Bar Fight – main character


Imagine you are a policeman and you have this corrupted boss, who is rather taken to play games with the law breaking impostors than do what is right and cut the head of the snake before any more damage can be done? Now imagine it is happening while you are already loaded with work due New Choice Coalition visits? What else can you do but try find enough proof to get the job done yourself?

There are a lot of questions Tige, the right hand man for Tyton Belyer, doesn’t want to face, but has to because his boss is taken by the new waitress at the local bar. It’s not less frustrating that the new woman is just as confusing and intriguing to him. Especially her scent.

Tige stands apart from the rest of the Belyer tribe leaders, who have been assigned by their tribe to lead their space station by fact that he has less experience with diplomatic side of life. That’s probably why Tyton decided to take him along when he himself got transferred. They’d worked together for nearly a decade before the “offer” came. To him that was step forward, up the ladder of career, not a punishment. He comes from a simple family and before he left Feher, he managed to obtain a small farm which he dreams of returning to every day. Farm is not quite the right word for it, for it’s on the edge of a city and doesn’t actually come with precious farm land, but that doesn’t make it less dreamy.

Tige’s main work on the station is to lead Tyton’s personal guard and justice group, who is responsible for the well-being and solve law related arguments. Basically he is a the serif while Tyton is the judge.


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