Moonmace District

Considered the prettiest districts of Montfort County, Moonmace can brag with its idyllic scenary and summer festivals which are perfect for recreational activities for inner tourism as well as attraction for foreign tourism. Moonmace is not the biggest territories in the County, but the city itself, with its 398,336 citizens  is third among the largest cities. Because of that the size and being the center of the county, Moonmace also has the second largest hospital in the county.


Moonmace district.png

As Moonmace is situated by a shallow lake and has been focusing all their efforts to attract tourism, they are considered a perfect place for artists and writers, who flock the place for its idyllic scenery. However, as it all seems to concentrate there during the three summer months, the locals, who are not involved with the tourism, tend to leave the city for that time. It is also popular vacation destination for rich, who have bought most of the villas situated by the lake side.

Moonmace is naturally divided in two parts by Wals river, in which’ delta the city is built. It runs through the city, starting from the higher ground on the edge and running down the hill all the way to the lake. There are six major bridges crossing the river, four of them were built at the beginning of the city, but were not suitable for motorized traffic. As not to destroy the artistic bridges, they decided to add two new bridges.

Moonmace is known for its summer festivals. It’s location, being equally away from every corner of the county, they are best place for international gatherings. One of the biggest festivals is their Mooney Summer Festival, which is celebrating its 30th event on second week-end of July.

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