. Guys were territorial, weren’t they? So someone as possessive as Grof couldn’t lose control over her. Right? Had to be right. Dakota reminded herself, this was nothing more than plain strategical move based on male need to possess what they could not have.

So Erryn showing up and flirting with her seemed like perfect arrangement and she’d grabbed the opportunity. She was surprised he’d responded so quick, but now, sitting opposite to him, seeing his arrogance ooze out of the perfect body as if he’d just won a jackpot and was here to dump his wife made her heave for air. She knew she could draw up a pretty mask when times demanded, hadn’t she practiced enough for the theatricals at home? But to be ignored completely made her wonder if she wasn’t being the one used here?

“I’m sorry, sweetheart, but I’m not very hungry today.” he brushed her notebook back over the table and sighed smugly. “You eat, don’t mind me! I’ll just have some water.” Then he dug out his mobile and started surfing the news she could see from the reflection of his glasses. And to think she thought they’d make a cute couple at least! Well! Wasn’t that a turnout?

Being here right now, showing herself with another man was bad to begin with. It was a hazard she had willingly taken, but she was no fool about the possible outcomes. Grof wasn’t known to take betrayal easy, but she needed his attention to fall only on her and the only way to get it, if everything else failed, was to play on his jealousy. It could all top over on the wrong side though and instead she might find herself completely out of the game.

Why had he even responded to her advances? She took a deep breath and succumbed into the menu, using it as a shield, when she quietly took in who else were in the restaurant. Two assistants from Grof’s team were having dinner near by – the only reason to use up her nice cocktail dress on a place like this.

Loud shouts brought her attention to another party in the corner table and her mood soured up. Tige, together with three others had also chosen the restaurant for their dinner and were now sharing some kind of joke. She winched, turning her attention back on the menu, braving herself that it would work for her advantage – she was there, after all, to show herself off and if Tige, who’d already declared her the village slut, got more irritated by it, the better. Then again, he had made no other move on her aside that one time. She squirmed, trying not to think of that time, for it made her sitting very uncomfortable. She almost admitted wanting those hands back. Sure beat the wanker across her table obviously using her to pass the time while she tried to fool him with fake interest.

She ended up ordering water, because the service girl wasn’t leaving them alone. Then, while waiting, she guessed she hadn’t come here just for a quick plunge. Had no plans to get that far, actually. It was more like pick them up and ditch them kind of situation. Still, it didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy it… She sighed.

She wrote a question about his work in the notebook and pushed it forward. They guy kept sitting as if he hadn’t notice.

She wrote another question on the paper and pushed it to him. He took a quick glance on the paper, nodded, said “Ahah.” and went back to his mailbox.

She let out a snort, blushing beet red and crushing her fingernails in her fists. It had been fun in the bar yesterday, but today he was so conceited she had to trim her eagerness to just elongate her heeled foot and kick the shithead right where it hurt.



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