Zumiheve “Zumy”

A leopard taur protecting his territory while searching for a friend

Age:  28
Hight: 49″ on his (125 cm) at lower scapula,
73″ or 6’1″ (185 cm) full height 
Weight: 181 lbs  (82 kg)
Eye color: bright green
Distinguishing features: He has tribal tattoos all over his body (with red stripe running over his face, “wings” on his lower scapula, chest tattoo of 3 leaves, red dots behind his ears). He also carries his favorite pet fish with him in a small bowl, which also works as his hair band. Red dipped long and thick tail.
Species: Leopard taur, felitaur (info here)
Habitat:  Zumy lives on part of his ancestral forest, which he protects against raiders and ill-wishers. It isn’t very big territory, but it is what he was left with after his siblings got their parts, though he hardly ever mentions them. His forest part has a large waterfall which is his favorite spot and serves as his home. He lives in a natural cave not far from the fountain, so it’s more like front yard for him.
Social group:  He is a loner, although his curiosity has created him friends among scientists, who visit the area and some foresters, or hikers.
Family background:  Zumiheve has his whole family nearby, with his two brothers, who run the surrounding lands and two sisters, who often visit with their families. Doesn’t mean he goes anywhere near them if he can spot the males of his family before bumping into them. Females are fine to use his territory for feeding themselves and the cubs, but other males… not so much.
Education: Zumiheve has learned to speak English and French from visitors, but he can’t read nor has much need for it. All his education involves protecting his territory and what is necessary for life outside human world.
Occupation:  He is a hunter, and helps to find trails should someone get lost.  A ranger.
Personality:  Despite his mild looks, big fluffy cat, he is surly a lot of times. He has a big heart and is very curious, but due his little interaction with humans or other taurs he simply doesn’t care much to keep up appearances or social norms which make little sense to him. He is friendly, giving in to his curious nature, but only until you prove yourself dangerous, for he can hardly be considered a house cat.
General background:  Zumiheve comes from litter of five cubs. He was the youngest of the boys, the middle man. When his father past away after a fight with the local other alpha, who already had a vast territory, the territory was divided between the brothers. He has lived alone since he was five years old, which is grownup for leopard taurs. He hasn’t fathered any offspring of his own, but loves playing with the cubs  of his family, a forever uncle.
Trivia: The glass bowl which he uses as his hair band is his most precious human made object. It was a gift from a scientist, who observed him protecting his little red fish in hand made pond. He observed how he kept cheking on the the fish and thus limiting his tours in the forest to be back often, so he had this hand made bowl made for him so he can take the fish with him.

He has a bow and has keen eye and lots of practice as he is the top predator in the area.


Author and the artist for Zumiheve is La vie d’un poisson .

Character is mine.

1488441543.bradac_zumyheve_by_yetifish699654Taurref for FA


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