Victor (6)


Snowflake Circus – supporting character.


The little Einstein does not wear the Light Benders without a reason. There are serious green eyes hidden behind the big dark glasses which constantly observe, take notes and then turn it all against you when you least expect it. And who would expect it from a stuttering six-year-old?

He is only learning to read, but from the way he looks at you, you wouldn’t guess he hadn’t done it for years already. A boy with thousand year old soul, Sister Emil said, the nun taking care of them at Trinity Grace Orphanage.

Police brought the boy to the orphanage when he was 2 years old without explaining anything. By the way the nuns kept giving him sideways sorrowful looks, Laura could only guess, but none of them ever learned why he was brought in and he was too young to have any memories of his own. The only fact they had was that the boy did not speak their language and couldn’t understand them at all at first. The words he spoke were foreign, but nobody remembers them now to search what language it was.



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