Dakota Warren


Bar Fight – main character


Dakota arrived on the space station to hide. Screwing up on Earth had not been the plan, but after the new law came out declaring anybody even vaguely different to be danger to intergalactic foreign relations, the Earth’s core got too hot to stand on to a teacher of chemistry, who loved theater on the side. The fact that the week-end starring in cabaret type of theater would not be suitable for a teacher was devastating to the career.

Since Dakota became grownup at the age of eighteen, there has been no contact with the family. It’s not easy to know from tender age of sixteen that you are different and one of those deviations the New Choice Coalition is constantly warning the public about. Life has been hard, but leaving was only right decision one could take as the liberation has given Dakota choices in life one could not pursue otherwise. Being a closet case has been the only way to make sure to get a livable life.

They would call every other Sunday with the younger sister, but aside from that, they never talk. When Meredith was chosen for the space program, Dakota got a call from their grandmother declaring the teacher was completely cut off from the family and would be killed if Dakota tried to contact them any way. That was the last time they talked with each other.

Until the clearing actions on Earth became harder and harder to avoid and some hotheaded journalist realized Dakota being Warren family’s skeleton in the closet makes a story out of the “normal looking chemistry teacher”. There is no doubt what will come next – too close to the program, even if there is no contact with the Warren family, no protection to seek out for and furious NCC trying to rid themselves from the shameful facts. Not only will the NCC try to cover things up, but they will also try rid of themselves from the dirt that can grow roots at some point again. Dakota is pushed into underground, helped by teacher’s student and her father. But it comes with great cost and instead of running, Dakota decides to fight back. Especially when the faiths bring Icer Grof in on a platter as Dakota finds they both have the same destination – ESNN-10.


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