Tyton Belyer


Bar Fight – main character


Tyton Belyer is a failure of his species, who was given the last chance to make amends with his tribe by taking over ESNN-10 from its previous chief Token. The reasons, why he was transferred away from Feher, and thus as far as he could be from the tribe members on the planet, are not openly talked about, but that doesn’t stop the rumor mill from working.

He is a widow. He lost his wife when her transporter ship was damaged and fell from the sky like a rock. They were both busy people and thus he failed to notice other problems and that his wife planned to leave him at some point with her lover. He didn’t learn about it before Maldrin, his son, told him soon after her death. Guessing it was the fault of the other male, who edged her on to leave him, he castrated him. That’s gossip as what really happened remained between the victim and the private court. He was punished by removing him permanently from the genetic pool by bricking his singing cords (in Knudhy’s case, the speaking cords are separate from regular vocal cords), preventing him from ever singing again.

He was not given a choice to work on ESNN-10, but he finds it far more pleasing than remaining on his old position. He finds it soothingly boring until the new political changes force him play mediator for Knudhy together with returning Token and his wife, and the arrival of Token’s supposed sister-in-law, whom they all can see from miles away does not exist. Yet there she is and suddenly he finds himself playing games by the rules of humans who are desperately trying to protect the impostor from him. Intrigues, bored – he’s not sure what exactly draws him to this game, but he knows one thing – he won’t let Kyle Darves get away with it.


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